chapter 1.

it has been 4 years since the last time wendy has been in neverland. she is now 16 and almost a grow'n up.. that is from the outside.. from the inside she is the same cute little girl as on that night she left london to go to a land that for many children only existed in their dreams.. butt for wendy and her brothers it became reality.. her brothers and the 7 boys she brought home have forgotten about neverland but wendy didn't.. she remembers everything so clearly.. the mermaid lagoon with the beautiful and yet creepy mermaids.. the black castle where she and peter had saved her brothers and princess tiger lily, the jolly roger with the dangerous pirates, the hide out of peter and the lost boys, the indian village and the time peter and her had watched the fairy dance.. everything was surrounded with bright light's and sweet music was everywhere..the way she and peter danced in the moonlight.. she felt so happy there.. butt she knew that since she was almost a grown up she couldn't return to neverland. butt among al those memories there was one that didn't left her tought's.. not even for second.. the memorie that kept haunting her dreams... it was 'HER' peter... his brown hair that had blond ends.. his eyes sea blue.. altough if you looked very carefully you could see light emarlad green sparkles in his eyes.. his golden skin.. and most of all his cocky grinn on his face... the image of the boy that had her hiddenkiss so clearly in her mind... and yet never to be seen again.
wendy grabbed her dairy and wrote in it.. once again over the boy that wouldn't grow up.. when she was done with writing she brushed her hair and walked downstairs.. she smiled as she saw her brothers and slightly.. butt her smile faded when she saw aunt millicent.
"wendy dear!"aunt millicent greeted her with a smile on her face that couldn't mean anything good.
"your father and i have been talking and we think that you're old enough to marry.. so we've decided that tomorrow you'll be meeting some of the young gentlymans that we think are appropriate for you to marry.."aunt millicent anounced with pleasire.
"how... nice.."wendy lied.. she was terrified with the tought of marriage and growing up and spent her life with a boring young men that would never ever have a place in her heart.. she cracked up a fake smile.
"that is exactly what your father and i tought!"aunt millicent said.
"i think it is very nice of what you're trying to do butt.. butt.. i'm going for a walk right now.."wendy said.. she walked out the front door to kensington gardens. she walked to her favorite spot(that was next to an old huge tree) and sat on it. she heard children laughing and talkin' and giving playfull yels.. she moved from her favorite spot and took a seat on the swing and in about a minute she felt the air beneath her and the chilly breeze in her hair.. it reminded her of flying... some of the girls that where about her age started looking weid at her as wendy laughed joyfully as she rose into the air.. butt wendy didn't care about them or what they tought.. 'cause she knew it was only a mather of time till she was fully grown up and decided to enjoy the rest of her yought.

after an hour in kensington garden she started to walk home slowly.. she made to her house and got in.
"hello."wendy greeted.. butt there was no one home.. she walked upstairs and laid down ion her small bed in the big nursery (wich she had entirely for herself now) it didn't bothered her that there was no one at home.. she liked it that way.. nice and quiet. when they where gone she had some time to think..

she kept thinking about the marriage subject. she knew that a lot of young man found her interresting butt she didn't like one of them.. they where all so boring.. each wearing the same clothes as the other.. all started a conversation with the same thing. 'you look absolutly beautifull ms.darling! ' or 'isn't the weater perfect?' and this was the most horride one; 'this isn't the place for a lady to come to' . she hated all of them. butt she knew that she had to pick one of the horride gentle man.. she fell asleep quit easily on her soft bed. her eyes closed to be greeted with the image of the golden boy.

okay i know this wasn't the most trilling chapter butt i promise that the next one will be more.. exiting.. or something like that.. and please don't mind the spelling mistakes i am dutch.. lol.. please review this is my first fic so.. don't be to harsh on me.. pwease?