Chapter 1

The common room was decorated with streamers and balloons. There were ribbons of all colors strung about the walls and wrapped around all the chairs. On the wall there was a large banner that read "Happy Birthday". On the couch sat Beast Boy with a large party hat on his head and presents all around him. There was a large grin on his face that showed his fang. His friends, the four other Titans, sat around him, watching him enjoy his party.

"So how does it feel to finally be twenty-one, BB?" asked Cyborg.

"Awesome!" said Beast Boy grabbing a few of his gifts and shaking them.

"Beast Boy, are you sure you do not wish to wear the crown of meat?" asked Starfire holding up the crown.

"Uh, yeah, I'm sure," said Beast Boy feeling sick at the sight of the molded meat. He had purposely put the party hat on so that he wouldn't have to wear that horrid crown. "I would rather open up my gifts. But which one do I open first?" He looked at each of the gifts and rubbed his hands anxiously. "Uh ha! That one!" He picked one up and began to unwrap.

"That one's from me," said Robin with a smile.

Beast Boy tore the paper off and revealed his gift from Robin. It was a brand new costume. Beast Boy gasped and held it up. "Dude! This is awesome!" He had grown out of his old suit, but had never had a chance to get a new one. So he had been walking around wearing his tight old suit; the arms only reached his elbows and the legs only reached his knees. He had been quite a sight to see.

"I thought you might like it," said Robin with a smile. "It's made out of the same material as your old suit, but, as you can see, I took a few liberties. This one should definitely fit and move with you better."

"I can't wait to try this on!" said Beast Boy hugging his new suit. He placed it aside and grabbed another gift. He saw a tag that read "To: Beast Boy, From: Cyborg". He quickly shred the wrapping and gazed upon a new video game.

"No way! Is this…"

"The brand new, not even released to the public yet, copy of Mega Monkeys 3000? Yeah, it is," said Cyborg with a very cool smile.

Beast Boy cried out with joy and kissed the new game. "How did you know?"

"Oh, I have my ways," said Cyborg.

Beast Boy moved on and grabbed one of the two remaining gifts. "I wonder what this could be," said Beast Boy picking up a slightly heavy gift.

"That gift is from me, Beast Boy," said Starfire clapping and smiling.

Beast Boy unwrapped it and was quite surprised to see… a toaster. He looked at oddly, as did the other three Titans, but forced a smile on his face. "Gee, Star, thanks?"

"Do you not like it?" she asked, her smile fading.

"Oh no, I love it!" said Beast Boy quickly. "It's just… you know that this is a toaster, right?"

"Yes," said Starfire. "I kept hearing Cyborg saying how he always toasts you at the video games. So I thought that you might want to toast your own butt."

The other Titans tried to suppress the giggles. Starfire was always funny when she was being sincere and sweet. Beast Boy picked up his last gift and knew that it must have been from Raven. He wasn't exactly sure what it was. He looked at her for maybe a hint, but she barely seemed interested in the party at all. She seemed quite bored and maybe even annoyed. He unwrapped it and revealed a mirror, but it looked just like another mirror he had seen before.

"Uh… thanks Raven," he said looking into it. "This looks really familiar."

"It's a meditation mirror," said Raven. "Like the one I have."

"Oh," said Beast Boy looking into it. "You'll have to show me how to use it."

"Just hold it, close your eyes, and you'll be in your mind," said Raven. "And to get out you just close your eyes and think of your room, or where ever you were before you entered."

"Cool," said Beast Boy. He had never thought about going into his own mind, but now the thought of it seemed really neat. "I guess I'm going to have to start meditating."

"You don't have to," said Raven. "I just thought it would be a good way to keep… another side of you inline. Like how I keep myself under control."

"Hey, that's a good idea," said Beast Boy putting the mirror down. "Thanks you guys, these gifts rock. You're the best."

"Happy birthday Beast Boy," they all said together.

That night, when the party was over, Beast Boy went to his room to try out all of his gifts. He slipped his new suit on and looked at himself in his mirror. It fit like a glove and he flexed his new, well toned muscles. He was quite happy with the results. He liked his new body much better than the basically pre-teen one he had when he first became a Titan. He was taller now, as tall as Robin, and actually looked more like a man than a boy. Yes, he was quite pleased.

He played his new video game for hours until reaching the seventh level, then decided to take a break. His eyes were stinging and he could have sworn he could see monkeys out of the corner of his eyes. So he went to the kitchen and used his new toaster. He was happy to find out that it made toast perfectly. So it wasn't a totally useless gift.

He went back to his room and saw that there was only one gift left to try out. The mirror. It looked old, like an antique, very much like Ravens. He sat down on his bed and looked into it.

'I wonder if I should give this a test drive,' said Beast Boy to himself. He held it up and closed his eyes. He suddenly felt a rush of energy and when he opened his eyes he saw that he was no longer in his room.

The sky above was sky blue and filled of white clouds that looked to be more like pillows. He saw that he was standing in a field of the greenest grass he had ever seen. Ahead he saw a path made of stone that lead from one land to another. He looked behind him and saw the same thing. Then he looked all around and saw that there were eight different paths.

"I must be in the middle of my mind," said Beast Boy scratching his head. "Guess I should go take a look around." And with that he closed his eyes, spun around with one arm pointing, and then stopped. He saw which path he was pointing at and decided to head down that way.

It seemed normal enough, that is, until he reached the middle of the path. Then everything around him turned brighter. The sky above cleared and the clouds were gone, its blue turned brighter and warmer. The feel of the air became warmer as well and a sweet breeze passed him by. He reached the end of the path and saw that the land in front of him was meadow full of thick, long grass and light flowers. There was also a large tree with low, thick branches.

"Please don't let this be Brave," said Beast Boy nervously.

He suddenly heard someone laughing behind him. He quickly turned around and saw himself, only in a light blue suit. Beast Boy gave a small shriek and jumped back. "Tag, you're it!" the blue suited Beast Boy said as he pushed him. Beast Boy fell over and the blue suited Beast Boy ran off laughing.

"Okay, that must be Happy," said Beast Boy standing up again. He watched as Happy turned into different animals and ran about the meadow. He rolled on his back and basked in the warm sunshine.

"Come on, you're it!" he called to Beast Boy.

"Sorry, I don't play tag anymore," said Beast Boy with a smile.

"Well I do!" said Happy running back to Beast Boy. He tagged Beast Boy again and kept running. "Please? I don't get many visitors."

"Maybe later," said Beast Boy. "I'm just passing through."

"I'll hold you to it," said Happy with a smile.

"Okay, I'll see ya later," said Beast Boy. Happy waved good bye and then went running off again. He climbed onto the tree and hung from one of the branches upside down. Beast Boy smiled and was quite pleased with his happy side.

He back tracked down the path until he was at the middle of his mind again. He decided to go clockwise, that way he wouldn't miss a path. So he went to the path to the right of Happy's path.