-1Title: Danny Day Care

Author: Kate McCaye

Rating: K+

Category: General/Humor

Pairing: S/J UST

Summary: Daniel gets turned into a very small child. Yes, it is one of those. It's got Sam/Daniel friendship, Jack/Daniel friendship, S/J pretty much in line with the show. I'd say it's generally Teamfic, but I suppose it's sort of Daniel-centered… and Sam-centered at the same time, if that's possible…

A/N: Here it is. The first SG-1 story I ever wrote… well, not counting the truly horrible X-Files/SG-1 crossover I never even bothered to finish. Let's see, I wrote this when season 7 was in its original run, which is when I started watching SG-1 in the first place. At the time, I didn't realize how popular shrinking some or all of SG-1 was in fanfic. Anyway, when I realized how many variations of the same basic idea are out there, I never posted this one, especially because the shippiness is basically consistent with the show. In deciding to post it now, to get around that on a technicality, I've stuck in the name of Sam's cat from my "Birthday Traditions" series… so, if you want to, you can pretend this story takes place some time before the end of that series.

Also, this story is quite long, so rather than post it in one big messy clump, I'm going to try to proofread a chapter a day in case there are any obvious errors, since I think I'd only seen about half the episodes when I wrote it. I'm not very fond of the title, but it didn't have one and that was the first thing that came into my head when I was posting, so there it is. I do, however, quite like the ending.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, as always.

Ch 1

Jack O'Neill leaned back in his chair and rubbed his face with his hands, letting out an impatient growl. Across the briefing room table, Sam Carter shifted in her seat, knowing full well he was about to explode.

Teal'c, seated next to O'Neill, looked as calm as ever. And at the head of the table, General Hammond was quickly losing his patience as well. He had a very full day ahead of him, Dr. Jackson's briefing was only the first item on a very crowded schedule. He did not appreciate being made to wait.

"OHFERCRYINOUTLOUD!" Jack finally yelled. Only Carter reacted, wincing at his outburst, although she had been waiting for it for the past eleven... twelve minutes. "It's not enough he's got to schedule a boring briefing for 08.00, he can't even be bothered to show up for it!"

"Major Carter, when was the last time you spoke to Dr. Jackson?" Hammond asked.

"Last night, sir. Just after 20.00. He was in his lab, trying to read the object brought back by SG12."

"The trunk thing?" Jack asked.

"Yes, sir," Carter confirmed.

"Has anybody seen him since then?" Hammond asked the rest of SG1.

"No, sir," Jack responded.

"I have not," Teal'c added.

"Very well. Somebody go see if he's still in there working. It's possible he lost track of time. Again."

"Oh please let me, General," Jack asked, getting to his feet eagerly.

Hammond nodded.

Carter jumped to her feet and said, "Sir, I'll go with you." She and Daniel often had to stick up for each other; they each had the bad habit of losing track of time in their respective labs, forgoing things like dinner and sleep, although unlike Daniel, Carter always managed to remember to be on time for meetings. Then again, she knew how to program the alarm on her watch, and Daniel couldn't be bothered with it. Plus he said the little buttons were too hard to push.

"I'm not going to hurt him, Carter," Jack commented as they hurried to the elevator to go to Daniel's lab.

"Yes, sir. But that... trunk... is just Daniel's type of thing. Did you look at it, sir? It's completely non-technological, made of ancient, petrified wood, but we can't determine how it was constructed... it's seamless."

"Carter, please, as much as I prefer hearing you speak to Danny-boy, he's going to be telling us all the exact same thing in a few minutes anyway."

"Yes, sir," she said in that slightly confused way that conversing with the Colonel often elicited - she was fairly certain there was a compliment in there somewhere, but it was hard to find.

They hurried down the corridor to Daniel's lab and let themselves in.

"DANIEL! WAKE UP! YOU'VE GOT HAMMOND AND EVERYBODY WAITING FOR YOUR DAMN BORING LECTURE SO GET YOUR ASS UP!" Jack barked as they entered the darkened lab, lit only by a few lamps on the bookshelves.

"Sir, I don't think he's in here," Carter commented as she flicked on the lights. Her statement was almost completely drowned out by the sudden loud crying sounds coming from the middle of the room.

The lab was noticeably devoid of any six-foot tall archaeologists, although it would have been possibly even stranger if Daniel had been the source of the noise anyway. However, sitting up from where he had been sleeping on the metal workstation, draped in a green BDU shirt, was a very small little boy, wailing at the top of his lungs.