The Sentimental Feelings

Author: Ciissi
Fandom: Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time
Pairing: Albel Nox x Fayt Leingod
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Ocean III. It belongs to Square Enix, may they do lots of more good games.
Warnings: Eventually NC-17. Contains yaoi meaning at least two boys having sex together but not in first few chapters. Possible child abuse but not in sexual manner.
Author's Note 1: This will be short chapter, but there will be several so do not be upset… This story's idea originates back to when I tried to create Potion of Youth (Fake) and my strange habit to give "cute" names to the Evil Ones… that is the bad guys… -.-;; There are Oro-chan (Orochimaru from Naruto), Ita-kun (also from Naruto), but the most shocking – if I recall correctly – is Albel-chan… err… I know that there is nothing "-chan" in Albel… Or let me correct: was nothing…
Summary: It all started from the potion created by Peppita, Sophia and Puffy. Then Cliff got this grand idea to test it into Albel Nox. Now FAYT has to take care of the clean up… -.-;;


Part One – Chapter One: The Care (He'll kill you all…)
Fayt Leingod was tired. He was still in certain disbelief that others had sent him alone to do the shopping and he had not dared to ask Albel to accompany him. For some reason the blood-eyed swordsman had been several days on incredibly bad mood and Cliff was not helping by talking all the time. Fayt had to use up all his diplomatic skills to prevent any bloodshed that was on the air…

Albel had called Fayt maggot, fag – why on earth? – and fool and practically locked himself into his room in The Front Door luxury inn of Peterny.

Fortunately Cliff took the hint and stopped bugging Albel so Fayt had left to do the shoppings with certain relief.

But to do the shopping alone for ten persons took very much time so it was late evening when Fayt returned back to the inn. His return was greeted with sudden silence as the whole staff of the inn looked him with dread.

Fayt blinked. "Ummm… Little help?" he requested with uncertainty. Something was wrong. As he passed his packets to servants he found out that his traveling companions were not in the comfy lounge nor in spacious dining room.

Fayt shrugged his shoulders and took the one small pot which was full of cream. It was for burnings. It was for Albel Nox. It was very likely that Fayt was the only one from the group who had seen Albel's arm without metal claw or bondages because he was usually the one who shared the room with quick-tempered and – very – short-tempered Elicoorian. The knowledge of possible pain in his comrade's arm made Fayt mother-hening the older young man without end – at least in his mind. One did not fuss around Albel openly…

So Fayt did what little he could without making Albel suspicious. He asked politely servants to take the packets to his friends' rooms and directed his own way to Albel's room because this time they were not sharing one. Fayt had a room with Cliff, Adray and Roger. He passed by the rooms of the rest of the party and stopped behind Albel's door.

Fayt raised his hand and knocked the door. There was no answer so he knocked again and called out softly: "Albel? Are you in there? I have our burning salve…" But there was still no answer. Somehow it failed to surprise Fayt. Albel had been so angry in the morning that most likely he had gone to cool off and train somewhere outside the town.

Fayt left the room alone deciding to give the pot Albel later. He was not daring enough to enter Albel's room without his permission. So he returned direction of his own room. Fayt was about to enter the room when he heard voices from the room and stopped to listen. It seemed that all the others were gathered into his, Cliff's, Adray's and Roger's room.

"Do you think that Fayt will forgive us this?" the voice of Cliff asked with great uncertainty not specifying what this was.

"Are stupid, Cliff!" Nel's voice demanded to know.

"I believe that it's very unlikely that Fayt will be understanding in this issue", Maria said and it was the first time ever Fayt heard her sounding nervous and it sent a cold shiver down his spine.

"My goodness… Isn't this, what is usually called 'major bummer'?" Adray inquired somewhere further into the room.

"Fayt's going to be soooo upset…" Sophia's tune was hysteric.

"Fayt's going to kill us!" Roger's voice snickered. There was a really loud smack, Roger's cry of pain and rest of the group's yell of 'not funny, Roger!'.

The crocus in the room made Fayt concerned. He was not surprised to not hear Albel's voice among others. It was not solitary swordsman's habit to seek out the others' company. But what ever was going on inside the room, it surely did not sounded too good.

Fayt opened the door without knocking not liking the sound of the conversation. He stepped in, closed the door behind him, turned and… stopped dead. There was a quite pretty child around the age of three circled by Fayt's traveling companions. The boy looked very pissed and angry. He kicked Cliff who tried to touch him and almost bit Sophia's extended hand. The child clearly did not like anyone in the room. He raised his little face and saw Fayt. To Fayt it looked like boy's face fell. But without hesitation he ran to Fayt.

Fayt stared in growing disbelief a child in front of him. It can't be… he thought and felt panic rising inside of him. He kneeled and examined the child and his clothing closer. He could feel a hysteric laugh trying to escape from his lips. Oh, shit, oh no! This can't be true… It is… Fayt raised his head and looked the rest of the party sternly. "Albel will kill you for this good."

The child stumped his feet and raised his hands demandingly towards Fayt. Fayt and others raised their brows to child's gesture but without uttering a word and glaring others warningly he took the child into his arms and stood up. Tiny but strong arms warped around his neck and small face was pressed against his shoulder as young boy snuggled closer Fayt's body heat. Fayt looked down and met the blood-red eyes studying him intensely.

"I hate to point this out", Maria said smugly looking Fayt and child, "but isn't that the most adorable sight you have ever seen?"

Nel, Sophia, Peppita and Mirage sighed dreamingly and nodded.

Adray came fort and ruffled Fayt's blue hair. "You are going to be excellent father someday, Fayt Leingod", he laughed.

Fayt blushed and shivered. The child in his embrace sighed and muttered something in lines of 'maggot' and 'big fool'.

Some things just did not change.

Fayt stared Maria trying to suppress any other possible comment about the situation that was not his fault. "Someone care to explain what happened here?" Now he understood the nervousness of the staff of the inn.

Rest of the traveling party looked guilty.

Fayt waited in silence and then waited some more. The child in his arms was starting to weight but he refused to show any kind of weakness. "Well…?" he inquired raising his brow.

"Fayt… I'm sorry… It was an accident…" Sophia muttered and found her tips of her shoes suddenly very interesting.

"I figured as much", Fayt answered dryly and bought his hand to pet child's tensed back. Slowly as the caressness of the touch took effect the child relaxed and silently sighed with comfort to Fayt's ear. Some unknown warm feeling raised its head inside of Fayt. Quickly he interpreted it as a parent's or sibling's warmth.

Nel looked around seeing only distressed faces except Fayt's which was uncharacteristically plank. Well… She could not blame him… "This all started from a potion that Peppita, Sophia and Puffy created", she begun to explain because it looked that no one else was willing to. "There was supposed to be nothing original in it, only normal healing potion. But when the girls were finished the color seemed to be a little of…"

"A little off?" Roger snickered. "It was… like… miles off!" He laughed to Peppita and Sophia.

Both girls turned red from embarrassment and anger. Like one they hit Roger to his head. "Roger!" they yelled angrily. "You're not helping!"

Cliff looked smirking Roger's agony of pain and without looking Fayt took over telling the story. "In the end nobody wanted to test the potion so I came up with a plan to test it into Albel." He shrugged his shoulders. "He has been lately such a pain in the ass… and everybody thought it as an excellent way to do the testing."

Fayt could not believe his ears. They had thought Cliff's idea as an excellent! Fayt saw it as a suicidal. He swallowed feeling child's grip from his neck tightening and body tensing up. "It did not cross in your minds that Albel might not like your scheming?" he asked carefully. What had happened here? Usually at least Mirage had enough brain to stop things like this…

"We thought that!" the younger ones of the party opposed.

"Yeah! That's why we poured the potion into Albel's soup!" Peppita told proudly and beamed.

Fayt's jaw almost hit the floor. This could not be happening… No. Wait. It had already happened. "You all are soooooo dead…" he could only repeat in shock.

Roger looked Fayt seemingly peeved. "You can't blame us!" he exclaimed and stumped his feet.

Fayt glared down to Roger and the fury in his eyes made him retreat behind Adray. "In fact, Roger, I can. I have told you thousands of timesnot to annoy Albel!" he screamed in frustration.

"What Fayt is saying is true, you know, Roger…" Nel pointed out and looked at the young tailed boy who seemed to be ready to cry.

Mirage patted Roger's head and turned to look calmly fuming Fayt. "Well… It appears that the potion didn't taste anything weird because Albel ate everything." Klausian waved her hand. "No harm done."

"NO HARM DONE!" Fayt screamed losing his composure. He took the child from his arms and showed him to rest of the party. "You changed Albel into a three-years-old child!" He moved child-Albel to sit on his arm child's claw hand around his neck. "You all have brains. Would you mind trying to use them for once!"

"Maggots!" Albel conformed with his clear child-voice from his haven.

Everybody – except Fayt – stared Albel in horror.

Fayt drew several deep breaths to calm himself down. He looked around and saw something unbelievable which somehow seemed to coronate the whole thing. "Okay… So far so good. What's done is done", he said. "I understand the Albel part, but", he picked a small sword up the floor and showed it to others, "how on earth you managed to shrink the Crimson Scourge too!" he wanted to know. His voice was hysterical and he knew that.

The pure puzzlement on everybody's face told Fayt that this time even they did not know what was going on. So… this is not their doing? he thought in puzzlement. Then why…?

Albel had been looking something else but then he noticed the katana in Fayt's hand. "Mine!" he called out reaching out for the sword determined look on his small face.

And almost immediately…

"Ouch! Stop it, Albel!" Fayt cried out in pain. "Stop clawing my neck!" he panted and gave the katana to Albel and so effectively quitting him burring his claws to his neck even more. Fayt turned to look Albel and touched his cheek gently with his fingertips. "Be little more careful next time, Albel", he introduced, "I might have dropped you…"

Albel's eyes narrowed and he pressed the Crimson Scourge closer. "You would not have dared, maggot!" he spitted out but tightened his hold of Fayt's neck. He pressed his forehead against Fayt's and glared him with all he had.

The rest of the group was stunned to silent. They could not say a word. They all knew that Fayt was the only one Albel accepted around himself, share his room. But what they saw now was something else… When had Albel's and Fayt's relationship gone to this deep friendship?

Mirage coughed making both Fayt and Albel turn to look at her. She knew that some persons of their troupe would not like what she was about to suggest – Sophia, Cliff and Albel himself being the first ones to complain – but there was no other way to do this… "Fayt…", she said softly and smiled motherly, "I think it is best that you take care of little Albel until we find the way to turn him back to his old self."

Heavy silence followed Mirage's proposition.



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