My way of the ending of Off the Grid with Nicole and Antonio, and my first try at a Missing story. I apologize for any characters being OOC, though the fact that this is my first one is not trying to make excuses for it

It wasn't like Nicole to break down and even for Antonio to see the woman cry was a miracle in itself. She'd tried so hard to save Emma, so incredibly hard and for Nicole, a miss like this was devastating.

"Nic…" he tried, his hand smoothing up and down her back as best he could. There was a whole lot of things that Antonio was prepared with when it came to Nicole Scott. He tried so hard to keep up with her, tried to be there for her and tried to be supportive. Having said that, he had a difficult time doing it.

"Antonio…" Nicole whispered back, her head still buried in his neck. Then he felt her lips on his muscle.

"Not like this," he whispered, feeling her arms loosen and her hands – previously gripping his head – lighten into a caress.

"Please," she breathed. He was having a hard time resisting. He'd waited long enough for Nicole as it was, but he wanted to understand her.

"Nic… really… not like this." He pulled away from her mouth, cradling her head and keeping an arm around her waist. If there was one thing he knew about Nicole, it was her fear of rejection

"You're fragile, Nic, not all here, not all yourself." Her eyes called out to his compassion, called for him to give in and let himself go. His conscience knew better.

"I'm fine, Antonio… I just… I need this." She paused. "Please, Antonio."

And he knew. He knew he'd give into her, regardless of what he truly believed, understood that she needed this. And when she saw his eyes, she knew it too.

Her lips crashed onto hers and they exploded in a whirlwind of passion. He walked her backwards towards her bedroom, the glasses and bottle she'd previously gotten out now forgotten. He could taste her tears on his lips, could feel the salt drying on his neck where she'd cried and so their kiss was bittersweet. But Antonio didn't ask questions.

Her fingers trailed down his chest, tracing over where the shirt hugged the hard curves of his muscles. His tucked under her sweatshirt, but didn't move further. There was still part of his brain worried about taking advantage of her vulnerable state of mind. Sure, this wasn't the first time they'd fallen into bed together, hell, the best part of his morning was waking up beside her.

Her hands gripped his wrists, pulling them up her back to her bra strap. They broke their kiss for long enough to breathe and for his shirt to come over his head before she attacked his mouth again. His tongue duelled with hers for dominance in her mouth as he arched her back over his arm, getting caught in the moment and forgetting his honourable intentions and his inhibitions. They broke their kiss, her hands gripping his shoulders as his kisses trailed over her neck.

Her breath was short and laboured and Antonio's hands gripped her back, pushing her sweatshirt up and over her head before returning his lips to her skin. They traced a trail down her front and back up to her lips. His hands trailed down her side, settling on her hips and holding there and slowing them down a little bit.

"Nic," he breathed, locking eyes with her.

"If I have to tell you I need this one more time," Nicole began, "I swear to God, I am never sleeping with you again."

Antonio couldn't help the smile that blossomed over his face. This was the Nicole he knew, the one he'd been originally attracted to. He attacked her this time, their movements taking on a life of their own as they stumbled towards her bedroom.

Sorry it's short, I just decided to split it up into short chapters. The second one's written, so the first review puts it up. I'd like to know how you like it, since it is my first try.