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Title: Future Consequences

Chapter Title: Chapter One

Set After: Asylum (Like most of my Supernatural stories xD)

Summary: Of course Sam and Dean were having problems. Really, Sam shot Dean. They weren't exactly going to be buddy-buddy after that, now were they? But something happened that made them realize that they couldn't live their lives apart... And it shocked them into reality.

Warnings: uh... sibling rivalry? Um... that's it.

They had driven back from the asylum to their motel room hours ago. Dean had immediately taken a shower, then left. Now Sam was laying down in his bed, waiting for his brother to return. He was laying on his back, meaning he couldn't fall asleep. He didn't want to. Not until Dean returned.

Which was hours later.

Dean walked into the room, and sighed slightly. "Sam, turn off your head and sleep."

"Can't." Sam looked over at his brother, who was making his way over to his own bed in the dark.

Dean rolled his eyes, obviously Sam couldn't see, and laid down on the bed. It was quiet in the room, but no one was willing to speak to the other. Dean just plain didn't want to talk to Sam, and Sam knew that Dean wouldn't respond to him if he tried to start a conversation.

"Night, Dean," Sam said quietly, still staring up at the ceiling.

"Night," Dean said, turning over in his bed. "Sam, do me a favor, will you?"


"Turn on your side or something."

Sam sighed and ignored his brother, continuing to look up at the ceiling.

"I don't hear you moving."

Sam rolled his eyes and turned over on his side, closing his eyes. Great. Now he could go to sleep and have the nightmares he looked forward to every night... Yeah, right.

Sam woke up, opening his eyes slowly as he heard massive noise around him. He looked around, noticing he wasn't in his motel room anymore. He was in someone's house, and there was a teenage girl chatting away on the phone in the room next to the one he was in. A couch, a TV, a chair, a coffee table. Great. He was sleeping on the couch in someone's living room.

Sam stood up and looked around. Then someone walked in the room and stared at him. Sam stared back. Wait. Was that... himself? Looked like it, but twenty or so years older... What the hell?

The older Sam shook his head before walking to the base of the stairs that were right next to the living room. "Tommy, get down here!" A few seconds later a teenage boy, with blonde spiked hair, ran down the stairs, and grinned widely when he saw Sam. "What did you do?"

"Just trying to fix you and Uncle Dean, that's all," Tommy said, shrugging.

"We don't need fixing, thanks," older Sam said, rolling his eyes. "Don't you have homework to do?"

"Dad, it's summer vacation," Tommy said, raising his eyebrows.

"Uh..." Sam looked around the room, totally confused. His eyes were wide and he was ready to jet any second.

"Look, I'm sorry. My son -- our son, he's got some powers... But what can you expect of the offspring of a psychic, right?" Older Sam laughed slightly, walking over to Sam. "He brought you from the past. This is the future."

Sam nodded slowly. "Right..."

Dean woke up. What the hell? He wasn't in the motel room. He was in a guest bed... in a house... What lunatic dropped him off here?

A lady walked into the room. She was beautiful... for a lady that was near her fifties. She had brown hair and radiant green eyes. She smiled at Dean. "Wow, your nephew sure did a number this time." She looked back through the door she had came in. "Dean!"

A man then walked into the room, looking like Dean but older. Way older. He looked at Dean for a moment then sighed, shaking his head. "I'm calling Sam and telling him to keep his son in line."

"You know where Sam is?" Dean asked quickly, getting out of the bed quickly.

"I know where my Sam is. My guess is that your Sam is with him," older Dean said, grabbing the phone that was on the dresser. He dialed a number quickly, waiting for a few moments before he spoke. "Sam, what has Tommy done this time?... Yeah, figures... Yes, he's here... Is Tommy going to fix this?... Well, tell him to fix it before I go over there and fix him... Well, there'd be no reason to threaten if he didn't pull stunts like this all the time... I expect you to keep him in line, that's what... You know what? Screw you." He then slammed down the phone.

"Uh... problems with Sam?" Dean asked, raising his eyebrows slightly. Obviously this was some dream or that 'Tommy' kid brought him and Sam to the future... He was hoping the first one was on the money.

"No," older Dean said, shrugging. "I just hope he gets ran over by a truck, that's all. Maybe I'll rent one..." He then left the room.

The woman looked back at Dean. "Excuse him. He, uh... Well, in this time, you and Sam hate each other. Literally." She looked around, then nodded. "Anyway, I'm Charlotte, and if you want I'll make you some breakfast."

Dean nodded slightly before following her out of the room.

Older Sam picked up the phone quickly, then sighed as he listened to the person on the other line. "He used his powers to bring us from the past... Are you there? Er... Is Dean there... Well... you know what I mean. ... Good... I hope so... Don't threaten my son... What do you expect me to do?... I guess he just takes after his uncle, now doesn't he?..." Older Sam then groaned in annoyance after the person on the phone spoke. He slammed down the phone, then turned to Sam.

"Who was that?" Sam asked, raising his eyebrows. He got up off the couch.

"Dean. My Dean. The one from this time," Older Sam said, sitting down in the chair. "Look, I know why Tommy brought you back. And I'm hoping he'll fix it."

"Well... what's the reason?" Sam asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Dean and I don't exactly get along in this time. After I shot him back at the asylum he wouldn't talk to me... I always tried to talk to him, but he just shut me out. Then one day we got in a huge argument about it and I left. We haven't stood in the same room together since. We only know what's going on with each other and our kids only know each other because our wives refuse to not keep in touch."

"I abandoned him again..." Sam whispered.

Older Sam nodded slightly. "Yeah. We did."

About an hour later there came a knock on the door and Sam's future oldest daughter, Mary, who was fifteen, skipped over to the door, opening it. She grinned widely. "Hey! Uncle Dean, what's crackin?"

Older Dean looked around the house before stepping back, letting Dean in. "Tell your Dad that since your brother made this mess you guys can fix it. Okay?"

Mary nodded slightly, shrugging. "Alright. Want me to tell him you said hi?" Older Dean rolled his eyes before closing the door... And he had never stepped inside. Mary raised her eyebrows. "I take that as a no..." She turned to Dean. "Wow. Uncle Dean was hott..."

Dean grinned, then his grin quickly faded when he realized he was about to flirt with his younger brother's future daughter... Ew. He walked further inside and looked around, nodding in approval. "Pretty nice place Sammy has set himself up with." He turned to the girl. "How many siblings you got?"

Mary thought for a moment. "Well, I'm fifteen, Tommy's seventeen, Dean is twelve and Jessica is eleven."

"Four kids? Wow. Wait. Dean?"

Mary grinned, nodding. "He named his second son after you. Sweet, right? Tommy would've been John but you claimed it." She shrugged. "John's your only kid. Born a few weeks before Tommy. Seventeen, obviously."

Just then Sam and older Sam decided to make an appearance. Older Sam shook his head, scoffing, then turned to Sam. "You deal with him. He may not be from this time but I really don't want to deal with his attitude." He then walked up the stairs, leaving the three.

Mary looked around, then nodded. "I got a mall to go shop at. Excuse me." She then started running up the stairs. "Daddy, can I borrow you credit card?" Mary disappeared behind the corner.

"I'm surprised I'm not broke with a daughter like her," Sam said, staring after her with raised eyebrows. He turned to Dean. "Do you have any idea why we're here?"

Dean thought for a moment, then shook his head. "Nope. You?"

Sam nodded, leading Dean into the living room. "We hate each other in this time. After the asylum you shut me out. Then apparently we had a huge argument about it and I left... again. We haven't gotten along since. Our wives keep in touch, even if we don't like it."

"Well, I wouldn't mind. I'd probably prefer that," Dean said, shrugging.

"What?" Sam said, sitting down on the couch.

"Our wives keeping in touch. I wouldn't admit it, but it'd be my only link to my little brother. I wouldn't force that away, no matter what happened years ago," Dean said, shrugging. "And don't you dare make a big deal out of that."

Sam smiled slightly, then nodded. "Yeah... After they got in a fight over the phone I didn't look too happy..."

"The only time we've talked in god only knows how long and we're fighting," Dean said, nodding slightly.

"We have to fix this," Sam said, looking over at Dean.

Dean nodded. "I agree."

Dean: Weird.

Sam: Agreed.

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Dean: Alright, if you want me to. Grabs a gun.

Sam: Dean!