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It had been a few weeks since I had seen Legolas. He had gone back to Mirkwood to be with his family and friends. Aragorn and I went back to Gondor. Gondor was the same as I always remembered it. Gandalf showed up a few days later once we returned and was getting ready to crown Aragorn as the new king.

Everyone pilled into Minas Tirith, on the highest level with Aragorn standing on the steps. His back was turned towards everyone. Gimli stood proud with the crown in his hands as Gandalf took it from him. Tears started to fall from my eyes; Aragorn who I had known for years was finally the king I always knew he was. Gandalf placed the crown on Aragorn and then moved away.

"Now come the days of the King" I heard Gandalf say. "May they be blessed."

I saw Aragorn look at me and then took a deep breathe and turned around to face everyone. Everyone started to cheer and I looked around my eye falling on the White Tree that was starting to bloom again. I looked down at my sparkly white dress that went down to the ground. A small little crown was placed on my head. Aragorn told me he was going to name me Princess of Gondor. I really didn't care, but he said it would be easier for Legolas to explain to his father why he wanted to marry me, a mortal.

"This day does not belong to one man...but to all." Aragorn said addressing the people. "Let us together re-build this world...that we may share in the days of peace." Then everyone cheered for him. Then he started to sing the traditional song.

"Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien...Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn' Ambar-metta!" 'Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world.

Aragorn started to walk down the steps and I followed right behind him. We passed Eowyn and Faramir who smiled at him and then bowed their heads. I looked at Èomer who did the same thing. Then we came to Legolas. My eyes lit up when I saw him and he looked at me. Aragorn laughed a little a shook his head. Elves were behind him and stared at Aragorn to. Then I saw Legolas glance over at Lord Elrond. The future king walked over and saw Arwen. They stared at each for a while and then Arwen lowered her head. Aragorn gently pulled her head up and then they kissed. Everyone cheered for the king and his future wife. Legolas came up next to me and looked at me.

"What" I said, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I wasn't expecting it but kissed him back. The last time I had kissed him was at Gondor when I told him I would marry him.

The king and queen started to walk again and the prince of Mirkwood and now the princess of Gondor followed them. Then we came to the four hobbits, heroes of them all. They didn't know what to do so they bowed down to the king, once their friend Strider.

"My friends!" Aragorn said shocked. "You bow to no one." Then the king knelled down to the ground. Arwen, Legolas and I followed then everyone else did leaving the hobbits standing alone. It was the ending to a perfect story.


"Are you sure you want to marry a Princess of Gondor?" I asked. We stood in the hall of Gondor. The small crown still lay upon my head and my dress glittered in the sun. I hated to be called Princess Alisa, and he knew it. Would I be a good princess? Would I be a good wife?

"Yes I am sure. So now what do we do Princess Alisa,"

"I do not know Prince Legolas,"

"Well what ever we do, we will do it together," he whispered. "Forever." I looked into his blue eyes one more time before I kissed him.

The Princess of Gondor and the Prince of Mirkwood stood in the center of the hall of Gondor. They didn't care who was watching because now they had found each other.

Like all fairy tales they must all end….

….but they lived happily ever after.


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