The Twin Swords of Konoha

by MT Pocketts

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Or Tenten. Or Neji. Or Sasuke…

Summary: There were two famous ninjas named Uchiha Itoichi and Kaede. They were called the Twin Swords because of their ability to work well together. When they died, their daughter went unknown until paperwork began to resurface nearly 15 years later.


Note: The past will be in Italics.

The rain seemed to flood the area around them, everything was covered in a damp mask of sadness. It was growing dark outside and they knew their time had come. The two ninjas stood together, one with raven hair and the other with auburn. At least ten other ninjas from the Rain country surrounded the already tired pair. Yes, their time had finally reached its end. They knew it before the first move was made, this battle would be their last.

The pair in the middle was from Konoha, or at least that's where their home was. They were a legendary ninja duo, so to speak, and were on their way home after an incredibly long mission. They had been gone for nearly a year, leaving their baby girl in the hands of a trusted relative at the tender age of seven months. They had missed their child's first birthday, and now the poor girl would never know her parents.

These two ninjas had been worn out from the mission because of slowly healing injuries and were about to die to protect their home. The woman with the auburn hair cut through the immediate enemies ceaselessly as the raven-haired man went through the other direction. Five of the enemies attacking them were dead within the first five minutes. The Twin Swords of Konoha lived up to their name until the very end, slicing a path neatly and quickly.

Both had already been marked red with blood, some of it their own and some the enemies. Still, they kept going until the threat had been eradicated. The woman manipulating things around her with her illusion and foresight, while the man cut through the enemy as they were dazed. They worked well together, just like they had been doing for so many years.

In the end, they stopped as the last attacker fell down dead. The massacre lay in a perfect circle around them, one of the pair's trademarks. Still, due to fatigue, both retained fatal injuries. She had kunai buried into her side, puncturing deeply into her lungs and slowly filling them with blood. He had several deep cuts and various weapons in his limbs, limiting his mobility. Both would be long dead before help arrived.

They knelt facing each other, both knowing they'd done their duty. Had the Twin Swords failed, the attackers would have proceeded to an already weak Konoha, thanks to the demon fox. The couple exchanged no words. They only took each other's hands and silently kissed, even as blood dripped from both of their lips. Then they embraced, and laid down slowly, allowing the wings of death to carry them away. 'Neko-chan…'The woman whispered on the wind to her child as she lay dying. 'Live…'

Somewhere, a girl screamed.

15 years later…. (Making Team 13 about 16 years old and the rookie 9 around 15)….

"Tenten," A voice spoke harshly. "Tenten, wake up." She partially opened her eyes to see Hyuuga Neji staring back at her. The girl whimpered softly and threw her arms around his neck. Neji had gotten used to her having nightmares like this, but it still surprised him when she grabbed him like that. She had these nightmares every time they went on a long mission and she never remembered them, or having Neji comfort her, the next day.

"So many… There was so much blood…And bodies," She cried into his shoulder, and he patted her back calmly. It wasn't long before he felt her relax, and he knew Tenten had fallen back asleep. Neji calmly laid her back down and pulled the blanket up around her. He looked over to see Lee and Gai-sensei snoring away, they could sleep through anything, which left Neji to coax his teammate back to sleep after one of her nightmares. It had become a routine, but it was starting to worry him that she had actually screamed this time. Of course, being the Hyuuga Neji, he didn't show that he was worried. And he couldn't very well just come out and say he was, he'd tried before but Tenten never remembered her nightmares.

"The sooner we get home the better," He muttered under his breath.

Meanwhile, in the office of the Hokage…

Tsunade let out a groan as she went through her paperwork. The Third had left quite a mess for her to clean up. Some of these papers were more than 30 years old! She went through the stack impatiently, until one label caught her eye.

"The Twin Swords of Konoha? I thought that was a legend…" Tsunade said to herself. She opened the folder carefully and saw the mission reports tons of them. Going through them curiously, she came upon two papers that didn't quite seem to fit. Upon closer inspection, she realized it was a birth certificate and a marriage certificate. As Tsunade noted the woman's maiden name and one of the witnesses to the wedding things started to fall into place.

Tsunade frantically searched for a folder she had just seen, and yelled for Shizune once she found it. The girl came running in, recognizing the tone in Tsunade's voice.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama?" Shizune said.

"I need Tenten…And Uchiha Sasuke," Tsunade said. "Bring Sasuke first, then get the girl."

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