SPD The End: Jack
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: January 5, 2006

Summary: In response to the challenge on spdrangers of livejournal, Jack deals with the end of his Ranger career and the start of his civilian life.
Ships: minor Jack/Ally
Rating: T

AN: Thanks to Chrissy for getting me involved!


The first time he saw the four of them go off on a call without him it nearly killed him, though outward appearances had said differently. Once they'd raced away from him, he'd turned to Ally and Piggy, a watery smile lighting his face. Ally had asked if he was ok, he'd said he was, but they both knew he wasn't being completely honest.

He hurt. It wasn't a physical pain, those usually healed. No, the pain he felt was emotional, something that wouldn't disappear as easily.

For a year, they had been a team, friends brought together for a common cause and because of common abilities. They had started out as two teams, had been merged into one, and by the end, by that last battle with Gruumm, they'd been family.

And he had walked away from it all without saying goodbye.

He hated goodbyes, they usually meant you were never going to see someone again; they were usually final. He planned on seeing his family again. They'd been through too much together to just completely walk away from them.

But walkway he had, and now he had to deal with it.

"I wondered if I'd find you out here," a soft voice announced, as the slim figure of the pretty blonde he was starting to fall for sat beside him.

"Needed some fresh air, and some time to think," he told her, turning his head to stare at her. She was leaning against his shoulder, her eyes on the water before them.

"You miss it that much?"

"Not so much the job as the people. Being Red Ranger taught me a lot of things, but nothing as valuable as how to accept those around me as family. I think it also taught me a lot about myself."

"To be apart of something bigger, isn't that what Z said?" Ally asked, her arm wrapping around his waist.

"SPD was definitely bigger than anything I'd ever been apart of, but it was too bound by rules and regulations for me. I didn't want to make it my life, not after I saw what it had done to DC."

She couldn't help but laugh at Jack's use of his nickname for Cruger. "Will you ever go back?"

"Not the way you're thinking of," he grinned at her. "I'll go back and visit. Mainly because I wouldn't miss seeing what develops between some of them in the relationship department. I won't go back to be a Ranger. I did my time in a suit; there won't be a second time unless I absolutely have to."

"It helped make you who you are Jack, and that's something no one can take from you. You'll carry those experiences with you forever, and the only people who will understand what those experiences were like will be the people you shared them with."

"I know."

"You're luckier then you will ever know, Jack Landors, because you have a bond with your friends and family that only a handful of people have ever experienced. I envy you that."

Turning his head, Jack stared into her eyes and saw the truth there. He also saw the love that was shinning in the depths of those serious eyes. "I know. Thank you for understanding."

Ally nodded. "I'll always be here for you, remember that."

"I will."