He was drunk that night and he knew it. He could feel those cold eyes of disapproval boring a hole into the back of his head. Taking another swig of beer, he stood up, stumbling slightly as he did so.

"He-ay pretty laa-dee…" He slurred, reaching her table, a subconscious part of his mind acknowledging her anger as she slammed a hand down on the table.

"Do you not feel any guilt? Do you not feel any shame? He died thanks to you!" She hissed, disconcerting gold eyes glaring at him beneath her hood, "Varden!"

His head began to throb, but he ignored it, reaching out the carress her cheek, "Whaay do yo-u hii-aade yeeer fa-seeeee?" He slurred, "Yoouuu-raa ree-lly pretty yo-u knooo-w…"

He reached up to remove her hood, but his reflexes were slow as her hand caught his, the flat of the dagger pressed against his throat, "Do not try my patience, thief."

He laughed despite himself, a helpless chuckle, then he coughed and sobered slightly. Her look was almost comical, that confused expression. He removed her hand with practiced ease, "So it's back to thief, is it?" His eyes darkened, "You won't kill me…" Then he lowered his voice, "After all, need I remind you, the one incapable of rescuing him was you?"

Her face whitened and her grip on the dagger tightened, knuckles whitening. "Despicable…" She whispered. His grin widened and he tilted his head back, downing more beer.

"Stop it!" She snapped, snatching away the bottle.

"Give it back, Lei'ella." He growled, reaching for it.

"No." Her eyes were cold and resolute as she got up from the table, walking toward the door.

"Lei…" He tried again, she spun around and glared at him.

"This is no way to run from problems, Varden. And that's what you're doing." He smiled lazily, indeed that was what he was doing.

She glared at him and stalked forward, "You're pathetic you…mmphf!" Her throat made an angry noise as he covered her mouth with his. His tongue slid out, moistening her lips…


They broke away, him with a red handprint on the right side of his face and she was breathing heavily.

"Varden. Terendell." She ground out, "You. Are. .A. Bastard." And with that she spun round and fled.

He flinched slightly, as though he'd been slapped, when she'd said those words, eyes widening in shock. He stood there staring blankly as she left, making no move to follow her.

How did she know…


Eh, what'd you guys think? It's my first oneshot. About Varden's last name…I made it up. I'll change it if we ever do find it out, but for now. So what'd you think? Shippy…yet not shippy. I think I like watching them bicker.