Forbidden Love

Author's Note: Everything that's happened in season 1 has happened here too. Jude just finished her first tour and is returning home to everyone. Tommy and Sadie are together. Jude is with Jamie. Stuart did leave Victoria for Ivette. We've all heard rumors about Georgia and EJ not being there in season 2 but they are only thing I'm keeping because I can't see IS without those characters.

Chapter 1 - Long Awaited Phone Call

Jude Harrison just wrapped up her last concert of her first mini tour. Her adrenaline was shot through the roof and her heart was beating faster than ever. The stage crew ran over to congratulate her on her success and pick up all the flowers that her fans had thrown on the stage. Sold out tour. Spiderman walked off stage pumped as ever. Everyone was talking all at once in excitement. Jude kept quiet, taking in her surroundings. Tomorrow she would be returning home. Home to her family, her friends, her career and everything that it entitled including a perfectly lovable producer, and her new-found boyfriend.

Yes, she finally has a real boyfriend. Someone who always treated her with the respect she deserved. Someone who had always been there for her. Someone she could count on no matter what. Someone who didn't have a multi-platinum rap album and girls throwing themselves at him. Someone who didn't need two hours for his hair to look perfect and who wasn't in an all-boy pop band. Someone who wasn't Shay and someone who wasn't Tommy. She was with her lifelong friend Jamie. Jamie who was dorky but cute in his own perfect way. Jamie who couldn't sing or rap to safe his life but would do anything in the world for her. He was her safety blanket.

Jude hadn't spoken to Tommy in almost six weeks. She knew he was with her sister in Italy but over the course of the past few weeks, Jude came to terms with things. She was Ok with Tommy and Sadie. They were closer in age. They were both nearly perfect, far from anything Jude was. There was no doubt that she missed her sister and her producer but finally, after all this time, she could say that she was happy for them.

Yes true, Jude did have a major crush on Tommy but things have changed now. She had Jamie and he had Sadie. It was obvious that her and Tommy would never happen. After hoping for so long she finally gave up and allowed herself to move on. First and foremost the age thing. Second he didn't feel for her what she so openly had felt for him. She knew it now and he had proven her right. He after all had chosen Sadie over her. Tommy needed things Jude wasn't ready to give. Sadie on the other hand was what you might call experienced in that department. If Sadie made Tommy happy than Jude, by all means, wouldn't stand in they're way.

Two hours later Jude was in her bed, on her tour bus. Her hair was wrapped in a towel and she took it off and threw it on the floor. She picked up her cell phone and went through her phone book. She stopped at Tommy's number. Hesitating to dial she somehow found the courage and finally pressed the call button. It ran once before she heard his voice.

Tommy: "Hello?"

Jude: "Hi Tommy. You know who this is?"

Tommy: "Of course I do, Jude." he stuttered a little. I guess nervousness took over.

Jude: "So you can't pick up a phone and call anyone?"

Tommy: "I wasn't sure if you wanted to talk to me."

Jude: "You obviously don't know me, Quincy. Don't you know that no matter what you do, I'll always want to talk to you?" she said. Tommy had hoped to hear this. Yes, Jude was his client but she had grown to be so much more over the course of last year. She had become his best friend. He could never imagine his life without her in it any more.

Jude: "How have you been?"

Tommy: "Good, busy but good. You?"

Jude: "Same. How's Sadie?"

Tommy: "She's good. She started college a week ago. Girl, look I'm really sor-"

Jude: "Don't say it. You shouldn't be sorry for anything. I am Ok with you guys. Actually I'm better than Ok with it. I'm happy for you." this was the last thing he expected to hear from Jude Harrison. He wasn't sure how to react. He had thought so many times about her. So many times had he asked Georgia how she was doing on tour. So many times had he wanted to call her and apologize for messing up they're friendship but he was a coward.

Tommy: "Jude, is that really you?"

Jude laughed a little: "Yeah, can you believe it? Six weeks ago I would have torn your head off and fed it to the wolfs without a second thought." Tommy laughed with her.

Tommy: "So what's changed?" he asked curious although not sure if he really wanted to hear an answer, he was just happy she had forgiven him and was talking to him again.

Jude shrugged: "I've grown up. I am turning 17 soon besides the fact that I miss you."

Tommy closed his eyes. She had missed him. For the past six weeks he had debated weather to call her or now. For the past six weeks he'd been thinking of ways to explain things to her and here she was forgiving him, even telling him she missed him. There was only one thing he could say.

Tommy: "I miss you too. When are you coming home?"

Jude: "Tomorrow."

Tommy: "Wow, so soon. I can't wait to see you."

Jude: "Yeah me too. Hey I have to go. I have another call. Give Sadie my love."

Tommy: "I will. Bye Girl."

Jude: "Bye, Quincy."

Jude hung up the phone and threw it on the bed next to her. Why had she just lied to Tommy about having another call? She couldn't be revisiting old wounds. She was over him, right? "You are NOT getting to me again, Quincy. I can promise you that." she said to herself.

Back To Tommy

Tommy closed his phone and just stared at it. For the last six weeks he had been longing to hear her voice, even if she just yelled at him. If he was honest with himself he'd realize that he never dared to imagine how much he would really miss this one red-haired girl. A girl who was so different from everything he had been used to. So different but so refreshing at the same time. There was no doubt that Jude Harrison would always have a special place in Tommy Quincy's heart, even if he didn't know it yet. Even if she didn't know it, she had become a part of him and always would stay that way.

Hey guys….don't know if this will be any good or not but I would love it if you guys send me feedback and told me if it has any potential. Pls. I started this when I was in Europe; this idea has been bugging me for a while now and I have some ideas as to where to take this.