"So... what's this mission again?" asked Shikamaru for the upteemth time.

Tsunade groaned. "You guys, I don't have to list everyone, do I-?"

"Naruto... who is hyperactive and troublesome... Sasuke... who recently returned from no-man's-land, hip hip hurray... Sakura... who's a bit-"

"Shikamaru! Please, just the names if you just simply HAVE to name everyone!" said Tsunade, cutting Shikamaru off before he could complete saying the B-word, and who was fighting the urge to punch the young Jounin through a wall.

"Why the Sand Siblings too?" Shikamaru challenged. "Aren't Teams Kakashi, Kurenai, Asuma and Gai enough?"

"Why do you care so much?"

"Just because."

"Is it that Temari girl?"


"I knew it!" crowed Tsunade, reveling in her momentary triumph as Shikamaru blushed beet red. "You always sucked at lying Shikamaru. The answer to your question is because they were requested as well. But that's irrelevant. Here. again, are the mission outlines.The 16 of you-"

"16? You said 15 before," pointed out Shikamaru. It was now officially a game of finding flaws in the stories.

"I just remembered. You'll understand eventually. Anyway, the 16 of you are to attend this school called Hogwarts. It is a school that trains witches and wizards. You are to stay and protect this school all year and the next -until you're 17 and the Potter boy leaves school-."

"The potter boy?" drawled Shikamaru. "You never really mentioned a potter boy. What does this school do besides Witchcraft and Wizardry? How does pottery fit in there? And why is this potter boy so important?"

"You-clever remarks-I-you!" sputtered Tsunade. "Not the potter boy as in a boy that makes pottery! Potter as in a last name! how many times do I have to say that!?"

"Oh. You should've mentioned that all those other times," said Shikamaru mildly.

Tsunade sighed. "Your main goal is to protect the Potter boy, whose first name is Harry. Harry Potter. He, too, is 16 right now. So you'll get along fine.

"This Hogwarts has four houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Huffepuff and Slytherin. Each house has its distinctive features, and the 15 of you will be sorted into these houses to equally be able to patrol the common rooms and such.

"Some aspects in the wizarding world that are different from the ninja world are-."


"What now?" Tsunade was getting seriously pissed off. Why couldn't the intellect just stop interrupting and LISTEN for once??!

"I don't want to know about something I won't do," said Shikamaru, turning to the door. "And you said the 15 of us should get sorted. But before you said 16. Make up your mind, Hokage-sama. How troublesome..."

With that, Shikamaru left.

Tsunade put her head on her desk. Maybe she should talk to the other people that were asked to be on this mission, perhaps she would get along better with them. For now, Tsunade was going to sleep on it.

And sleep she did - drooling all over the paperwork in the process.

Yes, I tweaked this chapter. I hated the first ending. It seemed okay at the time, but now... (cringe)