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Have you ever been deeply asleep, only to wake suddenly because you had the feeling you were being watched?

This was the feeling Whisper woke to.

He had since drifted into a REM sleep and was quite happily dreaming of hunting in a dark forest wreathed in mist by the light of a full moon. Still thinking like a fox, Whisper stretched and yawned, joints popping, and rolled over the see what had awakened him.

Gaara of the Desert was standing next to the bed, face about just as blank as Yomi's.

Speaking of Yomi, Whisper was hoping to never meet this particular youkai: Ever. Youko and Suichi's memories of the multi-eared demon made him edgy. They called him dense; he called them blind. It was obvious the freak had a thing for Youko. Almost to the point of Karasu Level Obsession…Who happened to be another youkai he hoped never suddenly came back to life/reappeared and turned out to have never died in the first place.


"You're awake."

Whisper blinked, a sleepy smile on his face, and stretched again. "Yes, I am."

"What are you?"

"What are you?"

"I asked first."

"I am I."

"That's not an answer."

"Yes it is. Just not the answer you were looking for."

He stretched again, warm and sleepy in his patch of sunlight. Gaara went pink and averted his eyes.

"Would you stop that?"

Whisper paused mid-stretch. "Huh?"

It was then that Whisper noticed something that had totally slipped his mind since the night before. His own cheeks tinted.

As he re-adjusted the sheets to cover his bare lap, he fervently prayed that Itachi hadn't seen anything private.

'Oh, c'mon. You know that's not true.' Youko told him and paused before adding, smirking. 'He probably lifted the sheets to peek.'

'Shaddup!' "So… Gaara-san…What brings you here at-" He glanced at the alarm clock and frowned. "-3:34 in the afternoon?"

The redhead continued to look out the window. "I've been here since 10:02."

He blinked. "Why?"

Gaara shrugged, seemingly unaware that watching someone sleep for hours on end was generally viewed as creepy.

Not mentioning any names, Itachi.

Whisper sat up and gathered the sheet around his waist. Gaara moved back so as the seemingly older boy could get off the bed and hopefully get dressed, which he indeed appeared to be doing since he made a move towards his pack in the corner.

"Hinata-san came by earlier, as did several parties concerned about her behaviour." The boy commented, seemingly from nowhere, now facing away from the dressing other.

Whisper looked up whilst in the middle of pulling on some cargo pants. "What about her behaviour?"

"She has become prone to violent outbursts."

Whisper paused. If he didn't know better, he'd have sworn there was an angry, protective note in that monotone voice. He pulled the clingy black tank top down and peered at the Kazekage.

He grinned abruptly when Gaara turned around and he caught sight of the look on his face. "You like her." He accused in a sing-song voice.

He was awarded by a blank look and, after a moment, a slow, barely noticeable blush spread over his cheeks and turned his ears red.

Someone abruptly hammered on the door before the red-head could refute it and screamed through the door, "GAARA! GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW AND LISTEN TO YOUR SISTER!"

Gaara barely saw the devilish smirk before Whisper was out of the room towards the front door in a flash of blue-black hair.

Temari squeaked and jumped back when the door slammed open to reveal the devilishly handsome wandering nin she had been eyeing off for the last few days.

He was grinning like a lunatic and promptly sang out loudly "Gaara has a cru-ush!"

Before Temari and the just as surprised Kankuro could make sense of the words coming from the nin's mouth, a red, black and tan blur crashed tackled him out of sight, an abrupt wave of sand slamming the door shut in their faces.

There were a few crashes, loud laughter, feral growls and finally a cry of "ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY!", before all went silent.

The door was opened again by the same gorgeous nin, sans half his shirt and hair like a haystack, a bit of blood seeping out the corner of his mouth where someone appeared to have given him a glancing blow to the jaw. Gaara could be seen glaring at him in the background looking just as tussled as the darker-haired youth, though not apparently bleeding.

Whisper smiled charmingly at Gaara's stunned siblings and moved aside with a sweeping gesture. "Please disregard my former comment and do come in. We were just about to have something to eat."


The four nin sat around the table, drinking tea, on two chairs, an overturned bin and what Whisper was quite sure was an old suitcase.

Whisper was smiling in a fashion reminiscent if Suichi's 'I'm-Just-Doing-This-Because-You-Won't-Leave-Me-Alone-Otherwise' Smile™ , Youko's 'I'm-Smiling-Because-I-Know-It's-Getting-To-You' Grin and, oddly enough, one Hatake Kakashi's 'I-Wonder-What's-Got-Them-So-Irritated…' Upside-Down-Eye-Tilty-Smile-Thing™. Gaara's expression was best described as half 'Gaara's-Death-Glare-Of-DOOM'™ and half 'Oh-My-Kami! I'm-Surrounded-By-Crazies-And-Can't-Get-Away'™. Temari and Kankuro were doing their damnedest to be invisible.

"So," The two older Sand-nin jumped out of their skins when Whisper's entirely too cheerful voice pounced on the tense silence in the room. The Silence thrashed the Noise off, scrambled to its feet and bolted like a cat with its tail on fire, too scared to look back. "I assume there's a reason for you watching me sleep for hours on end." It was a statement, not a question.

He sipped his tea again.

Gaara blinked slowly and spoke in a smooth, slow tone. "Are you a Jinchuuriki like myself and Naruto?"

"Nope. I'm somewhere between a hanyou throwback and a type four possession." Whisper sipped his tea again before continuing. "Nearly total opposites of the spectrum, actually. Just about the only thing our situations have in common is that we each have a demonic soul inside us, though, granted, even those circumstances are in different categories."

Gaara set his teacup onto the scarred tabletop gently. "How so?"

Whisper shrugged, pulled his hair back and began to plait it into a long braid. "From what I understand, your inner demon and Naruto's Kyuubi no Kitsune were Sealed forcibly into you both as newborns, whereas I was born with ancestral and thin demon blood that, for some reason, decided to manifest itself in me. When I was somewhere between one and two, my parents were murdered and I was given this by their murderer." He tapped the pale scar upon his forehead. "It was designed to directly link my mind to the mind of the man who gave me it so he could destroy my mind from the inside out."


It the Hokage Tower, Tsunade, a perverted old man who has yet to be introduced, Shizune, Tonton the pig, and a variety of ANBU who were there to observe the youth were staring into a crystal ball, totally shocked.

Tsunade, however, was subconsciously itching to examine that scar.


"Fortunately for me, unfortunately for Suichi, the demon's previous host was torture and killed about a week before I would have become a human vegetable and, since my demon blood was of the same species as the demon, so I was a compatible host for it even though I had already been born." Seeing Gaara's frown, Whisper clarified. "Usually, the only way for a demon to be able to use a human form as its own is if they take possession of a human child before it is born, usually towards the end of the second trimester. But since we were compatible, he, and the attached soul of his previous host, were able to mesh with mine. As a form of rent, they both lend me their power, knowledge and help in keeping this," He traced the scar, "Contained."

Gaara nodded his understanding and the two fell into silence, though Gaara remained frowning into his tea in thought.

He finally looked back up. "Shukaku is demanding to know what biju would willingly trap itself into a human body."

Whisper smiled at Youko's huffy sound. "He isn't a biju. Youko Kurama is a kitsune thief born and bred in Makai, the Demon Realm."



Five deities on the other side of Konoha looked around when they heard the synchronized screaming coming from two different location, wondering if the other team were the ones responsible.

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