The Ultimate Cruise:

One Piece meets Teen Titans

Chapter One: The Stowaways—Slade Meets the Rubberman

"We did it! We lost them!" Usopp exclaimed, adjusting the sights on his goggles. They were state of the art, and doubled as binoculars. With one last glance the cowardly lookout scanned the seas; not one sight of the Marine boats remained. Usopp cheered, leaping into the air. Unfortunately, his time as a pirate hadn't really increased his coordination, and the liar's feet snagged the edge of the crow's nest. He screamed as he fell over the edge, only rescued by the incredible luck of his suspender snagging on a hook. Of course, luck seemed to run rampant on the Merry Go. The tiny vessel housed the Straw Hat pirates; a pure and fierce force of six. They weren't your ordinary pirates, but then again, this wasn't your typical swashbuckler pirate world either.

"That idiot." Sanji snarled, toying with the cigarette dangling from his mouth as he watched the ship's sharpshooter and cannon operator hanging precariously. Smoke drifted up into the air, past the suave cook's long blonde hair that completely obscured his left eye. With that hair, the cigarette, the suit, and the nonchalant attitude, Sanji was the epitome of sophistication. Of course, many still wondered how he lasted so long as a waiter with such an addiction to smoking.

"HELP!" Usopp screamed, thrashing wildly. He could see the ground coming closer and closer, and he screamed wilder and even wilder accordingly. Of course, he quickly realized that he still had his goggles on; slipping the lenses back on top of his green hat, Usopp could now see that he wasn't close to the ground at all. He was dangling from the crow's nest, several dozen feet above the deck. He quit struggling, glad he wasn't about to hit the ground. Of course, then reality hit instead. He was still dangling from the crow's nest! Usopp's eyes bugged out of his head, nearly hitting the ground themselves as the young man began thrashing again. His high pitched screams echoed across the ocean.

"I'll get him down." Zoro sighed, finally releasing the firm grip he had been holding on his katana since the first sighting of the Marines. He actually had three katanas strapped to his side, held against his body by a large green belt; above that he wore a nearly skintight white shirt. A green bandanna was wrapped around his right forearm; it was only a little darker than his light green hair. It was very short and he had no bangs at all; small wisps of it flittered as they were blown by the salty ocean breeze. Zoro lazily sauntered up the steps to the Go's upper deck, taking his sweet time. Despite being an unstoppable demon in a fight, Roronoa Zoro—the former pirate hunter and now first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates—was a lazy and nonchalant man when not engaging an enemy.

As Zoro left, attention shifted its focus to a lanky 17 year old boy sitting on the mast of the boat. He wore a sleeveless red sweater, blue shorts, and flip flops. A straw hat topped his head, covering his unkempt black hair. This unimposing young boy was actually the fiercest of enemies: this was Monkey D. Luffy, the very captain and founder of the Straw Hat Pirates.

"Good job Nami!" Luffy exclaimed. "That was our best escape ever!"

"Of course it was!" Sanji reaffirmed, dashing to the side of the beautiful Nami. His eyes had already turned to hearts, pumping rapidly from his head. He grabbed the girl, rubbing his face against her bosom. "Nami-san's plans never fail!" The girl span, sending her fist into the cook's surprised face. Sanji was hurled into the wall of the ship, splintering the wood behind his whipped body.

"Idiot." Nami sighed, brushing her soft orange hair out of her eyes. Nami was the Merry Go's navigator; without her, the Straw Hat Pirates would have been lost at sea eons ago. Her seemingly delicate body actually housed a tough girl, as was proved by her years as a thief. She glanced at a strange, watch-like device on her wrist. It was an indicator, the only instrument a navigator could rely upon on the Grand Line. Due to incredible fluctuations of magnetic force in this miraculous place, compasses were useless. She gasped when she saw which direction the indicator was pointing.

"Luffy!" Nami exclaimed. "We have to turn back! Our little plan moved us off course!" She turned, ready to command the strong men to change the ship's direction. Zoro would grumble, of course, but Nami could get Usopp and especially Sanji to do whatever she wanted.

"No." Luffy simply said, never taking his gaze off the ocean in front of him. "The Marine ships are still back the other way. We'll have to go this way for a while."

"But this direction is way off course!" Nami argued. "We'll never get to our destination this way!"

"That's okay." Luffy smiled. "Maybe we'll find a nice restaurant along the way." He rubbed his stomach, licking his lips at the thought of some food.

Nami just sighed, smacking herself in the forehead. Why did she ever pledge her allegiance to such a stupid Captain? She suddenly felt a tug on her leg. Something snapped in the slender little thief's head. Sanji had been really clingy today, and he wasn't getting away with any more!

"Get off me Sanji you moron!" She screamed, kicking her foot high into the air.

"Wait! Nami, it's me!" A tiny voice screamed. Opening her eyes, Nami noticed that it wasn't Sanji groping her leg. It was a tiny reindeer. It was about three feet tall, with small, humanoid arms and legs. He had a blue nose, and wore a pink tophat that his antlers poked through. This was Tony Tony Chopper, the newest addition to the Straw Hat Pirates. He served as their doctor, but was also a fierce warrior when the situation called for it, having the ability to shapeshift into seven unique forms of his own body. Nami blushed, lowering her leg and letting the meek little animal hop off.

"Sorry about that Chopper." Nami said, shifting her evil glare to the battered cook who had just finished pulling himself out of the wall. "I thought you were Don Juan over there." Lighting another cigarette, Sanji noticed that she was looking his way.

"Hi Nami-san!" He cried, waving frantically like the hopeless romantic he was. Nami just shook her head and sighed again, returning to the tiny doctor. "Oh yeah. What did you want, Chopper?"

"I just wanted to know why those guys were chasing us." Chopper asked, pointing back towards where they had left the Marine's ships in the dust. Nami smiled; she had forgotten that Chopper hadn't yet encountered the Marines in his short time in the crew.

"That was just the Marines. They always try to catch pirates like us, but we always outsmart them." She smiled, pulling a paper from her pocket. It unrolled as she held it towards Chopper; a picture of Luffy was prominently displayed on the front. "Our good captain is a wanted man you know: he has a bounty of 30 million berries on his head!"

Chopper's eyes grew large as saucers as he snatched the sheet from the girl's hands. "Wow! 30 million berries! That's a lot of money!" That familiar sheet caught Usopp's eye.

"Hey Chopper!" Usopp exclaimed. "Can't you see me in that picture too?" The little reindeer cocked his head and squinted. After several silent moments he noticed Usopp standing in the background of the picture, his back turned to the camera. Chopper nodded, sending Usopp into another bragging frenzy. "That's right! Me, the great Captain Usopp, am worth 30 million berries!"

"Really!" Chopper asked, his eyes growing even larger. Nami swiped the sheet from his hand, tucking it into her pocket as she glared up to the precariously perched liar.

"Of course not little guy, but just play along with it." Nami whispered out of the side of her mouth. "The guy's a compulsive liar; he can't help himself." Cupping her hands around her mouth, she called out to the dangling boy. "Usopp, I think you should be more worried about getting down from there than about bounty hunters!"

Usopp snapped back into reality, as if he had forgotten the trouble he was in. He looked down, seeing Zoro staring up at him. The swordsman had barely moved since he had come to save Usopp; perhaps he was still trying to find a way to get him down?

"Zoro you idiot!" Usopp screamed, waving his fist at him in anger. "When are you going to get me down already? Hurry it up!" Zoro sighed, turning his back to the crow's nest and sauntering down the stairs onto the back deck.

"I'm not going to help you if you're going to treat me like that." Zoro grunted, pulling his katanas out and laying them across his lap as he leaned against the wall of the back deck.

"Wait Zoro!" Usopp yelled, his voice going up several decibels after each scream. "Come back!" But it was no use; the second Roronoa Zoro's eyes closed, he was out like a light. "Oh great." Usopp sighed, his body hanging limp. "Who's going to save me now?"

"I got ya!" Luffy exclaimed. Grasping his straw hat with his left hand, the boy rose to his feet suddenly. Even quicker he pushed himself into the air, back flipping across the deck, and then somersaulting so that he landed facing the crow's nest. Nami and Chopper, both realizing what was about to happen, ran out of the line of fire.

"NO LUFFY!" Usopp exclaimed, waving his arms. "It's okay! I can stay up here and watch for more Marine ships!"

Luffy paid him no attention as he thrust his right arm behind him. Incredibly, it stretched out, moving back across the ocean like a rubber band being pulled. This was how Monkey D. Luffy had achieved his infamous nickname of the Rubberman.

"Rubber…ROCKET!" Luffy exclaimed, throwing his arm forward. Now it snapped like when a rubber band was let go of. The elastic boy's outstretched arm flew towards Usopp, who was now praying frantically as a last resort. They collided, ripping Usopp—and the peg he was hanging from—straight off the pole. As they started to move away from the Merry Go, the captain pulled his shoulder back, in return bringing his arm to him. As it retracted, Luffy leaped into the air; the recoil of his arm snapping back into place sent him into a spin. Letting go of Usopp, the cowardly sniper was sent flying into the wall right next to Sanji.

"That was amazing!" Tony Tony Chopper exclaimed, rushing to Luffy and leaping into his arms.

"You bet it was!" Luffy returned, spinning the little reindeer around as they both did a dance of joy. Nami looked on in wonder at the two children of the Devil's Fruit. How could such feared warriors be such jokers? The two suddenly ended their dance at the sound of Luffy's stomach growling like a starving lion.

"Aye Sanji!" Luffy called. "I need some meat!"

Sanji grunted, pulling Usopp to his feet. Leaving the disoriented sniper to stumble away—eventually falling down the stairs—he turned to his captain. "I'll make you some meat when all the others eat! I can't keep feeding you, or we'll run out of food again!"

"Oh boy!" Luffy exclaimed, rubbing his hands together as he eagerly licked his lips. "I get meat!"

"TITANS, GO!" Robin cried, sending his fighting force into battle with his patented battle cry. Robin the Boy Wonder was once the sidekick of the famed crime fighter Batman; now he led the elite team known as the Teen Titans. He charged his enemy, his steel toed boots clanking on the ground and his black cape flittering behind his red covered torso. He was wearing a yellow utility belt, black gloves, green tights, and a black mask that made you wonder just how it stayed on his face.

"Try all you like Robin; there is no way the apprentice can beat the master." Laughed his enemy—a man known only as Slade. Slade looked like a robot, wearing a full mask that was brown on one side and black on the other. Only one of his eyes could be seen peeking through. The rest of his impressive body was covered in brown, black, and silver body armor. His arms were folded, as if he didn't consider the boy a threat at all.

Robin snarled, enraged at Slade's passing reference. "I was never your apprentice!" He screamed, throwing his foot into his enemy's face. Slade easily ducked beneath it, grabbing the boy's thin leg and slamming Robin into the ground. He leaned over his body, staring into the boy wonder's face.

"You were, and you can never forget it." Slade said coldly. "No matter the circumstances, you worked for me; and remember what happened when you tried to leave? You were defeated!" The evil man pulled his arm back behind his head, ready to crush his former apprentice's skull. Robin barely moved his head past the fist, using a quick flip to free himself from Slade's grip. The pure stone beneath them blew apart as Slade's fist tore into it. The teen again charged his opponent, this time unleashing a flurry of punches. Slade waved his arms back and forth, parrying the punches with perfect precision.

Slade finally grabbed Robin's arm, tossing him to the side. He threw a few punches himself; Robin knocked a few aside, then pushed his opponent's arm beneath him, using the force to somersault over Slade's head. He landed on one foot, instantly pivoting so that he could send his foot into the fiend's back. Slade stumbled forward. He finally regained his footing, turning to see Robin charging at him with his staff in hand. A look of pure hatred was plastered over the boy's face, giving Slade even more pleasure. The villain's hand quickly passed his belt, dropping a disk to the ground beneath the two. It exploded, the impact sending Robin flying backwards. Slade was prepared however; he used the force to send himself somersaulting backwards through the air.

"Raven!" Robin commanded as he tried to shake the dizziness from his head. "Seal the exits! Everybody else, attack!"

A girl in a blue cloak floated to the air, even her face concealed by the shadows. "Azarath…" The girl chanted, moving her blue gloved hands and gray skinned arms from beneath her cloak. You could now see her thin body, and the dark blue suit that covered it—except for her legs. A golden belt hung loosely from her hips. This girl was Raven, a master of telekinesis and dark arts. "…Metrion…" She continued. Black spheres of dark energy wrapped themselves around her hands as an eerie white glow emanated from her eyes. "…Zinthos!" She finished, as her darkness spread across the entire wall of the cavern. All of the exits were sealed. Slade stopped in his tracks, unsure what to do next.

"You shall not be victorious!" Starfire cried, flying straight towards Slade. She was a strange but beautiful alien girl from the planet Tamaran; an odd purple jumpsuit covered her orangish skin. She had red hair that flowed behind her back as she charged the thief. Pulling one arm back, a translucent green ball of energy formed around her hand. She started thrusting both arms forward, releasing dozens of the little Star Bolts. Slade leaped backwards, letting the projectiles explode harmlessly on the ground before him. Just as he landed, though, the villain was knocked off his feet by a blue wave that hit him from the side.

"Booyah!" Cyborg exclaimed as the sonic cannon on his arm still smoked. Cyborg was once human, but was now mostly a blue and grey robot. Some of his black skin could still be seen though. It needn't be there. Cyborg had proved himself to be human enough time after time. His sonic blast still pushed Slade across the room, but the villain was ready to push himself out of its path and back into this fight.

"I don't think so!" Terra yelled, raising her arm into the air. "Your trip is coming to an end!" A yellow hue glew through the girl's brown gloves. Terra was the newest Titan, but she was still as tough as they came. She was the skinniest member of the team, and her black tank top and khakis barely stayed on her. Her shirt had a "T" emblazoned on it, and goggles sat perched on top of her long blonde hair. As the light radiated off her hands a rock correspondingly shot out of the ground behind Slade. The villain's back was slammed into it, the sonic blast that brought him there finally exploding.

Slade fell onto his knees, but had no time to rest as he heard a roar come from his side. A green colored tiger was leaping towards him, teeth bore and ready to kill. The fiend leaped to his feet, pulling a staff out of his belt. Thrusting it into the tiger's face, it barely kept the creature's deadly teeth out of Slade. Strangely enough, the strange green creature seemed to fall into itself. It was now a small green hummingbird, hovering over the staff. A split second later it had become a mountain goat; it pushed its back feet against the staff and plowed its horns into Slade's chest. The villain was sent stumbling across the ground, but the creature simply shifted back to its true form.

"And that's how the cookie crumbles, Slade." He laughed. The shape shifter was known as Beast Boy. He was slim and wore a purple and black jumpsuit with a thick black belt. He had green fur all over his body, and the hair on his head was an even darker shade of green. He flashed a toothy grin as he gave his teammates a thumbs-up.

Slade slowly rose to his feet, breathing heavily. His hand slipped past his belt as he pulled what appeared to be a bomb from it. As he moved to throw it, the bomb was overwhelmed by a veil of darkness. He looked up to see Raven moving her arms, using her powers to swipe the device right from his hands.

"That's not playing nice." Raven said, pointing her other hand forward. A black blast shot off, exploding in front of Slade. As he stumbled, the brilliant villain realized that Raven had unblocked the exits to attack him! He pushed off on one foot, hoping to make it out before any of these fools could stop him! Of course, Slade was stopped by a flurry of green blasts ricocheting off the ground besides him. He was knocked off his feet, but pushed himself in the other direction with his powerful arm. His flight in this direction, however, was stopped by another of Cyborg's sonic blasts. Slade tried to run in another direction, but as expected, Terra threw a rock to block his escape. As he twisted towards the final direction, several explosive disks hit in front of Slade, knocking him onto his knees. He was surrounded by Teen Titans.

Robin pulled several more disks from his belt, poising them for instant deployment between his fingers. "You were right Slade: I did lose to you in one on one. But do you remember what else happened that day?" Slade grunted. "You lost to the Teen Titans, just like today! You can never defeat us if we fight together!"

Slade looked down and began laughing. It wasn't a laugh of a defeated man; then again, Slade's tone never seemed to change. The Titans again poised themselves as he pulled something out of his belt. "Here, you can have it." Slade said, holding a large red crystal into the air. The Titans gasped. "Well, this is what you came here to stop me from stealing, right? Well, here it is: The Stone of Iso Toa."

"Wow!" Terra gushed. "It's so beautiful!"

"I wasn't expecting it to be so—red." Cyborg said, his head cocked to the side. Slade slowly rose to his feet, holding the prize over his head—then before anybody could react, he had pulled several more explosive disks from his belt. His arm a blur, he tossed them towards Starfire.

"You liar!" Starfire screamed. Green flames flickered from her eyes, and she shot a beam from them. This beam was superior to the Star Bolts fired from her hands, and it tore through the disks and headed straight towards Slade. He had hit the alien's sore spot with that lie.

"Thank you Starfire!" Slade exclaimed. He thrusted his hand forward, holding the Iso Toa straight into the line of Star's fire. The beam hit home; however, the crystal was not shattered. Instead a bright yellow light seemed to be building up inside of the stone itself.

"Brace yourself!" Robin screamed. The light seemed to burst from the stone, engulfing the entire cavern. As the light faded and the smoke cleared, the cavern laid empty. Not a soul was in sight.

The Merry Go still floated off course, Luffy insisting that they would find a restaurant any second. Luffy and Nami were arguing on the deck. Chopper watched intently, while the others seemed not to care and went about their own business. Suddenly, a small ball of light appeared on the ship's deck.

"What's that?" Nami gasped. The two stopped their fight and stared at the ball. Luffy reached out to touch it, but before he could, it exploded in a flash of light. As the light faded and the pirates could finally see again, they were shocked to find seven strangers standing on their deck.

"This does not look like our home!" Starfire cried. "Nor does it look like where we were fighting the Slade! Where are we?"

"This was unexpected." Slade mused, looking over his surroundings. He knew this mystical stone would have some sort of reaction, but he hadn't expected a teleportation. "Time for my exit." He said to himself, running forward. With the Stone of Iso Toa, he wouldn't be swimming for long before he could get back home. He took a step forward then shot off. However, he didn't run as expected. Slade tripped; tripped over a small reindeer named Tony Tony Chopper. Chopper was pushed into the railing of the ship, and he quickly burst into tears.

"Um—" Cyborg stuttered. "What in the world is that thing?" While the Titans stared on in wonder, Luffy wasn't going to take such a passive stance.

"You hurt Chopper!" Luffy screamed, a look of pure rage on his face. Tossing his straw hat aside, he span and shot his foot straight backwards: right into Slade's gut. "Rubber…SHOT!" Slade was sent flying as Luffy's leg stretched across the ocean; however, the villain kept his fingers dug deep into the boy's rubber skin.

"Duuuude…" Beast Boy drooled. "That was the coolest thing I have ever seen."

"Raven! We can't let him keep it!" Robin quickly exclaimed, realizing that Slade still had the Stone of Iso Toa.

"Got it!" Raven rogered, thrusting one hand forward with such force that it drove the dust out from beneath her. Her eyes again glew as a crystal covered with darkness flew into her hand. "Just in time." She sighed to herself.

Luffy groaned in pain. Slade had a tight grip! "Let go!" Luffy commanded as he launched both of his arms forward until they grabbed the pole supporting the crow's nest. He then launched his other leg parallel to the first. Luffy laughed as he began rotating his body rapidly; soon he was twisted like a washcloth being rung out.

"Rubber…CORKSCREW!" Luffy stopped spinning, letting the rest of his body naturally start spinning in the other direction. It picked up insane speed, becoming nothing but a long blur. Slade held on to the boy's leg for dear life, even as he was slammed through the ocean and span around. His grip finally started to weaken, until finally Slade couldn't stand it anymore. The villain lost his hold, and was flung far into the stratosphere. Luffy's body spun and contorted back to normal and he jumped onto the deck as if nothing had happened at all. The Teen Titans were flabbergasted.

"So, was that little kick still the coolest thing you've ever seen?" Raven asked Beast Boy dryly. The little green boy shook his head no, unable to take his eyes off the incredible rubberman. Luffy walked to his hat and made sure it was safely perched on his head before approaching his "visitors."

"That was incredible." Robin told him. "I can't believe you beat Slade in one shot!"

"It was nothing." Luffy smiled, winding up his arm. "Hopefully the rest of you pirates will give me a better challenge."

"Pirates?" Terra asked, taking a step back. "He thinks we're pirates?"

"Sweet!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "I always wanted to be a pirate! Back when I was a little boy I used to pretend I was a fierce pirate, patrolling the seven seas on my faithful ship, the Moped'. Boy that wa—" Terra and Raven both smacked Beast Boy across the back of his head before he droned on any more—or incriminated them any more.

"Hey Luffy!" Zoro called, strolling onto that side of the deck. As he noticed the Teen Titans he took a double take, quickly pulling out one of his katanas and taking a stance. His hand was ready to grab any of the other two at any second. "Who the hell are these guys?" He asked.

"Just some pirates that invaded our ship." Luffy replied matter of factly, as if people randomly appeared on his ship every day. "They shouldn't be a problem; their leader was a cinch to take down."

"Fine by me." Zoro smiled, clenching the muscles in his legs as he prepared to move. "I haven't gotten a good workout in a while."

"Robin, what do we do!" Starfire cried. "Shall we attack?"

"I don't know Star." Robin sighed, moving his head back and forth as he stared at the threat surrounding them. "I really don't know."

Next Time: Allies From Opposite Sides—Destination Set