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(This takes place sometime after Fred died, but before the end of Angel)

--Saving Fred--

Chapter one-Fred's Alive

They said she could not be saved, but Winifred Burkle knew better. Sure it looked like she was gone, but she was still there somewhere in Illyria's body, well her body that Illiria had taken over.

She saw her closest friends as they mourned her supposed death. "I'm not dead," she wanted to shout. But of course she could not control her mouth, even when Illyria took the form of her original body, instead of her normal blue haired look.

She did it that day her parents came to visit. Fred thought for sure that she'd be able to break through. She tried time and time again, to call to her parent, and tell them everything was not alright. But no matter how many times she tried, it never got easier. It left her tired and very irritated.

It seemed that Illyria had no idea that Fred still lurked inside her. Fred almost wished she knew, cause then maybe she's slip and one of her friends would find out. Then they could save her. Maybe.

Fred cried, but no tears came to her eyes. She had no control over anything. She lashed out, but only in her mind.

Her mind wondered, remembering her time she was a slave, and saved by Angel. "A handsome man saved me," she said, the words of course not coming out. If only someone would save her now.

But why would they bother, everything they've read about Illyria says that she kills her host, and there's no chance of saving the person. "It's not true, it's not true," she screamed. She was very much alive.

Wesley looked at Angel, "she's been acting stranger and stranger."

"Illyria," Angel asked.

"Yeah. She twitches all the time. Talks to herself. I never can hear what she's saying. She talks in a very quiet voice." Wesley sighed, looking even older then he was. Ever since Fred died, he just started to fade away, looking sicker everyday.

Everyone noticed it, but didn't say anything. They knew that, right before Fred had died, Wes and Fred had finally got together. He loved her very much. Everyone did, but his love was so deep. He's like a love bird. When one love bird dies, the other soon dies of loneliness. Everyone feared that he will soon follow Fred.

"Maybe it has something to due with us taking her powers away." Angel spoke, "where is she anyway?"

"Out with Spike, patrolling." Wesley replied.

"Ah Spike, she sure took a weird liking to him. Well to beat up at least." Angel said, remembering the time Illyria had killed everyone, but time was reversed, because something was wrong with her. Angel was able to save everyone, from being killed again. And ever since they took her powers away, she's been working on their sides. Angel believed this was because she was starting to understand what it was to be a human, and she had a strange liking for Wesley. It was almost like she cared for him.

"Yes, and Spike seems to feel the same way." Wesley said picking up his glass and taking a drink.

"You know, he did care for Fred. He liked her. She was the only one that really cared for him, when he first arrived here." Angel said standing up.

Wesley smiled thinking of how sweet his Fred had been, "yes I know."

"Why did you save me," Illyria asked Spike in her strange voice.

Breathing heavily, Spike, looked up at the blue haired x-demon, who used to be Fred.

"Were the good guys, love. That's what we do."

"You call me love, though you do not love me. Is this some strange mortal custom?" Illyria asked, pulling her knife out of the demon, she and Spike had killed.

Spike sighed, would she ever get it, "It's an expression."

Illyria nodded as if she understood. "So I should call others love?"

Spiked grinned, "only if you want to look like a ninny. It sounds strange when a non British person says is."

"Oh, what was she?" Illyria asked looking down at her body.

Spike looked away from Illyria, "she was American."

"It still pains you to see me and not her."

"It always will." Spike said, not just speaking for him.

"I could take her form."

"No, that's somehow worse."

"I see," Illyria said. She had tears on her face, and she did not know why they were there. Feeling very confused, she walked past Spike. "Let's go, the sun will soon rise."

Spike did not say anything, but he followed her back to the law firm.

They do still care about me, Fred though, as she watched Spike talk to Illyria. She felt the tears on Illyria's face, and wondered could they be hers, or was Illyria crying. It seemed impossible that Illyria would be crying, so Fred felt hope that she was finally getting through somehow.

In the law firm, she saw Wesley's face as Illyria passed him in the halls. "Wesley," she wanted to cry.

"How did patrolling go," Angel asked Spike as he walked into his office. Spike looked troubled, and Angel wondered why.

"I killed, she killed, I saved her, she wondered why. You know same o, same o," Spike said, sitting down on a big plushy couch.

"Hmm, you seem distracted, Spike."

"All I could think about was, 'I gotta save Fred' then I remembered that Fred was gone. I know I did not know her long, but she's the kind of girl...that...that you know. She was special. I loved her. Not in a romance way, mind you," Spike said, feeling surprised at being so open with Angel.

Angel too felt surprised at how open Spike was being, "I think we all felt that way about her. I know I did. And Gunn and Wes, really loved her." Vampires aren't really known for crying much, but ever since Fred had left them, they really felt like crying.

Spike looked up, his eyes wide, "I know everything we've found about Illyria says her host can't be saved, but I feel like she's still here. There's got to be a way."

"Illyria has been acting strange. I don't want to get anybodies hopes up, but maybe she's still in there." Angel said.

"Maybe, Willow can help. I knew they wouldn't help us before, with the slayer thing, but this is Fred. Willow liked her." Spike spoke.

"Okay, we'll give her a call, but keep this on the down low. We don't want to get to many peoples hopes up," Angel said, hoping Willow would agree to help them.

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