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Lindsay looked down at the small girl, blinking his eyes a few times. He then looked around the room at all the other hopeful looking faces. He was surprised to see that even Spike, old William the Bloody looked hopeful.

Of course Lindsay wasn't aware that Spike was with soul now like Angel.

"Please, Mister," Emma begged, when she didn't get an answer from Lindsay right away.

"I'm not saying yes, but… if I did… what would I have to do?"

Willow grinned. This was a good sign.

"Not much; give a little blood and say a few chants with me."

Kennedy nodded, having read over Willow's spell in a pure fit of boredom one day when she had nothing to do. She wasn't able to do spells like Willow or Emma, but she understood them.

"Fred… really will be saved?" Lindsay asked.

He'd never disliked Fred; out of the whole bunch she was the only one he could ever remotely stand. Was that because they were twins?

He didn't know, but did it matter?

He knew that Fred was his sister. He had seen the proof.

Taking a deep sigh, he stood up. "I will."

He nodded his head, as if agreeing with himself.

Willow beamed and Emma hugged Lindsay.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, mister!" Emma jumped up and down, clapping her hands.

Spike gave the girl an amused look.

'She's so cute…' He thought, saddened about how she came to be with Willow and Kennedy.

'A slayer at this age…'


Bound and gagged, Illyria gave everyone around her confused looks.

She was drugged, so she wasn't herself to try and get free.

Angel paced back and forth in the large room they were using at the law office.

"Is everything ready?" he asked.

Willow poked her head into the room, holding a large knife and a book. She was wearing a dark black robe.

"Yes," she said, motioning Lindsay into the room. Lindsay too was holding a book and wearing a dark black robe.

Everyone in the room, Angel, Spike, Willow, Kennedy, Emma, and Lindsay set in a circle around the bound Illyria.

Harmony walked into the room, holding the robes she'd been sent to get. She gave one to each person who didn't already have one, then set down next to Lindsay, wearing he own robe.

"Everyone join hands," Willow called.

Everyone did so, jumping when at that moment thunder boomed, the lights in the room going off, candles flickering on all around the room.

The X-demon's eyes glowed blue as the people around her started to chant.

"Cleanse!" Willow shouted, dropping hands with Lindsay and Kennedy; she grabbed her knife, slicing Lindsay's real hand.

Lindsay barely winced, as he squeezed the blood onto a tray on the floor.

"Sister dear, cleanse!" Lindsay shouted. "Sister dear, purify!"

"Cleanse!" Everyone chanted as Lindsay finished is chant.

"Sister who once shared a womb, cleanse! Sister cleanse!"

"Cleanse! Cleanse! Cleanse!"

Illyria screamed, her body contorting, the binds on her body dissolving.

"Mind and body, demon and human, split! Go your own ways, depart!" Lindsay shouted, bringing his hand to Illyria's mouth. "Sister dear, drink my pure blood that's was once your pure blood!"


A white flash filled the whole room, everyone becoming blinded.

"Where am I?" A small weak voice asked.

"Fred?" Another weak voice said, sounding much like the first.

The blinding light cleared, leaving everyone speechless.

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