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"Hey, wake up!" Yuki didn't move, he wanted to go back to sleep. "I said wake up!" Still Yuki didn't move. "Get up, ya damn rat!" Yuki stirred slightly.

"Kyo?" He said sleepily, not opening his eyes. Yuki tried to sit up, but couldn't. He opened his eyes and they widened. Now he understood why he couldn't sit up before: Kyo had hand-cuffed him to his bed. Yuki looked up at Kyo disbelievingly. "You-"

"What?" Said Kyo innocently, beginning to unbutton his shirt.

"Kyo, unlock these handcuffs right now!" Ordered Yuki, annoyed. Kyo threw his shirt onto the floor and climbing on top of Yuki.

"I will when I'm finished," replied Kyo. "But I like having you at my mercy." He kissed Yuki, nibbling his lower lip and Yuki granted his tongue entrance. Kyo kissed Yuki along his jaw, then his ear, which granted him a moan from Yuki. Kyo trailed his kisses down Yuki's neck, biting slightly at his collar bones. Yuki moaned softly, feeling Kyo's lips close around his nipple, making him moan again. Kyo sucked at Yuki's other nipple before kissing down Yuki's stomach, finally reaching his pants. Kyo began to unbotton them, enjoying the way Yuki writhed beneath him as his hands grazed the bulge in Yuki's underwear. Kyo slid off Yuki's pants along with his boxers, surprised by how hard Yuki was already. Kyo stood up and began to undo his own pants.

Yuki strained against the handcuffs. He had never wanted to pleasure himself as much as he did right now, watching Kyo slowly remove his clothes. After an eternity it seemed to Yuki, Kyo was naked too, his own erection exposed, making Yuki arch his hips up with desire. "Kyo," he moaned. Kyo smiled down at Yuki, amazed at how much this turned him on. Kyo kneeled on the floor, running his hands over Yuki's thighs. He began to kiss Yuki on his inner thigh, biting the sensitive skin and making Yuki moan harder. Kyo continued up Yuki's legs, finally face to face with Yuki's desire. "Kyo," gasped Yuki, "please, I need..."

"Don't worry, you'll get your release," said Kyo, imitating Yuki. Kyo took the tip of Yuki's arousal into his mouth, sucking it hard and making Yuki cry out in pleasure.

"More!" Moaned Yuki, thrusting his hips up, trying to get Kyo to take more of him. Kyo did so, taking in as much as he could before gagging. Kyo sucked up and down Yuki's shaft, occasionally scraping lightly with his teeth, making Yuki scream. Yuki wrapped his legs around Kyo's shoulders, urging him to do more, his climax painfully close. Kyo too, was nearing his orgasm just from hearing Yuki moan so much, so he grabbed his own erection and began pumping it furiously. He sucked on Yuki a little too hard and he emptied into Kyo's mouth, just as Kyo spilled over his hand. Kyo swallowed Yuki's cum and wiped his hand on the bed sheets.

He climbed back on top of Yuki, feeling Yuki shudder and breathe hard beneath him. He kissed Yuki's neck, loving the smell of sweat and cum that perfumed his skin. "Oh, Kyo," Yuki breathed, looking up so more of his neck was exposed for Kyo to kiss. "That was incredible."

"Good," Kyo breathed into Yuki's neck. "Ready for round two?"

"Yes!" Yuki moaned, already hard again. Kyo straddled Yuki's hips, grinding their members together, both of them moaning. Kyo reached over to his bedside table, picking up a bottle. He opened it and let some of the slick solution coat his fingers. He moved off of Yuki pushed one of his fingers into him. This strange sensation feeling really good to Yuki. Kyo slid in another finger, stretching him. Yuki relaxed his muscles, letting Kyo push a third finger into him. This time Yuki hissed slightly, but didn't cry out. When Kyo removed his fingers he hit Yuki's sweet spot and he shivered, groaning. Kyo scraped the gland with his nail and Yuki's outcry made Kyo shudder with pleasure.

Kyo picked up the bottle again and squeezed the stuff onto his member and coated it, biting his lower lip so he wouldn't moan. He sat poised between Yuki's legs, pressing his arousal against Yuki's entrance. Yuki moved his hips down toward Kyo. "Please, Kyo, I want you!" At that, Kyo pushed into Yuki, who gritted his teeth, he wouldn't cry out.

"Yuki, are you okay?" Panted Kyo.

"Yeah, I'm fine," replied Yuki. "Don't stop." Kyo nodded, pulled out of Yuki and pushed back into him again. Yuki kept his eyes shut tightly, waiting to get used to the sensation. Kyo thrust into him again and this time it didn't hurt. Yuki moaned and arched into the intrusion. Kyo moaned too and thrust into Yuki more violently, feeling him quiver beneath him, making Kyo, if possible, harder. With Kyo's next push he hit Yuki's sweet spot and Yuki screamed and tightened around Kyo, making him cry out Yuki's name. Yuki rocked his hips forward and backward in time to Kyo's thrusts and it was enough to almost send both of them over the edge. Then with a final thrust from Kyo, Yuki screamed in a mind-blowing orgasm just as Kyo climaxed with just as much sensation, his cum shooting out of his erection.

Kyo waited a few seconds before pulling out of Yuki, both of them gasping. Kyo stood up and opened the drawer in his bedside table, pulling out a small key with which he unlocked Yuki's handcuffs. Yuki sat up and rubbed his wrists.

"That was a dirty trick, Kyo," said Yuki. "What did you put in my tea?"

"It was just light sleeping pills," replied Kyo, crawling into bed beside Yuki. "Took them from Hatori." Kyo snuggled against Yuki, and Yuki put his arm around him.

"Very clever." Yuki kissed Kyo on the forehead.

"I know," said Kyo, "I finally got you on bottom." Yuki smiled at Kyo.

"Go to sleep, you stupid cat," he said. They went to sleep in each other's arms.

(The next morning)

"The strangest thing happened to melast night," said Shigure over breakfast the next morning.

"What was that, Shigure-san?" Asked Tohru from across the table.

"I was at the table eating dinner, and then I don't remember anything until I woke up here this morning," he said.

"You probably slept-walked," said Kyo.

"Maybe," replied Shigure, scratching his chin.

Kyo and Yuki looked at each other and exchanged a quick grin, laughing to themselves about how much Shigure and Tohru had missed...

Finally, Kyo got to be on top! See, there was a plot, Kyo trying to play seme, and he got to, so the story is finished! Not that their relationship won't continue, I just don't feel like writing about it.

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