As of June 2008, I have fully-developed two new stories, one sequel and one prequel, to My Best Friend's Girl. The prequel Wild Hope with be quite short, only about 13 chapters, well... it's more suited to be called the prequel to the sequel Beautiful Madness. :P I removed the trailer completely because the plotline has been changed entirely, and it's more dark and complicated than My Best Friend's Girl, because I am no longer 15. My goodness, reading back even I'm speechless at the mushiness of my work! xD

I'm aiming to make the stories more complex and create alot of feelings, and if this becomes a success, it'll give me confidence to write up and publish the original idea in my head. :)

Here are brief summaries:

Beautiful Madness

Pairings: Cloud x Aerith x Leon x Tifa (rectangle galore),

Rated: T for adult themes (nothing too much, though)

Genre: Romance/Drama

Setting: Completely within the duration of KH2, and that means I'm going to intertwine my story with the game

Four months after the events in My Best Friend's Girl, the dwellers of Hallow Bastion begin to regain lost memories of the Keyblade, and with that discover that the Heartless have once again multiplied and threatened the lives of the townspeople. The Restoration Committee must take action. Newlyweds Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough (yep, she's still Gainsborough), along with Leon, Cid and Yuffie take control of the situation, but slowly they realize something much darker is present. One day after an attack by the Heartless, the darkness inside Cloud's heart erupts, and he is horrified that it is caused by his mortal enemy Sephiroth. Though seemingly normal after recovering, he is unaware that he has now become completely vulnerable to Sephiroth's powers. Cloud begins to lose his mind. Nightmares, voices and witnessing events that never happened, Cloud slowly becomes more and more uneasy with the friendship between his wife and his best friend Leon. With what at first started as envy at Leon's pure soul, the dark begins to manipulate Cloud into believing there is an affair. With both Aerith and Leon oblivious to his thoughts, causing Cloud to become insane with jealousy to the point where he thinks of killing them both. A source of light causes him to white out and increase his psychotic symptoms, but where is it coming from? How does the source know he is tainted by darkness? With the town in chaos, Aerith and Leon frantically work together to save Cloud's life, completely unaware of the true dangers and what their past relationship has to do with it. Will Cloud be able to overcome the darkness before it's too late?

- Wild Hope

Pairings: Tifa x Sephiroth (believe it)

Rated: K+

Genre: Drama/Adventure

Setting: A year before Beautiful Madness, so that means it is during My Best Friend's Girl

Prequel to Beautiful Madness. Tifa Lockhart lives a peaceful life, working at the Benbow Inn, until a man named Sephiroth comes into her life. Though charmed and smitten by the handsome soldier, his presence becomes more and more ominous when Tifa realizes his excessive interest in Cloud Strife, a man she had not seen for over nine years. Sephiroth reveals to Tifa that he is Cloud's darkness, but in allowing her to know this, what does he have planned for her, as well as her light? How will this affect Cloud? Little does Tifa realize, she is actually being manipulated by Sephiroth, and that every move she will make has already been set out by him for the fateful day she returns to Hollow Bastion.

More details may be added later on to the summaries. I'll probably start typing them up in 2009 after my final exams. Wish me luck.

2010 Edit: I'm surprised there are still some people able to dig up this story. xD I'm sorry for leaving you guys. I'm currently in my second year of university, it's hectic in a way I couldn't possibly have imagined 3 years ago. There's so much work, and I'm so constantly tired. I've also drifted away from my love for video games, and moved over to Kpop. I still love Cloud, Leon, Aerith, FFVII and Kingdom Hearts, but I don't have much energy, especially when I find it hard to get into it as I used to. I might update someday when I feel the passion again, but not right now. I'm sorry again. There is so much I want to do, but I just can't. I guess I should be thankful that I finished at least one fanfic and didn't leave people hanging too much. xD

Maybe in a year or 2 when I get a job as a teacher, I'll have the regular 'high school student timetable' again. xD