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The Hunted

Chapter 1: Memorable Night

The night was cold. Wind blew swiftly through the air, leaving the cold behind in its' wake. Clouds roamed the sky blocking the view of the moon from the streets below.

Selene sat perched on top of a tall building, overlooking the cold, empty streets of London England. It had been almosttwo months since she had slain Viktor. Michael and herself had traveled by foot and occasionally by car, to London from Budapest, Hungary. Of course they were followed by both the Lycans and Vampyres. The lycans were lead by Lucian, who was strong enough to fight off so much of the silver nitrate in his body. The Vampyres, were lead by Marcus, who was now a hybrid. Marcus had recovered the bodies of the rest of the elders and regenerated them. But by the time this happened, Selene and Michael were already all the way through Austria.

She knew by now the elders had abolished the chain so all four elders stayed awake, so they stayed at maximum strength. She knew after Amelia, Auron and Viktor's assassinations, they would be a force to be reckoned with and would not give up easily, or at all.

Selene's brown eyes surveyed her surroundings, searching the streets and buildings for Michael and or their enemies. Her and Michael had split up a few blocks back, incase they were being followed. It was harder to follow two separate people then two people together. The Lycans were closing in faster then the Vampyres, since the Lycans could travel during the day time. They're first plan was to leave the country, but that was quickly forgotten since they were followed throughout Europe. Now their plan was to leave the continent, which was an extremely hard feat since Selene could only travel at night.

She shifted her position on the rooftop, looking down at the street below her still searching for her companion. She sighed, fed up with searching. She stood up and jumped down off the building landing effortlessly onto her feet. She slowly started to walk down the silent, desolate street. She didn't travel more then a block before she literally ran into Michael.

"Find anything?"She asked blushing slightly and stepping away from him, peering over his shoulder.

He shook his head,"No."

Selene let out a sigh of relief,"Good. That means they haven't found us yet,"She said brushing past him and heading up the next street with Michael following her.

During the couple of months Selene and Michael traveled together, they had grown quite fond of one another. Vampyres were not as cold and uncaring as either of them thought, since both found it quite easy to trust one another. But neither of them had admitted their feelings for each other to one another. They were close but they didn't want to get that close. They were afraid of those feelings so, they needed a push in the right direction.

"They will catch up eventually Selene,"He replied to her comment catching up to her long, brisk strides with practiced ease.

"I am aware of that Michael. It's not something easily forgotten,"She snapped at him. It was a habit she had yet to grow out of, having done it for so long.

Michael held his hands up submissively,"Hey, no need to snap. I didn't mean to offend you."

Selene rolled her eyes and shook her head,"I know. You just state to obvious sometimes,"She replied, stopping in the middle of the street.

"Is something wrong?"Michael asked, having stopped a couple of feet in front of her.

"It's too quiet here,"She replied narrowing her eyes as her hand traveled down to her holsters.

"You're right,"He sniffed the air becoming more aware of his surroundings,"It's way too quiet."

"There...,"Selene was cut off by a loud howl coming from the alley way behind them.

Michael growled his eyes turning black, waiting for the creature to show itself. He stood a couple of feet in front of Selene, protecting her from any harm that may come to her. Selene pulled out her guns from their holsters which were filled with both types of ammunition. She aimed them past Michael at the entrance of the alley way. The howling grew louder and slowly turned into whimpers of fright and pain.

Curious, Selene lowered her guns and cautiously walked towards the dark alley way. Michael slowly followed waiting at the entrance of the alley as she slowly made her way down it. She walked toward the whimpering sound, a sudden noise behind the dumpster made Selene raise her gun and slowly pressed onward.

Lying on the ground behind the dumpster was an injured man. From the look and smell of him, he was a Lycan. He was clad in a tattered black t-shirt and ripped blue jeans. He looked up at Selene in fear upon seeing her guns and death dealer clothes. He scampered away from her barring his teeth growling at her. He was young, recently turned. His hair was a shade of dirty blonde and he had thick side burns.

"Michael,"She called looking in his direction and waving him over.

He was at her side instantly. His eyes turned back to blue from the obsidian colour they had been moments before,"What is it?" He asked placing a hand on her shoulder, his gaze fell on the Lycan lying on the ground.

His eyes turned black again and he barred his teeth growling back at the Lycan, who shrank back away from them.

"No Michael,"Selene said placing her hand gently on his upper arm soothing him a bit,"I think he was abandoned here. I doubt a pack of Lycans would just leave a young one behind."

Michael nodded and slowly approached the Lycan so not to be attack. To his dismay he swung his hand up hitting Michael in the stomach. The Lycan barred his teeth again growling at Michael who growled back. But then stopped realizing that he was provoking him.

"It's ok. We won't hurt you,"He said holding his hand out and turning his head to look at Selene,"Put your gun down,"He told her gently.

She did so making the Lycan's ears perk up. He sniffed Michael's hand and slowly moved out from hiding behind the dumpster. He sniffed Selene as well. The Lycan changed back into his human form.

"Who be you?"He asked in a shaky voice.

Michael looked at Selene, who nodded,"I'm Michael. She's Selene."

"You with vampyre?"He asked slightly confused,"War over?"He asked hopefully.

"No,"Selene replied looking behind her as the hope in the Lycan disappeared,"Not by a long shot,"She turned her gaze back to him,"What's your name?"

"I Tynan,"He replied pointing to himself,"You friends wit 'chother?"

Selene nodded,"Yes,"Michael said,"She's my friend."

"I be friend too?"He asked,"I no have friends no more,"He said sadly.

Michael looked at Selene upon seeing the sad look on his face. She gave him a curt nod. He moved his gaze back to Tynan,"Sure,"He said uncertainly, more to convince himself.

Tynan gave them a toothy grin and stood up, swaying a bit as he did so. Together the three of them walked out of the dirty alley way and down the streets of London. Tynan had a hard time keeping up with Selene's long brisk strides, but soon got the hang of it.

"So, What we gonna do?"He asked looking at Michael.

Tynan was still afraid of Selene, she seemed cold and unfeeling. He ran a hand through his greasy dirty hair waiting for Michael's reply.

"Well, the sun will be up in a couple of hours, so we better find a place to sleep,"He replied to Tynan's questions, turning his head to look at the Lycan.

"Aye. Eees a good plan,"He replied with a nod.

Selene stopped walking and looked around,"I'm going to survey the area to see if I can find somewhere for us to stay."

"Good idea,"Michael said.

Selene nodded and scaled the nearest tall building and started to look down at the streets below her, searching for some where for them to take refuge during the day.

Tynan looked at Michael and followed his gaze up yo the building Selene was perched on. He grinned,"You like her."

Michael broke out of his daze, shaking his head. He looked over at Tynan,"What?"He asked, thinking he had not heard Tynan correctly.

"You like her,"Tynan said again, pointing up at Selene.

Michael was taken a back a little before he let out a long sigh,"Is it the obvious?"

"Yees, Eet is,"He replied honestly, nodding his head up and down vigorously,"'cepts maybee to her."

He sighed again,"I don't think she likes me like that though."

Tynan shook his head,"Don't talk like dat,"He said, then shrugged,"You never know. Peepoe suprises you."

Michael nodded and turned his head the other way. Obviously he didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Tynan smiled shaking his head. He followed Selene on top of the building. He quietly walked up beside her,"Nice night isn't eet,"He said sitting down next to her.

Selene jumped a little startled not knowing he was sitting beside her or that he was even coming,"Yes. I suppose it is."

He smiled,"So, why you run? Why you wit' him?"He asked gesturing to Michael on the ground, who had started to wander off.

"It's a long story,"She sighed shifting her position uncomfortably.

"We gotses time,"He replied stretching his legs out in front of him,"Sun don't come up for while."

Selene took a deep breath and started their story from the beginning. About how Viktor had betrayed her and everything that had happened during the 4 days before that full moon. Tynan listened intently to every word the death dealer spoke. His eyes widened as she finished, he was in a state of total awe.

"Wow,"He said running a hand through his hair,"Dat's intense."

Selene nodded,"I suppose it is."

"So 'deese Vampyres and Lycan follow you?"


"I see,"He shook his head,"You no scared?"

"A little, but it's not so bad. You get used to hiding your fear."

"I see,"He grinned,"So 'dis Michael. You like him?" He asked her waiting to hear what her answer would be,"You save him a couple times."

Selene nodded,"Yes. I suppose that I do like him."

Tynan's grin got wider, if that were even possible.. He looked up at the cloudy night sky,"We betta fo find Michael. Sun be up soon."

Selene looked at him,"Yes. Good idea,"She replied as she stood up. She walked to the edge of the building and without a second glance she jumped down onto the cold, desolate streets below.

Tynan looked down over the edge as she walked down the street, after Michael. Tynan swallow a lump that had grown in his throat. He had never jumped off a building before. Glancing at Selene's retreating form he carefully walked to the edge, covering his eyes with one hand he jumped down landing hard on his back. He growled in pain and stood up slowly. Quickly, he started walking to catch up with Selene, who walked a lot faster then he did. He finally caught up with her a couple of blocks away.

"You walk fast,"He told her trying to catch his breath from practically running to catch up to her.

"So I've been told,"She replied her voice void of any emotion, scanning the streets as they walked.

"There you guys are,"A voice came from behind, startling both the vampyre and lycan.

Michael stood behind then, laughing lightly at the fact he had startled them. Selene turned around and punched him hard on the shoulder.

"You dumb shit,"She hissed as he rubbed the sore spot where she punched him.

He gave her an innocent look,"I didn't mean to,"He replied still rubbing his arm. Tynan snickered at the sight of the hybrid rubbing the spot where a vampyre had punched him.

Selene looked a little annoyed, but mostly amused,"Did you find anywhere for us to rest? I'd rather not become a pile of ashes."

"Yes I did,"He replied walking next to Selene.

"How far?"She asked since the sky was beginning to lighten.

"Not too far. A block or 2."

"Let's get going,"Selene said urgently.

Michael nodded and grabbed both her and Tynan's hands and running in the direction of the semi-rundown motel he had discovered. With Michael's hybrid speed, it took hardly any time to reach at all.

"I get de rooms,"Tynan said quickly as soon as they got there,. He didn't wait for a response as he dashed into the motel,'Time for me to play de matchmaker,'He thought giddily to himself as he walked to the front desk.

The woman looked up at Tynan, giving him a dirty look for disturbing her,"How may I help you?"She asked in a high pitched nasal voice.

Thanks to his Lycan hearing it sounded a lot worse. He cringed but nodded,"Yees. I like two rooms pease."

She rolled her eyes,"Twenty bucks."

Tynan pulled out his wallet and handed her the money. It was the only money he had. He was glad he hung onto it instead of buying food with it. She grabbed it and handed him 2 keys,"Room 2B and 2D. 2C is being fumigated so don't go in there."

Tynan nodded,"Tank you."


Tynan turned around and walked outside to find Michael and Selene waiting for him by the stairs leading up to the second floor rooms. He grinned as he handed Michael the key to room 2D. He quickly heads up the stairs, before Selene could get a hold of him.

"Hey,"She called.


"Where's my room key?"Selene asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"He has it,"He replied fully scaling the steps and heading to his room.

"Then where's mine?"Michael asked.

"You have it,"Tynan said unlocking the door to his room and running into the room, closing and locking the door behind him."

"That little...,"Selene started , but she turned and glanced at Michael,"I guess we'll have to share a room then."

Michael rubbed the back of his neck nervously,"Yeah I guess."

She nodded and headed up the stairs to their room. Michael followed hesitantly. When the reached the door he unlocked it and the walked inside, Michael closing and locking the door behind them. He pulled the thick dark purple curtains closed, blocking out the dim light coming in from outside. The room was small with a dark purple curtains, grey carpet and deep red walls. It wasn't a nice colour scheme but it wasn't like they'd be here for long. It still looked horrible though. The bed was king sized with crimson and black bed coverings. There wasn't really much else in the room. There was a small night stand next to the right side of the bed, a small dresser with a small Tv on top of it and a door leading into a decent sized bathroom.

Selene sat down on the bed,"This isn't so bad. Well except the colour scheme."

Michael chuckled,"Yeah,"He was nervous.

He never planned on having to share a room with Selene. He wondered what Tynan was up to, even though he had a pretty good idea. They had only known the Lycan for only a couple of hours and he already seemed to know them both very well.

Michael shook his head,"So you should get some rest,"He said getting Selene's attention.

"You need some rest too Michael,"She replied looking at him with her brown eyes.

"I know,"He responded, his dark blue eyes starring in her drown orbs.

Michael leaned down and gently pressed his lips to hers. She tensed it taking her by surprise. Slowly she relaxed and kissed him back. She leaned back onto the bed, pulling Michael down on top of her.

Michael pulled his lips away from hers,"Selene."

"What is it Michael?"She asked breathlessly.

"I love you."

She hesitated for a moment, but then smiled and replied,"I love you too."

He smiled and kissed her again. This time Selene responded instantly. His hands rested on her hips as her arms snaked around his neck. His kisses traveled from her lips, across her law line. She moaned as he removed the corset from her body. He unzipped the tight latex suite she always wore and pulled it off. Selene tugged off his shirt, kissing his neck and down to his chest. He moaned and his kisses traveled across her shoulder, his fangs dragged against her pale skin. She moaned as his fangs dragged down over her breasts to her stomach. This was all so new to her. Never before had she felt like this. His lips found hers once again. She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down off of his hips. He pulled them off not breaking contact with her lips. He pulled off her underwear, leaving her completely naked and vulnerable beneath him.

He looked down at her,"Are are sure about this,"He asks in case she changed her mind.

"Yes,"She replies wrapping her arms ack around his neck.

Michael smiled and kissed her again. He slid his boxers off and looks into her eyes as he entered her slowly feeling her tense up as he does. Kissing her again, he began to move inside her. She moaned her eyes fluttering with the sensation it created. His skin was so hot against hers, almost burning her. She closed her eyes as he kept thrusting inside her, bucking her hips to meet his thrusts. She dragged her fangs over his shoulder, earing a moan from the back of his throat. She sunk her fangs into his shoulder causing him to cry out in pain. Licking the blood that flowed out of the wound. His sweet blood. The hot feeling was building in the pit of Selene's stomach as he moved faster and harder inside her urgently. He groaned as he moved both of them breathing heavily from the activity. Selene cried out as she climaxed with Michael, and he collapsed on top of her.

He pulled himself out of her and laid down on the bed beside her. Selene pulled back the covers and pulled them over them. She snuggled up next to him, resting her head on his chest.

Michael ran his fingers through her short black hair playing with the silky strands,"Selene."

"Yes Michael?"She asked opening her eyes to look at him.

"I'm glad Tynan only got 2 rooms,"He said wrapping an arm around her waist.

Selene smiled against his chest,"Me too. Although, he is a sneaky little bastard."

Michael chuckled rubbing her lower back with his hand,"He sure is."

Selene kissed him,"Goodnight,"She said yawning before she closed her eyes.

"You mean good morning?"

"Whatever,"She mumbled against his chest.

Michael chuckled again wrapping his arms tightly around her waist, holding her protectively against him. Selene nuzzled his chest and they both fell into a deep sleep.

Tynan grinned as he stood up from the deck floor in front of room 2D, which was the room Michael and Selene were staying in. He knew this would happen. They just needed a push in the right direction. He could smell the activity from his room two doors down and it drew him out. He headed back to his room grinning madly.

"I knew it would workses,"He said to himself as he happily walked to his room. The sun had risen over the horizon. Tynan walked into his room and closed the door behind him.

A pair of ice blue eyes watched the scene intently, fire burning in his eyes. Seeing Selene in that pitiful Lycan's arms sickened and enraged him. Hidden from the sunlight in the shadows of the trees surrounding the motel. He slinks deeper into the woods farther away from the motel and the sunlight that would surely kill him.

"Mark my words Selene, I'll get you one day. You'll be mine soon enough,"He snarled before disappearing into the woods.

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