"But why?" A certain pink-haired ninja yelled at the lazy figure in front of her. "Why does it have to be ME?"

The figure looked up with one lazy eye. Most of his face was covered and his hair was grey. He was also holding an R-rated book.

"Look, I don't make the rules here, okay? You want to be a teacher at the Academy, you have to get some experience first."

"But why must I teach an all boys-school? It's not like its going to be useful or anything! And WHY a boy's school? Why not a co-ed school?"

"Life is full of mysteries, isn't it?" The man was reading his book now.

"HEY!" The pink-haired ninja yelled. "I'm talking here!"
"Sakura, you just have to go there and teach for a month. It's not like I'm sending you to hell or anything."

"Kakashi sensei!" Sakura was desperate. He just doesn't understand what I'm driving at!

"No, No, NO. You're going to the boy's school and that's final. Report to the school at 9am tomorrow, and you'll be briefed on what to do."


Kakashi disappeared in a puff of smoke before Sakura had the chance to complete her sentence.


"Aw, Sakura, it can't be that bad." Green eyes frowned curiously at her. "Do you have a problem or something? Most girls would be thrilled to teach a boy's school. Besides, you are the cleverest ninja in the village."

"Ino, I am not… well… used to boys." Sakura blushed. "You know, I don't talk to boys much, and…"

"Then this is the perfect chance for you to practice! " Ino declared loudly, startling Sakura. "You need to speak up more, you know!"

Sakura groaned. "I predict hardship in the future…"


The next day at 8am in the morning, Sakura woke up to the sound of the alarm clock. She washed herself up and put on her usual outfit as well.

Then she stepped out of the door and began heading towards the boy's school.

I have a bad feeling… I just feel it…

She'd always wanted to teach at the Academy, for some reason. It had been her dream since young.

Sakura smiled when she saw some kids running around, playing ball. She loved kids. Perhaps it could be the reason why she wanted to be a teacher so much…

"Naruto, give me the ball!"
"Yeah, pass it to me!"

"Slow down, guys!" A blond-haired guy came into view, holding the brown ball.

"We can't slow down!" One of the kids said. "You have to get going to school soon, Naruto!"

The blonde-haired guy sighed. "Don't remind me…"

"Ha-ha! I got the ball!" The kid said, snatching the ball out of Naruto's hands.

"Hey! That's cheating!" One of the girls snapped.

The kid stuck out his tongue. "So what?" Then he ran off.

"Guys, get him!" The girl commanded, and everyone ran after him, giggling and shouting.

Naruto looked at the kid's distant figures for a while, took his orange backpack that was on the grass, and sighed.

I wonder why he dislikes school so much…But I can tell that he likes kids! Sakura thought.

Naruto turned and spotted Sakura. She-She's smiling at me? He noticed, and blushed a little.

"Uh…" Sakura saw Naruto staring at her. She gulped and ran.

"Hey, wait!" Naruto yelled. I wonder who that girl…is…


"You're Sakura, aren't you?" The principal of the school, Iruka, said.

"Y-Yes." Sakura stammered. The guy had his hair tied back in a ponytail, and a scar across his face.

Iruka coughed. He passed a file to Sakura. "Well, you're to teach class… C."

"Class C?" Sakura asked, bewildered. "What do you mean?"
"Class C!" Iruka snapped. "On the fourth storey, to the right! The details of the students are in that file I gave you. School starts at ten. Off you go."

"But the timetable—'

"In the file. Do you think I'm stupid, lady?"

"Y-Yes, sir!" Sakura said hastily and ran out of the office.

Iruka closed his office door and sighed. "Newcomers."


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