They reformed outside the Capsule Corp. building, hands clasped together.

Trunks opened his eyes and smiled. "I'm home," he breathed and Ami laughed, twirling in a circle, feeling the warmth of the sun brushing her skin.

"I never thought I'd miss the heat of the place," she sighed, a subtle breeze whispering through her hair.

"Well, we're here on a mission," he reminded her grudgingly and he felt ashamed of himself when her small smile shrunk, dwindling into nothing. Idiot, he reprimanded mentally.

"Hai, Mirai-kun," she said quietly, using a new nickname for him.


Their heads jerked around and Trunks and Ami found themselves being hugged by a crying Buruma, her long blue hair in disarray.

After a moment, she pulled away, smiling at them.

"You two are coming inside with me right now!" she ordered, wiping at her eyes with the heel of her hand.

Trunks and Ami looked at each other, then back at his mother and they burst into peals of laughter.


She opened her eyes and she knew what she was to do.

Find and kill the woman before the threat could be born, then destroy the child.

She didn't question her identity, or how she knew what she was to do.

That wasn't her purpose.

Aimee detached the wires connecting to her naked flesh, to her breasts and thighs.

A change of clothing rested on the table before her: a midriff shirt with a hole in it, above the breasts, with the insignia of Mercury on it, but with an 'x' cutting through the circle; a pair of black leggings and two ivory white boots with black tips; and black gloves. No dramatic transformation was necessary; she simply thought it and, though her slitted blue eyes and thick blue-black hair remained the same, she was Dark Sailor Mercurius.

Her sisters slept in their hibernation tanks, their wrinkled father typing furiously away at a computer console.

She didn't look back.

Dat's the prelude! Whaddaya think? No, I didn't steal the 'evil Senshi' idea from Morgan Hudson of RONIN SUMMER fame. They're not comic relief; they're pure evil.

Next chapter:

Mirai no Buruma is killed when Trunks and Ami are out talking. When they return, they find her bloody, beheaded corpse…and an Ami look-a-like holding the missing head. With a "Is this hers?" and a casual toss, the dark clone reveals herself to be Dark Sailor Mercurius, formed of the evil half of Ami's soul. She leaves the two to mourn, and reappears at night in the other timeline, by the crib of a sleeping infant Trunks…

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