Crystal Bliss

Usagi stood on the edge of her - their, she reminded herself - world, staring out into the crystal walls of the Ginzishou. She wasn't sure when she had learned that they weren't really trapped in an alternate dimension, but the fact remained that they were truly captive inside the Ginzishou itself. Gokuu had become light-hearted after the horrible nightmare of Chichi's near assassination passed and Goten had been such a dear help to her in maintaining the fragile balance of their crystalline world. This world was perfect and sometimes she didn't want to be rescued. Endymion, Mamoru, Tuxedo Kamen…he had died and he would never return. Perhaps if she had the Ginzishou under her control she could, but it was too late now; she knew. Luna, Artemis - both dead and unable to be retrieved. Diana and Chibi-Usa, never to exist. If she stayed here, she'd never have to face the true pain.

And, if she would admit it, she didn't want to leave Goten. He was like Naru had been - her closest friend.

"Trying to find a way out?" Goten asked, rocking back on his heels, clasping one wrist behind his back with his other hand. His eyes were so full of trust as he watched the reed-slender beauty next to him.

"Yes," she lied, turning to look into his endless black eyes with her own enigmatic blue ones. "I am…"


Cautiously, Ami picked her way across the paper-strewn rooms of the Capsule Corps. building. In a rage, Mirai had torn apart records and experiments, following the murder of his mother. Ami had walled off the kitchen with walls of eternal ice, not wanting him to be constantly reminded of the pain. She frowned to herself, now. If they could find a way to get into the dimension _they_ were using, then they might be able to stop them.

But how?

An idea struck Ami and, snatching up her mini-computer, she dashed out of the building, transporting herself to the church steeple they had been near earlier that day. Flipping out a tiny microphone device out from an obscure panel lining the bottom of her equally tiny laptop, she unfolded the thin, but sturdy, neck of it, holding it out and analyzing the data of the hopeful remnants of the transport Mercurius and Trunks had used.

"Yes!" she cheered, thrusting a fist into the air. "Now, if I trace the transport's destination…"

A moment went by and her face paled.

"Oh," she gasped, "oh, God, no."

Cell and Metallia had taken control over and corrupted Phobos Deimos Castle of Mars.

The Dark Sailor Senshi and their 'Gero-sama' had invaded Marina Castle of Mercury.

The computer suddenly screamed for attention and, snapping out of her horror, she stared blindly at the computer screen.

The Ginzishou - her computer had found a signal identical to that of the Ginzishou, in Io Castle of Jupiter.

"Shit," Ami swore and she leapt from the church's steeple, vanishing mid-way down, landing outside the CC building, where Mirai was waiting for her, face worried and infinitely sad.

She took a deep breath.

"You'll never guess what I found out…"


Sirenu bared her glistening sharp teeth at Rune, who simply smirked and bit deeply into the human leg, jagged teeth slicing quickly through the detached limb's flesh.

"Aimee is becoming a danger to us," Lamour announced, eyes narrowed as they burned into Aimee's closed and locked door. "She might need to be exterminated."

"I get her legs if we have to kill her," Rune butted in, licking her bloody fingertips and ripping flaps of muscle off the leg she was chewing.

"I get her arms," Sirenu scowled.

"Head, neck, and shoulders," Lytae added hastily.

"Fine," Lamour snapped. "I'll get the rest, whatever. Gero-sama needs us to go attack the other timeline again. I personally want to kill that damn Venus slut." She traced a newly formed scar on her cheek. "And, just to piss her off, I think I'm going to disable her damned boytoy."

Lytae grinned cruelly. "Off we go to kill!" she sang happily, dissipating in a flash of green light.

Unhappily, Rune dropped her meal to the floor, leaving in a bright streak of red light.

Sirenu knelt by the half-chewed leg, ripping off a chunk to eat along the way, vanishing in her cloud of pink light.

Lamour cast one final, dark glare at Aimee's door before disappearing into a bolt of orange light.


Hell Gero watched in amusement as the tiny figures inside the Ginzishou went about their punt attempts to find a way out.

He had agreed to watch the crystal when Metallia brought it to him, but only when he saw his previous self's creation _Cell_ smirking down at him.

To know he had created such perfect evil was inspiring and he had set about creating the Dark Sailor Senshi, which he had succeeded at. A brief frown creased his wrinkled face. Aimee, Dark Sailor Mercurius, was becoming more of a recluse every minute and Hell Gero was aware that she had brought back the infant Trunks instead of killing him.

"My dear daughter," he sighed disapprovingly, "you are worrying your father…"

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