CassyG here ... with another Danny Phantom FanFic! This FanFic is about Danny's future after The Ultimate Enemy. Anyway...

Disclaimer:I do not own Danny Phantom!

So, before the FanFic starts, I'll tell you how this idea came to be. I wanted a FanFic where Danny sees his future, but not his future self. So, in this FanFic, Danny trades places with his future self and finds some surprising things, while Future Danny tries to play like nothing has happened, but forgets some "key points".

CassyG. 12-15-05

Present Day-Amity Park

Fenton Works-7:05pm

Danny was up in his room with Sam and Tucker discussing the complexity of his last fight with his evil future self. He was doing this by drawing crappy pictures on a white board.

"Since I defeated my future self," Danny explained, "I'm not evil in the future, but instead ... I have no clue what my future's gonna be like and it's driving me CRAZY!"

"You're happily married to Paulina, I'm sure," Sam said, clinching her fists. "I mean, you're so madly in love with her. As far as I'm concerned, it's only a matter of time until you two are together. Ofcourse, if she finds out that you are Danny 'Fenton' you're pretty much up the creek without a paddle!"

"Thanks for the cheery input, Sam," Danny said sarcastically, throwing a pillow at her head. Anyway, Clockwork decided to let me see my future tomorrow, but he hasn't given me an exact time so I'm sleeping with my clothes on!"

"You mean, you don't wear clothes to bed?" Sam asked. "EEEEW!"

"You know what I meant, butt hole!" Danny yelled, turning off the light. "Now, go home and let me sleep!" They immediately left.

So, that was short, huh? Well, this is only the prologue! The first chapter will be longer! So, tell me what you think! I'm open to suggestions! Ridicule is honored!