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chapter two

"Danny?" said the female figure trying to shake Danny awake. "Danny, you're gonna be late!"

"Ugh!" Danny groaned, turning towards the figure. "A few more minutes, Mommy!"

"I am so not your mommy!" She said.

"Go away, Jazz," Danny said, pulling a pillow over his face.

"Danny!" she began. "Please! Mr. Poohead said that if you're late for work one more time you're fired!"

"Sleepy!" Danny said, finally looking towards the figure to see who the mugga mugga who was trying to wake his ass up was and saw a college girl half-naked by his bed, and screamed. "Who are you and why are you in my room!" Danny looked around. "Where's my room!"

"Danny?" she asked. "Are you okay because you seem kinda... um... freaked?"

"Freaked!" Danny screamed. "There's a half-naked girl in my... not room!"

The girl looked down at her clothes. "These are my pj's! I wear them all the time! Now, get dressed and go to work!"

"Work!" Danny screamed. "I'm only fourteen!"

"No," she said, speaking as slow as possible. "You are twenty-four!"

"No, I'm not!" Danny said. "Who are you?"

"I'm your wife!" she yelled. "I'm Sam!"

"S-s-sam!" Danny repeated, nervously. "Prove it!"

"Shallow little witch!"

"Yep, that's Sam!" Danny said and then went into a long ackward pause. "Wait a minute! We're married!"

"Yes," Sam said angrily. "It's our anaversery, but I knew you wouldn't remember! I knew it!"

"Actually, I don't even know what today's date is, bit if you tell me," Danny lied to make Sam less mad.

"April 3rd 2016," Sam said.

"I thought it was 2006!" Danny said. "I go to sleep as a teenager and I wake up as a man who's married to his best friend! Man, that's wrong!"

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