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Chapter 1

It had been two years. Two long and horrible years since he had killed Dumbledore. He had hated doing it then, but, oh boy, did he regret it now. The "Chosen One" and his little friends were now eighteen, a year older than the Legal Age in the Wizarding World. The war against Voldemort was still raging on. Seeing as how Severus Snape was held in the eyes of Voldemort--with complete trust, if not a bit of envy for not being able to kill Dumbledore himself--he would've made the Order's most valuable spy. But the Order wanted nothing with him now…

Draco Malfoy now held the position in the Order of the Phoenix that had previously been Snape's. Malfoy knew that Snape had only been following Dumbledore's orders that night, but there was no way he could ever convey that to them. So that left the "good guys" with a chain that was so long that even they did not know where it ended. It used to be simple: Snape would get information and pass it to the Order. Now, Snape got information--directly from Voldemort--and would pass it to Draco. Draco would then pass it to someone like Lupin or Tonks, who would finally pass it to Harry. It was a ridiculous strand but a must. There was no true trust anymore.

This particular evening was not very different than some of the others that Snape had lived through since Dumbledore's death. The Dark Lord had sent for him. Most likely, he would receive some form of information as well as orders. Snape would bow and grovel and shake, to show his "master" a certain amount of respect. Then, he would be dismissed to follow the orders and, unbeknownst to Voldemort, pass information to Draco.

But as Severus Snape entered into Voldemort's presence, he knew that this night was going to be different after all. The dark room was usually cold, but it was colder still this night. Severus let out a shaky breath as he knelt, and it left him in a very visible puff. Voldemort sat in a black leather, high-backed chair in front of a fire that seemed to be there only for looks. It produced little light and almost no heat.

"Ah, Severus," Voldemort breathed.

"Yes, my master?" he asked.

Voldemort always spoke first when he was addressing his servants. There were very few exceptions to this rule.

"Severus…I trust that you have heard what tomorrow is?"

Severus raised an eyebrow. There was only one event that he knew of taking place tomorrow, but the odds seemed unlikely that that event was the one the Dark Lord was referring to.

"I am not sure what you mean, my Lord," Severus said, lowering his head.

"Do you not read, Severus? The announcements are everywhere! It is that blood traitor, Ronald Weasley's, and that mudblood, Hermione Granger's, wedding!"

Nothing was ever what it seemed. That had been the same event that Severus had been thinking of. But of what interest was their wedding to him?

"I don't understand, Master."

"I have a plan. Instead of trying to break Potter physically, we will break him emotionally."

"Brilliant as always, my Lord. What do you need me to do?"

"Ah, my loyal servant, always eager to help. It is Potter's friends that have--time and again--given him the strength and will to carry on. It is Weasley's friendship and loyalty that feeds this, and it is Granger's love that feeds Weasley's continuity. We will break them at the source."

"Granger? What would you have me do?"

At this, the coldest and wickedest smile Severus had seen thus far on Voldemort's visage appeared.

"I want you to go to Miss Granger, take her with you, defile her, and finally kill her," he hissed.

Severus could not stop his features from portraying the shock he felt.

"Defile…?" he whispered, more to himself. However, Voldemort answered.

"Yes. I thought that this assignment might be a bit of fun for you…if you catch my understanding. I am sorry that a better candidate can not be chosen, but perhaps you will enjoy her?"

Severus fought down the horror that he felt. Bowing even lower, he said, "Yes, my Lord."

"You are dismissed."

Snape stood and turned. However, before he could leave the room, Voldemort had one more thing to say.

"I will know if you do not complete this task."

Outside, Severus cursed angrily into the wind. He knew where the wedding was being held, and he knew where Granger would be at this moment. Where she was, there was thirty minutes before the ceremony was to begin. He knew that Voldemort meant what he said. That was why he was not contacting Draco at this moment. Unfortunately, with the Dark Lord's cold, unforgiving eyes upon him, there was only one thing to do. Severus Snape apparated.

The room he popped into was clearly a bedroom. Not a very tidy one at that. Granger was in a very elegant, lacy white wedding gown, sitting in front of a mirrored vanity. Her reflection and she gasped. She turned and opened her mouth to cry out. However, Severus had stunned her before that. He caught her before she slipped to the floor. Closing his eyes, he apparated away with her.

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