Hey there! My first Fanfic didn't do well, but I decided to delete that and start that over. Anyways, this story is about Shadow and a new human character named Elle. This is a story I thought up when playing Shadow The Hedgehog since the story of Shadow is so interesting. Let me say that this story will contain spoilers to the game Shadow The Hedgehog, so read at your own risk. Last, but not least, is that all the characters but the new human character are trademarks of Sega and SonicTeam.

Chapter 1: The New Promise

A lone figure walked through the ruins of the city of Westopolis, already figured out his reason for his creation. Even though he risked his life, he isn't praised for his risk. Wherever he goes, angry eyes look at him for different purposes, one of them being why didn't he help push back the Black Aliens from the start of the invasion? He wouldn't have a good enough reason for them, because all he did was get the Chaos Emeralds and then left for the others. He knew they hated him, he felt selfish because all he cared about was uncovering his past.

The city was still heavily damaged by the first attack. The sky was slightly red, it used to strike fear on those who stared up at it. The city's buildingswere barely standing, scraps of metal were everywhere along side glass. The people didn't look any better. There were many injured people who limped, who have lost a arm, a leg, and were stained by their own blood, this made the sight of the city and people difficult to look at for the black hedgehog.

The figure, Shadow The Hedgehog, walked into the greatly damaged park. Everywhere he looked he saw G.U.N soldiers caring for the injured, he smiled and thought about what Black Doom told him about the humans…

"Humans, willing to sacrifice their own when overcome by greed. They are a foolish race." Black Doom once said.

"Heh…" Shadow could only laugh at such a statement because not all humans are selfish, there're people who are kind hearted. Shadow closed his eyes "Maria….." his thoughts remained on Maria until the slight sound of a cry snapped him out of it.


Shadow turned to a bench and saw a little girl about the age of six or seven. Shadow noticed she wore blue pants and a nice (but dirty) pink shirt, and she had long black hair.

The girl stopped crying, looked up at Shadow with her blue eyes, smiled, and then said, "H-hello."

"Hello," Shadow responded "May I ask why you're crying?".

"I-I don't know where my mommy and daddy are." the girl cried.

Shadow thought for a moment.

"I should help her, but this is just going to be a waste. Her parents are most likely dead!" .

Shadow turned around "I'm sorry, but I have something else to do."

Shadow turned to leave, he knew some people where watching him and the girl.

"I bet they hate me even more." thought Shadow.


Shadow continued to walk through the damaged streets of Westopolis, fully aware that the girl was following him now. He turned around several times to watch the girl pretend she wasn't following him, he thought it was rather funny (sometimes). The girl followed Shadow through the streets till they reached of what remained of City Hall, Shadow finally let out some frustration.

"What the HELL is your problem, little girl?" Shadowasked turning around suddenly.

"Elle…" the girl said, she took a few steps back, frightened by the black hedgehog's question.


"My name is Elle, and your name is Sonic, right?".

"No…my name is Shadow, there's a difference, girl" Shadow said coldly like he didn't care about what she thought of him now.

"Oh…so are you his brother?", Elle asked smiling.

"No…" the hedgehog said.

"Oh…" the human girl said frowning.

Shadow and Elle looked at each other. Shadow soon smiled, this girl seemed to have touched that "good" side of Shadow, she walked up to Shadow and held his hand. Shadow smiled, he felt there was something interesting about this girl. He and Elle stood there looking at each for about a minute until Shadow finally broke the silence.

"Remember to stay nearby at all times understand, Elle?" Shadow ordered letting go of Elle's hand.

"Why?", asked Elle tilting her head to the right in confusion.

Shadow kneeled down.

"Because I promise to take care of you until we find your parents, and it's best if you remain at my side."

"Okay…" Elle said as she suddenly hugged Shadow.

Shadow raised a eye browand stood up "Ready to go?".


Shadow picked up Elle and sped off into the ruins of Westopolis, both were unaware that they just became targets for a group of Devils hiding in a building. With their evil yellow eyes, they seemed very determined. Theyremained in silence until the leader spoke up with his cold voice of terror.

"Proceed," said the leader "I want that girl alive, understand?".

"What about Shadow?" the eldest asked.

"…Kill him."

"Very well…"

All of them sped off after Shadow and Elle, they knew their mission and what they needed to do for they could return to power. The leader knew, he wanted that hedgehog dead for what he did…to him…and his people.


Well that's Chapter One. I hoped you enjoyed it and I hope you leave a review. This is my most thought out Fanfic from all the others I thought up, so I hope it does quite well. Until next time, have a nice day!