Short chapter...

Chapter 15: Peaceful World

One Year later…Green Hill, afternoon

Shadow opened his eyes slowly and looked around the small room. The walls were white with several different pictures of past events that everyone did with Elle. Near the bed, besides the chair Shadow sat on, was a desk with a lot of different books (mostly fiction, Elle loved to read those kind of books). At the window there was a flower pot, with a small plant finally growing. Shadow turned toward the door and looked closely at the drawing Elle drew that was, suppose to be, a picture of her and Shadow, but she admits that her friend is difficult to draw.

There was a knock on the door. Shadow looked at the door until it finally opened. At the door was Mrs. Rabbit who had a small red bag with a red circle on it in her hands. She was started to see Shadow, he didn't answer when she knocked. She closed the door and then said "Shadow, why aren't you with everyone else?"

Shadow shook his head "I haven't gotten much sleep lately, I felt I needed to get some rest".

Mrs. Rabbit put the bag down at the foot of Elle's bed and looked at Shadow "Or is it that you don't want to be apart of such a thing as a party?"

"Damn," Shadow thought "I hate it when she's right!"

Mrs. Rabbit smiled "Shadow…Elle wants you down there."

Shadow got up and turned to the window "I will…just give me a few minutes."

No one spoke for those "few minutes". Mrs. Rabbit finally went up to Shadow and turned him around.

"Elle wants you down there because she wants you to have fun for a change." Mrs. Rabbit said.

Shadow looked uneasy and then walked past the adult rabbit. He went to the door and opened it.

"Alright then…,"he said.

"Tell everyone I'll bring the cake," Mrs. Rabbit said turning to Shadow.

"Very well," Shadow said.

Shadow walked down the hall to the right. He couldn't believe that it has been one year since Elle has been with them. It didn't take long for her to get used to her new home, it just took Shadow longer. Shadow smiled as he walked down the stairs, he didn't really like living in such a peaceful home because he wasused to combat. Everyone felt he should now get accustom to this place, but he didn't really feel he could, oh well...

Shadow went into the kitchen and saw Amy serving ice cream. She turned to him and frowned.

"Where were you?", Amy asked Shadow.

Shadow closed his eyes, "I was taking a nap."

"Oh that's all," Amy said putting her hands on her hips "here Shadow, take this ice cream outside and give it to everyone else."

Shadow looked at the ice for a moment and then looked at Amy "Who's here?"

"Does it matter?" Amy asked.

"…Yes." Shadowsaid as he smiled

Amy rolled her eyes "Alright, the-"

She looked around, no was there. She closed her eyes in frustrating.

"Damn it, Shadow!"

Shadow was outside putting the ice cream on the table. He noticed how the others swarmed the tray like "little crazed monkeys". He frowned, he thought they should have some self control.

"Sonic…what kind of party is this?" Shadow asked the blue hedgehog

"Everyone's just playing," Sonic answered "besides you can get really excited when playing a game of football."

"Football?" Shadow said "Do you even know how to play that?"

"Not really," Sonic said walking back to the game "but it involves lots of running!"

"Where's Elle?" Shadow asked.

Sonic turned and said "Over there, she and Cream are watching the game."

Shadow walked past him "Alright, oh and tell everyone else that Mrs. Rabbit is getting the cake ready in a little bit."

"Sure." Sonic said

Shadow walked toward the little stands that were created for the game. As he got closer, Elle turned to him. She got up and walked toward him.

"Hello, Shadow." Elle said

"Is this the party that you wanted?" Shadow asked

"Yeah…though it's no fun that me and Cream are too young for Tackle Football." she said as Knuckles got tackled by Sonic and the Chaotix.

Cream got up and walked past them "I need to check on my mother."

Without turning around Shadow said "She's already going to bring the cake outside."

Cream smiled "Might as well help her."

As the little rabbit left, Shadow and Elle smiled at each other. Awhile Shadow looked the same, Elle changed her somewhat. Her hair was shorter now thanks to Amy. She has decided to wear shorts instead of the small sized pants she wore when Shadow and her had there adventure. Today she had the blue shorts that Cream have given to her and the red shirt with the word "Hero" that Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles have given her. She also had a smaller bracelet of Shadow's on her right wrist that he gave her.

"One year." Elle said to Shadow after their silence

"Yep." Shadow said

"Shadow, we should go see Maria soon."


Elle walked up to Shadow and hugged him "We're always going to be friends, right Shadow?"

Shadow at first didn't want to return the hug, but he finally did and said "Yes…and nothing will ever break that bond."

The two remained like that until Mrs. Rabbit brought the cake to the table. The two turned to the others. Elle smiled and began to run toward them. Shadow stood there for a moment and looked up at the sky.

"Maria…this what you wanted from me and Elle?" Shadow said "Please, rest easy."

He walked toward the others. He knew that he had such a tough life thus far, but he knew that it would be okay. He knew Maria was looking down on him and Elle, she knew that they were happy. Shadow wouldn't want it any other way…


That's about it. I just wanted to let you guys know how Elle, Shadow, and everyone else is doing. Anyways, as always HAVE A NICE DAY!