Sequel to "Closure"- Janet is still alive, No Vala, No Mitchell, Sam and Jack are married now...maybe I'll put up a one-shot about their wedding...still thinking about it. Onto the rest of the first chapter of the sequel!

SG-1 met in the Gate Room, ready for their next mission. It was Jack's last official mission as the commander of SG-1, and it was a little emotional for all of them. General Hammond had accepted a position at the Pentagon as the Head of Homeworld Security, and Jack had been given command of the SGC, and a star to put on his uniform.

Jack looked up at General Hammond who leaned into the microphone. "SG-1, you have a go." The general ordered.

"You heard him, kids…let's go." He said, motioning for movement through the Stargate.

Daniel and Teal'c walked through, but Sam stayed behind for a moment with her husband of the last year. "You're going to miss this…" She said.

"Of course," he smiled at her. "But I'm not worried."

She raised an eyebrow. "Oh, you're not?"

He shook his head as they walked up the ramp, holding their P-90s. "Nope. I have complete confidence in the new team commander." Then, he disappeared through the Gate.

She stood stunned for a moment, but then she smiled tenderly. "Thanks, Jack." She whispered as she followed.

She arrived at the other side, and experienced nausea and dizziness to rival that of her first mission. She practically landed on her knees at Jack's feet. "I guess I'm going to have to fix that when we get back." She said, trying not to lose her lunch.

Jack knelt down beside her. "Are you okay?"

She nodded. "I just need to take a look at the program that compensates for the planetary shift. It seems to be malfunctioning slightly."

Daniel turned around. "Or you could be sick."

She looked up at him as Jack helped her to her feet. She rolled her eyes. "Or not."

She turned her gaze to Jack. "You're fine?"

He nodded. "Listen, Sam…I want you to go back. If you're not…"

He was interrupted by Teal'c's cry of "O'Neill!" He put on his sunglasses and walked over. "Oh for cryin' out loud," He muttered.

Daniel and Sam followed him to where Teal'c stood. As they approached, they noticed a body lying at his feet. "Wanna fill me in, T?" Jack asked.

"I believe he may be deceased." Teal'c replied.

"No, I think he descended," Daniel replied.

Sam handed her gun to Jack and knelt down next to the body. She checked the young man's pulse, and she breathed deeply. "He's sleeping."

She turned the body over and gasped. The rest of the team mirrored her response; his resemblance to Jack was indisputable.

"Jack, it's Charlie."

Jack looked at his wife, incredulously, "That's impossible."

"No, it's very possible." Daniel replied. "He did kind of break some pretty big rules last time we heard from him."

"What? Possessing Sam was intervention?" Jack asked.

Sam stood up quickly, but leaned on Teal'c for support when her mind started spinning in dizziness. "Can we get some clothes on him, and then go home?"

She ran a few feet, her hand over her mouth. She began dry heaving, and tried to take some deep breaths to relax herself. Jack turned from the small group and walked over to his wife. "Are you okay?"

She shook her head. "I don't remember being this sick on Abydos."

He helped her back to the Stargate where Daniel had already dialed. Teal'c was carrying Charlie, who had not yet awaken from his slumber, and began to walk toward the event horizon. As Sam watched them walk through the Gate, she tried to stand more fully on her own. However, as she did so, she collapsed into Jack's arms.

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