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Chapter Sixteen
All He Could Ask For

Danny woke up, feeling like he had a cement block on his chest. He felt so heavy and dense, but that was probably to be expected since he'd been generally weightless for the past few days. The utter exhaustion and feelings of soreness and pain probably didn't help either.

The GAV was silent save for the occasional snore or mutter from his father. He peered around and noticed that everyone was asleep around him except for his mother who was concentrating on the road. He pushed himself into a sitting position and finally managed to stand, feeling the burdens of gravity. He walked slowly and awkwardly to the front seat, his legs aching with every step. Flopping down onto the chair, he looked out the window, seeing the familiar blue eyes staring back at him, the black of his hair fading into the black background of the window. He smiled, glad to see the blue, after so long of seeing the ghostly green when he happened to glance at his reflection. He was human now. They'd accomplished their goal. They'd found the cure.

"Well it's good to see the bright blue eyes staring back," Maddie commented as she looked over at her son. "Not that I don't like the green ones," she added quickly "it's just…"

"No, believe me, it's good to see the blue eyes in the mirror," Danny replied with a smile. "I was definitely starting to miss them."

"I think we all were," his mother answered as she smiled fondly. "So, have a good sleep?"

"Yes, but it wasn't nearly long enough. I feel so heavy and tired."

"Well, it should go away soon, once you get used to gravity again. Although, I'm sure it's a welcome feeling."

"Strangely enough, it is."

"And before you ask we did find Vlad's notes for how to create the powder and the cure and they're in the back of the GAV, along with anything needed to make them and the Plasmius Maximus."

"Why'd you take that?"

"So Vlad couldn't use it on himself, and so we can study it, but that was just an added bonus," his mother replied with a smile.

Danny nodded as he yawned, knowing that he should have realized that his parents would want to take it out of curiosity alone.

"Danny, you should get back to bed. You're probably still tired and need to rest."

"But what about you? I'd feel bad leaving you alone up here."

"Nonsense. I'm perfectly fine on my own. Plus, if I wanted company, I'd wake up your father or your sister. You deserve to rest more than they do. Now get to bed!"

Danny smiled and kissed his mother on the cheek before heading back to the only bed in the RV, falling asleep almost immediately.

"Danny, wake up!" Jazz yelled as she shook him awake. "Something's wrong!"

Danny sat up quickly, opening his eyes as he looked at Jazz's worried face. Everyone else was towards the front, staring at something out the front window.

"What's going on?"

"It's the city, there's something bad going on."

"The invasion!" Danny yelled as he leapt up and ran towards the front, phasing through his family to get a better view out the window. He saw a few ghosts flying over the top of the city and a few blasts of green light.

"What invasion?" Jazz asked as she joined them.

"I totally forgot about it! I heard it on the radio while I was in the Bakers' truck. A bunch of ghosts must have known that I was gone and decided to ransack the town and what's worse is that since I wasn't there to stop it, they think that I'm the one responsible!"

"Well, there's only one solution then," Sam stated. "Get out there and stop the invasion. They can't say you planned it if you stop it."

"But Danny, are you rested enough?" Maddie asked.

"Rested enough or not, I've got to stop it."

"Alright then. Jazz, take the wheel and drive us through town. Jack, Tucker, and Sam, ready the weapons. Danny, you head out and we'll follow," Maddie ordered.

"I can't fight with you guys. In the eyes of the rest of the city, you still hunt me."

"Well, that changes now. From today and onward, the Fentons work with Danny Phantom. Now get out there and start fighting. We'll join you in a few minutes."

Danny nodded his head and transformed into his ghost self, feeling weird to willingly go back to his ghost form after wanting to be out of it for so long. He flew out of the GAV and into the city, thermos in hand.

On the outskirts of the city, he saw two ghosts pestering a group of teenagers. He flew down at them, blasting them with ecto-blasts, sending them against the wall. He sucked them up with the thermos before heading on through the city as the teens cheered in gratitude. Their savior had returned.

Danny was inside the city, blasting, kicking, and sucking up as many ghosts as he could. Most of them were easy and didn't put up much of a fight, but some of them were a lot more time consuming, like the Lunch Lady or Johnny 13.

His family was in the GAV ahead of him, speeding through the streets while Jack and Maddie waged war from inside, shooting off all the various ghost weapons attached to it, weakening the ghosts so Danny could easily suck them up in the thermos.

They continued to drive in circles around the city, capturing as many ghosts as they could before they headed to the park, the central hub of the ghost invasion.

Before Danny reached the park, he was shot down by a purple blast. He caught himself in the air and turned around to face Valerie, preparing for another shot.

"Here to examine your work?" Valerie mocked as she shot off another blast.

Danny created an ecto-shield, absorbing the blast. "No way! I'm here to save it!"

"A likely story. I know you're the one behind this. If you were really here to save it then why'd it take you so long to come?"

"If I was really responsible for it why would I come at all?" Danny retorted.

"To make yourself look good in the eyes of the people. You're pulling the classical 'set up the attack and then conveniently save them when all hope is lost' trick."

Danny sighed. "Whatever, I've given up trying to argue with you. I need to get to the park."

"No way am I letting you get there. I've spent all day looking for you and now you're going to pay!"

"You mean instead of fighting the ghosts and stopping the invasion?" Danny asked as he heard an explosion from the direction of the park. "Wow, what a wonderful use of your time," he retorted angrily. So much for thinking that Valerie had at least taken care of some of the invasion while he was gone.

Valerie glared at him. "Don't tell me what's important and what's not! It was a perfectly valid use of my time! Cut off the head of the leader, the operation falls to pieces."

"First, I don't think there really is an operation here, since the ghosts are just attacking in chaos, and secondly, I'm not the leader!"

"That's what you want me to think."

"Listen, if you want to save the town then help stop the ghost invasion. That's what they really need right now. Or you can continue to try to fight me and ignore all the other ghosts while I alone save the day. Take your pick. The Fentons already did; they're at the park."

"Fine, but you stay after so I can finish you!"

"Sure," Danny lied sarcastically before flying off, heading towards the park to meet up with his family while Valerie hesitated before flying unhappily after him.

Jazz spun the GAV around a corner, parking in front of the park. Jack and Maddie hopped out of it, ecto-guns ready, blasting the ghosts into a group so Maddie could shoot them all with the Fenton Bazooka, sending them back into the Ghost Zone. Jazz drove off, continuing to sweep around the park in the GAV while Tucker and Sam took over the weapon controls.

"Where's Danny?" Maddie asked as she shot another group with the Fenton Bazooka. "He should be here by now."

"I don't know. He might have gotten held up on another tough ghost. He should be fine," Jack comforted, whipping his Jack-A-Nine-Tails at another ghost. "He's a tough kid and a better ghost fighter than we ever could be."

Maddie nodded as she kicked at a ghost before shooting it with an ecto-gun. As she was about to shoot another blast, the ghost was enveloped in blue light and sucked away. She turned in the direction of the light and saw Danny.

"About time!" she yelled.

"Trouble," Danny responded as he gestured towards Valerie who was approaching on her jet sled.

"Is she here to attack you or the ghosts?"

"Who knows," Danny replied as he flew off towards a group of ghosts, weakening them with ecto-blasts before sucking them into the thermos.

As he proceeded, he saw a familiar figure ahead of him, looking like he was enjoying the destruction surrounding him. Anger pulsed through Danny as he saw the flaming green hair, the shining metallic body suit reflecting off the sunlight. Suddenly, he realized who the organizer of the invasion was, the one who planned it all, the one who knew that Danny would be helpless to stop the invasion, the one who made it impossible for Danny to stop it in the first place. He charged towards him, hitting him in the back and sending him to the floor. He turned around, prepared to shoot at the figure that pushed him but lowered his arm in shock.

"Gh-Ghost Child? You're back? And with control of your powers?"

"Yeah. Weren't expecting that, were you?" he asked maliciously as he shot an ecto-blast at him.

"Look Ghost Child, don't blame me for the powder," Skulker pleaded as he started backing up, seeing the anger in Danny's eyes. "That was Plasmius' idea."

"And what did he offer you in return other than my pelt? Permission to attack the city? Or did you just decide to take advantage of the fact that I wasn't able to do anything so you spread the word to all the ghosts in the Ghost Zone?"

Skulker's eyes darted left and right, hoping to find some back up or means of escape from the Ghost Boy's wrath, but nothing presented itself.

"Face it Skulker, even if you weren't responsible for the powder, which by the way I still blame you for, you spurred the invasion, and for that alone you deserve punishment. You'll be praying for the thermos before I'm done with you," Danny threatened as he blasted another ecto-blast at Skulker.

He flew at him, punching him, kicking him, throwing him, inflicting as much pain as he could to make up for all the pain he felt while he was sick. All the emotion and rage he was never able to express against Vlad translated to Skulker. The rage he felt from being subjected to the disease, the awkwardness he felt from being stuck as a ghost, the shame he felt from hurting his family, the sadness he felt from being forced to run away all fell upon Skulker through Danny's fists as they fought.

As Danny continued to punch Skulker, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"I think you got him," his mother stated gently.


"I know you want to punish him, but we've got a lot more ghosts to take care of."

Danny sighed. "Yeah, I guess you're right." He dropped Skulker who simply dropped to the floor, unable to move. Danny pulled out the thermos, gave Skulker a final kick, and then sucked him up in the thermos.

"Come on. Jazz and the others are already on the move."

Danny nodded and flew off, heading through the city, cleansing it of the ghosts.

After a few hours of battle the city was finally purified of ghosts and Danny and his family returned victorious to the house. They threw their gear on the floor and headed upstairs, ready to sleep for hours after all the drama that had occurred over the past few days.

Danny walked through the door, returning from his first day of school in over two weeks. It had been a remarkably enjoyable day, since he'd been out of school for so long, and it felt good to finally be doing something normal again.

As he walked into the living room he heard the news reporter on the television. "Finally, everything is back to normal in Amity after the ghost infestation a few days ago. Businesses are back open and the majority of the lighter damage is fixed with the heavier renovation already started. People are free to roam the streets again and carry on with their daily business thanks to, remarkably, the Fentons, the mysterious Red Hunter, and of course, Danny Phantom, whose loyalty and involvement in the invasion still remains in question."

Danny groaned and was about to shut the television off, as he normally did when the reports drifted to him, when he heard his parents yell from the basement.

"Danny wait! Don't turn the television off! We have a surprise for you!" his father yelled as he stormed into the living room.

"A surprise? That has to do with the TV?"

"Just watch. It should be on right now."

"And in a surprising interview today, Jack and Maddie Fenton released what exactly happened during the invasion and why it took so long for help to arrive. Here's a recording of the interview."

The television changed to a picture of his parents in ghost hunting attire standing outside FentonWorks.

"Well we had left at the beginning of the assault to find and punish Danny Phantom, whom we of course believed had been responsible for this invasion," his mother spoke into the microphone as Danny looked evilly at her.

"Just wait, I'm not done talking yet," his mother reprimanded as she gestured towards the television.

"But upon finding him we discovered that he was in reality stopping the true leader of the invasion…"

"The Wisconsin Ghost known as Vlad Plasmius!" Jack interrupted.

"…and is indeed a hero, like he'd always proclaimed. We helped him stop the leader and then headed straight back to Amity as fast as we could to stop it."

"What about the Red Hunter? Why'd it take so long for her to act?"

"We don't know as we weren't here, but I assume she focused on hunting the Ghost Boy instead of the other ghosts, like she always does.

"But I would like to take this opportunity to announce a truce created on the way to Amity between us and Danny Phantom. We have agreed to no longer hunt Danny Phantom and will instead help him rid the city of the rest of the ghosts, as we should have been doing from the beginning. Thank you."

Jack and Maddie turned away from the press while they flooded them with shocked questions. Jack flipped off the screen and smiled down on Danny.

"Now you don't need to worry about us hunting you."

"Thanks Dad, and Mom. I really appreciate it."

"Well what did you expect us to do? Still hunt you but just be really bad at it? No way. We're going to help you and that means both in clearing your name and fighting ghosts."

"How was going back to school?" Jack asked.

"Strange. I have homework, which is so weird after not having it in so long. It feels really weird to be doing normal stuff after so much…abnormal stuff has happened, but it's definitely a welcome feeling."

"Yeah, we hear you," his mother responded "but I guess that's just the way our life is, huh?"

"Yup. But you know, I don't think I'd have it any other way."

"Neither would we," his mother added with a smile. "Now, I think you should get upstairs and do your homework while you have free time."

Danny nodded his head, and as he turned to head upstairs, he heard his mother call after him.

"Danny. I love you."

"Yeah, I love you son," his father added.

Danny smiled. He knew what they meant by saying those three simple words. They meant so much more to him than they used to. Not only did they convey the love they felt for him, but they were also a reassurance and a promise. They assured him that they loved him, ghost and all, and they promised him that they always would. "I love you too," he answered and he continued up the stairs.

Heading upstairs to his room, he sat down and started on the first homework he'd had in a long time. It took him at least ten minutes of mental preparation just to settle his mind down enough to concentrate and to readjust himself to the dullness of doing homework again before he could even get started.

Twenty minutes later, Danny felt fairly proud of himself. He had done a fair amount of problems, given the fact that he'd been missing from school and out of the homework loop for over two weeks. His concentration was shot, however, when his sister knocked on the door and entered.

"You know, what is the point of knocking if you're just going to come right in anyways?"

"So you have a two second heads up?" Jazz joked as she sat on Danny's bed.

"It really starts to make me wonder how I was ever able to keep my ghost powers a secret in the first place with you barging in all the time."

"Technically you didn't keep them a secret for very long before I found out. And afterwards I just gave you more time, just in case."

"What do you want?" Danny asked, jumping to the point. He had a horrible suspicion as to what she wanted to talk about.

"We need to talk, about the past two weeks." Danny opened his mouth to retort but Jazz cut him off. "I know you don't want to, but we need to. Mom and Dad seem to be under the same illusion as you that everything can just be left alone and forgotten and maybe that is the best way for them, but you can't just forget about it. That won't do anything."

"Forget about what? There's nothing to talk about," Danny retorted as he turned around in his chair, facing Jazz.

"No, I think there is," Jazz responded as she pulled out the letter Danny left the day he ran away. "You said a lot of stuff in this letter. I didn't think it would be a good thing to discuss it before, but I think now's a good time."

He should have known she'd be bringing up the letter, and everything that had to do with it. So much for thinking that it would just be left forgotten and they'd just move on. That may work for his parents, but that's just too easy for his psychologically obsessed sister.

Jazz, taking Danny's silence as acceptance sighed, ready to dive into the speech she had been practicing for the past two days. She even neglected studying to prepare this, which made her feel really horrible during class, but she felt better as she told herself that her brother was more important than her schoolwork.

"About the accident…"

"Wow, that didn't take long to get to."

Jazz glared at him. "I need to know if you're all right, and I don't want some half truth answer like you were supplying us before you ran away. I want the real answer."

"I'm okay." Jazz's glare, if possible, intensified. "No really. Remember that girl Alison? Well, we talked while driving through the Dakotas, and I'm actually okay. I mean, I still feel guilty and any time I see your arm or Sam's leg or downstairs I feel really bad and the memories come back, but I've kinda accepted it. Alison helped me to realize that accidents do happen, and it could've ended up worse."

Jazz smiled. "That was exactly what we were trying to tell you."

"I know."

"But I'm glad it finally got through your thick head, even if it took some pretty blonde to get it through there."

"Hey, are you trying to comfort me or insult me, 'cause right now I'm not really sure."

"A little bit of both," Jazz responded with a smirk. "Well, that was easier than I thought. I guess I spent last night memorizing that whole page worth of reassurance as to how we still loved you and didn't care for nothing."

"Memorized? You wrote all this out and memorized it?" Danny asked in shock. The lengths his sister went through never ceased to amaze and scare him.

Jazz blushed. "I wanted to make sure I covered everything, and I'm much more eloquent on paper."

Danny shook his head. "You're a nerd."

"I know. Now, remember Mom's threat about how she'll ground you under a ghost shield if you ever run away again?"

"How could I possibly forget? I generally make a point to try and remember threats made against me."

"Good, then you'll remember this one. If I ever hear you say anything about wishing you never had ghost powers or imagining what would or wouldn't happen if you didn't have ghost powers, I will carry the Ghost Gabber around with me inside a mini ghost shield for the rest of my life and it'll repeat everything you say. And while you might just try to stay away from me, you can't avoid me forever, and that thing has a wide range."

"Okay, point noted. But why such a harsh punishment?"

"Danny, I don't know if you realize this, but getting your ghost powers is the best thing that ever happened to you, no matter what happens because of them. Don't interrupt me," Jazz reprimanded as Danny opened his mouth. "I worked really hard on this paragraph and I'm not going to let you ruin it. Now, from the moment I found out about your ghost powers I realized how important they were not only for the town and the safety of the people, but for you. Look at everything they've done for you. They've given you confidence, courage, a sense of purpose, dedication. You're not just the boy who was too lazy to do all his work and got shoved in a locker anymore. You're a hero. You're brave and strong and it's because of your ghost powers. They unlocked your hero side from inside you, gave you a way to show it to everyone. And even though the people don't always show it, you're admired and looked up to and people want and need you. Tucker and Sam realized this, which is why they'll give up everything and do anything just to be there for you and to help you. And now, Mom and Dad realize this too because they see all the things that we've seen. You wouldn't be Danny Fenton without your ghost powers."

Danny sat silently, processing his sisters' comments. She was right of course. She always was when it came to this kind of stuff. Sure it would be easier without the ghost powers and all the trauma that had just happened over the past two weeks wouldn't have occurred, but again, Jazz was right.

"Well?" Jazz asked, expecting him to have an immediate comment.

"How long did it take you to write this?"

"A good two hours."

"It's really cheesy." He turned intangible as Jazz threw a pillow at him.

"But do you get what I'm saying?"


"And do you promise?"

"Yeah, I promise."

"Good. Because suffering a few broken bones and losing a wall is nothing compared to what you'd lose if you got rid of your ghost powers."

"You forgot about the tv."

Another smile graced Jazz's lips. "Alright, on to Mom and Dad."

"Geez how many points are you going to bring up?"

"A few."

"So, what about them?"

"How do you feel about them knowing?"

"Did you write that down in your speech too?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Did you write 'wait for response' after it?"

"Danny, this is serious. I talked to Tucker and Sam and they told me about your fears of them finding out."

Danny muttered something that sounded remarkably like "Traitors" before answering. "I'm fine. Actually, I'm more than fine. Minus the torture part it went better than I ever could have imagined it to go. Then again I always imagined it with me on a lab table with Mom and Dad standing over me with a scalpel, but you get the idea."

"And do you still feel ashamed about being a ghost around them? Mom told me," she answered quickly as Danny glared at her.

"God, how many people did you interview when you wrote this?"

"Just answer the question," Jazz replied exasperatedly.

"Not as much as before. I do have to say that one good thing that came out of that stupid powder was that being a ghost twenty-four-seven sure fixed that one."

"That's what I had hoped. Now, I know that it'll still be awkward between the three of you. You know that Dad especially will want to test out his inventions on you and the only reason he hasn't yet is because I bribed him with cookies, and Mom will do it too, but she'll sneak it in. And they'll want to help you all the time to make up for all the times they didn't."

"Yeah, I know. But, I'm ready. It's a small price to pay. At least I don't have to keep it a secret from everyone anymore."

"Exactly." Jazz took a deep breath. "Well, that went really well, don't you think?"

"Yeah, it was definitely one of your better attempts at sibling bonding, unlike that bowling incident."

"Hey, if you just used the physics and geometry like I told you your score would improve dramatically and you wouldn't have lost to me as much as you did."

"Yeah well it's hard to learn when your sister is trying to teach you and showing you how to swing in a public place."

"That's not what made it unpleasant. It was because you were jealous of my high score."

"Was not."

"Was too."

"Was not."

"Was too."

"Fine, then I demand a rematch. You'll see that I can have a good time bowling if you're not teaching me."

"Alright, but you can't use your ghost powers."

"Why not?"

"Because that's cheating. And plus, how else are we going to prove that it's not just the fact that you'll be winning that's making you cheerier? And it'll be a public place."

"Not if we go to Sam's. And hers is free."

"No chance. It needs to be public to keep the other variables constant."

"See, that's what makes bowling with you unlikable. Bowling isn't science, it's fun."

"Science is…never mind. Anything else you want to talk about?"

"Considering that I didn't want to have this conversation in the first place?" Jazz sighed. "No, I'm good, honestly."

"Alright. Well, I'll let you get back to your homework."


Jazz stood up and kissed Danny on the forehead before walking to the door, but before she closed it she turned around and looked at Danny. "Oh, and the part in the letter about me being your best friend?"

"Oh, you didn't think that was actually true, right? I was just, you know, caught in the moment."

"Of course," Jazz answered as she shut the door.

Danny sat down to look at his homework but found he couldn't concentrate anymore. Jazz's conversation left a lot of thoughts running through his head concerning the two weeks he'd been trying to forget. She was right, he wouldn't be able to forget them, and trying to wasn't accomplishing anything. He could pretend they weren't there, but one of these days he had to come to terms with it, so why not now? It would save him the effort of trying to pretend they weren't there.

Everything just seemed like such a jumbled dream. It was mixed up in his mind: the goo, the torture, the conversations with his parents, the powder, running away, the Bakers, Vlad, the invasion. It all seemed so far away and yet so close at the same time, like it happened years ago but also minutes ago.

He tried to shift through it all and get to the smallest point possible. His parents had found out and didn't care. Really, everything had emanated from there. The way Danny dealt with the pain from the torture, the realization of his half-dead state, the reemergence of his possible future, the powder, the disease that caused him to remain stuck as a ghost, the embarrassment that came from being stuck, the damage, the shame from hurting his family and friends, the guilt, the battle for the cure, the invasion, all of it involved his parents' help, and he never would have been able to deal with any of it without them. It all hinged on the fact that his parents had found out.

And yet after everything, they still loved him. They still loved him after finding out about his powers, still loved him after finding out he was the ghost boy, still loved him after finding out about his future, still loved him after witnessing all his ghostly attributes, still loved him even though he was stuck as a ghost. They conquered their hate of ghosts, their desire to experiment on them, and their feelings of discrimination all for him. All the events in those two weeks broke down all the barriers between Danny and his parents and they truly loved and accepted him for who and what he was, totally and completely.

He happened to notice that he was staring at the clock on his nightstand and smiled as it reminded him of Clockwork and what he had told him the night he visited them. He had told him that his parents finding out would be the best thing that ever happened to him, and he was right. Now that his parents knew, things couldn't get any worse, they could only get better because he knew that his parents were with him and ready to help him. He could handle anything.

He leaned back in his chair as he heard his mother calling him from downstairs, telling him that dinner was ready, just like normal. But as Danny hopped up from the chair and started walking down the stairs he realized it was better than normal. His parents were calling him down to the table knowing and not caring that he was a ghost, and he couldn't ask for anything better.

The sound of a doorbell rang throughout the space, startling the dozing figure in front of the television. The door was opened to reveal a package sitting on the floor with a note attached.

For the perfect revenge on the one you hate the most.

The recipient opened the package and smiled with wicked satisfaction, picturing a white haired green eyed ghost writhe in pain from the glorious surprise in the mysterious package.

The End

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