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Dark lay among the bed sheets, his head resting on the pillow and his right hand upon his face. His eyes were closed and his chest rose and fell from each slow breath. He held the appearance and sound of someone fast asleep but he was not sleeping. Far from it.

In fact, he couldn't sleep for most of the night. His mind had been working so furiously that he couldn't hope to even sneak a little amount and when he did manage to, he would only reawaken a few minutes later. It was passed as impossible.

As the sun peeked over the horizon, its light knifed through the middle of the curtains and illuminated a portion of the room. The light splayed over Dark's face and he grumbled at the sudden brightness and rolled over, showing his back instead to the offending glow of dawn, letting his hand fall where it willed. He was never the type to like the mornings.

He dimly heard the door open and the soft sound of footsteps on the wooden floor. He pretended to be asleep until he felt the person settle onto his bed behind him. Startled, he turned his head and spotted Daisuke curling beneath the blankets.

"Daisuke, why are you here?"

Daisuke jumped, his face showing his surprise. He probably didn't expect that Dark would be awake. He blushed and lay down beside him on the other half of the bed.

"I couldn't sleep at all," Daisuke sighed.

"You, too?" Dark asked, curiously.

Daisuke turned his head and gazed into his violet eyes, and then nodded his head in response. Dark turned his face back forward, staring at his desk on the other side of the room. He felt Daisuke breathing on his neck, the warm breeze making his hair stand on end. Irritated, he kicked Daisuke off the bed.

"Daisuke, why are you in my room! This is my bed!"

"But Daaark!" Daisuke whined.

Daisuke jutted his lower lip into a small pout that would have had any ordinary person give in but it would never work on Dark. Dark bit his lip as he saw the younger boy give him the "puppy eyes" also, his red eyes growing unnaturally huge. Dark scowled and snatched the comforter, covering himself with it as he collapsed onto the bed.

"Just as long as you don't bother me you can stay," he snapped, "Besides, I don't see any point in sleeping in my bed. It's already 5 in the morning anyways."

Daisuke bounded back onto the bed delighted that he could stay. He, however, took it the wrong way and curled against Dark, his pale arm draped loosely around Dark's middle. Dark's eye began to twitch at this and he growled dangerously but Daisuke didn't get the hint.

"Daisuke, you're bothering me," Dark tried to keep his voice calm.

Daisuke groaned softly and snuggled closer, apparently asleep. Dark sighed again, his eyes observing Daisuke. Although he could be annoying at times, Daisuke could be cute, in a way. He smiled at his little brother and circled to face the front once more. Good thing that it was Saturday. They could sleep without worrying about homework.

No schoolwork, yippee for me. He thought sarcastically.

Actually, he expected his schoolwork to come through email any minute now. He rubbed his face with the back of his hand, wincing slightly at the sharp feeling of his nail against the side of his nose.

I'll try to relax at least. Besides, today is my birthday.


Dark poked his egg sleepily with his chopsticks, his cheek resting on the palm of his hand. He peeked at Daisuke from the corner of his eye and saw that he too, was tired. Daisuke actually missed his rice bowl several times, his chopsticks coming hard against the surface, making two dentures in the polished ash table.

What a great start on my birthday.

Just two hours after Daisuke entered and decided to sleep in Dark's room, Emiko, their mother, had yelled herself hoarse trying to wake them up. They were like dead weights and refused to move until Emiko decided to use a racquet.

"Honestly, I don't understand why you two can't sleep normally anymore!" Emiko shook her head.

"Maybe it's because Dark has come of age." Daichi, their grandfather, said picking at the ceramic bowl thoughtfully.

"But Daisuke shouldn't be acting like that in that case. He's not even of age yet," Emiko pointed out.

"Maybe it is his destiny."

"Don't jest like that papa. I doubt that Daisuke is ready for it yet."

Dark exchanged looks with his little brother.

"Umm…Emiko? It's actually nothing really," Dark frowned.

"Yeah, mom. We are just kinda…well…worried about stuff!" Daisuke finally managed to pick up a grain of rice but ended up dropping the sticks.

Emiko stared at the wooden sticks on the floor, concerned. "You really don't act like yourselves lately." She watched as Towa picked it up and handed Daisuke new ones which only ended up being on the floor again where the old ones were previously.

"Daisuke! Just because I'm a maid, I won't tolerate you dropping your chopsticks every time I give you another one!"

"Sorry Toto, I guess I'm just too tired this morning." Daisuke yawned and sleepily grabbed a handful of rice and stuffed it into his mouth, a comical solution to his problem.

"Daisuke!" Emiko yelled.

Dark smirked and poked Daisuke with his finger.

"Gee Daisuke, even though I'm really tired, I don't degrade myself by having poor table manners," he said.

Daisuke fended his finger off and pushed back his chair with his legs while standing up.

"I'm going to go check on Wiz," he declared, even though Wiz was sitting right in front of him on the table eating a strawberry, and headed up the stairs.

Everyone became quiet for a moment. Towa broke the silence by clearing her throat loudly. She picked up Daisuke's bowls and plates along with his chopsticks.

"Well…er…I'll just start washing the dishes, yes?" She excused herself and exited the dining room with Daisuke's almost full tableware.

"Dark, tell me, is there anything wrong?" Emiko said, as she placed her utensils on the table.

Towa reappeared a moment later and made a great show of stacking the plates and bowls and somehow managed to carry all of it at once (it was nearly twice Towa's height). Dark's eyes followed her retreating back until the door swung behind her. A huge crash followed a few seconds later. Everyone winced at the noise.

"Not really."

Towa popped her head out of the kitchen so suddenly that everyone jumped.

"Umm…Ma'am? Well, umm…the plates are sort of…err…broken," Towa said nervously, looking like a frightened bird ready to fly away at the slightest movement.

"It's all right, Towa, we'll just have to buy new ones. They were getting a little old anyways." Emiko smiled warmly.

Towa looked relieved and she scurried back into the kitchen, humming a small tune. Emiko shook her head, sighing. She turned her attention back to her son.

"Now, dear, tell me, did you have any unusual dreams?"

Dark froze momentarily, wondering on what to say. There was a long pause.

"Well Emiko, I…"

"Call me mom. What's wrong with calling me mom?" Emiko chided. She crossed her arms staring at him with her honey-colored eyes.

"Ok, then, umm…there's nothing wrong really. I just had this one really weird nightmare that pops around in my head from time to time but nothing serious," Dark said as he traced a line of a pattern along the smooth plane.

Emiko narrowed her eyes. She leaned over (Dark was sitting at the other side of the table) and placed a hand on Dark's hand.

"Tell me Dark, about everything in your dreams."

"Why?" Dark asked, as he fought to control his facial expression. There was something private in his dreams that he didn't want to share. He could feel his face reddening already.

"Dark, every piece of information is crucial. If you do not tell me, you might get hurt," Emiko replied, as she played around with his delicate fingers. She gave a small pat on the palm in a loving way.

Dark scowled and tugged his hands away. "Mom, I'm your son, not your husband."

"Yes, yes, what a pity. You know you are really handsome," Emiko said, winking.

Daichi coughed and everyone turned to look at him. He blinked at them as if it was normal that he should be coughing even though it was warm, although it was only an excuse to hide a snigger.

"I guess I've got a bit of cold from this weather," He said casually.

As Emiko heard this, she suddenly turned serious. She got up from her seat and walked up to Dark, her hands on her hips. She leaned over Dark so their foreheads were touching.

"Dark, tell me, now," she demanded.

Dark wilted under her gaze, puzzled. He had never seen Emiko seem so worried in his life. He tried to avoid the sudden closeness by leaning back his chair.

Emiko noticed that her son was uncomfortable so she straightened and said in a much softer tone, "Please tell me."

Dark pondered for a moment and then said softly, "Well there is one thing that was bugging me."

Everyone in the room looked attentively at him. It was unusual for everyone to be so alert, especially about something minor like his dreams. Dark scratched the back of his head nervously and took a deep breath.

"Well I had this one dream where there was this blond-haired angel who tried to kill me, but that's it," Dark said. This, he knew, was only half the truth. He didn't want to tell the details of his dream or the angel's identity.

"WHAT! What did he look like!" Emiko shouted, jumping up from her seat.

Dark gaped at his mother in astonishment.

"How did you know that he was a guy?" Did Emiko find a way to tap into his dreams somehow? Or was it a guess?

"It doesn't matter how I know! Just tell me!"

"Well ummm…."

"Dark, what's the matter? Why won't you tell me?"

"Well, he had really long hair…I mean really, really, really, long…."

"Dark, make sure, if you ever meet a person who looks like that, stay away from him!"


"What's with all this commotion?" A voice floated from the doorway.

Kosuke looked quite befuddled as to why there were shouting in the kitchen of all places. He walked over to his wife and gave her a quick kiss before hanging his bag on a chair and taking a seat.

"Well Kosuke, do you think Dark dreamed about the White Wings?" Emiko asked, pacing across the floor.

"Honey, come sit down or you're going to make another hole in the floor!" Kosuke grasped Emiko's shirt, stopping her little parade across the room.

If people knew Emiko, they would have known that she had a knack for making a hole in the floor whenever she was worried because she walked back and forth so many times. If someone didn't stop her fast enough, they would have had to pay lots of money to get a new floor.

Emiko reluctantly took her seat beside her husband, wringing her hands.

"What's with Dark dreaming about White Wings?" Kosuke asked.

Emiko disregarded him and looked Dark straight in the eyes looking very anxious. She exhaled noisily and seemed to have made up her mind.

"There is something that we should tell you, Dark." Emiko looked seriously at him.

"What is it? What's "White Wing's"?" Dark asked his purple eyes never leaving Emiko's face.

"We're thieves," Emiko said instead, ignoring his question.

Dark sat there confused. His mind was suddenly scrambled but only one idea speared through to him.


"You're going to be a thief now since you are of age. That's why you had all that training. Everyone becomes a thief when they are 17," Daichi said, drinking tea from his cup.

"That's right, until, of course, you marry someone that is. We also all have magic, too," Emiko added.

"Whoa, you're saying that we're magicians or something? Like magic that has a secret behind it or something that makes it not real?" Dark's eyes were wide. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"No, it's real magic," Kosuke put in.

Dark let his chair fall back to the floor on four legs (he still had the chair propped on two legs) and whistled.

"So I could just go and say, 'I'm going to turn you into a frog!' and you'll turn into a frog?"

"Not exactly, Dark." Kosuke said chuckling at his analogy.


"Well, Dark, we'll talk more about it later but first, "White Wings"." Emiko looked at her husband and heaved a huge sigh.

"I don't know if this is the same person we are talking about but just to tell you Dark, don't ever meddle with the man with the long blonde hair and yellow eyes. He's dangerous and he can kill you. He also has magical powers like you but he is more skilled. He has probably been using magic all his life."

Dark snorted at this sentence.

Could he be that good?

Emiko frowned and insisted, "Although it doesn't seem possible, he is stronger than you.
I also ask that you do not use too much of your powers in one day because it can be murder for your health. Understood?"

Dark nodded his head.

"Right now, just go do whatever you want to do. If you go somewhere, make sure you come back here before 6 o'clock." Emiko poured her father more tea.

Dark watched the emerald stream catch the lights from the lamp and flow into the cup before standing up.

He glided up the stairs easily and reached his room. He opened the door and walked straight to his bed before collapsing onto it.

Dark closed his eyes and breathed deeply the scent of his room. He reopened his eyes and gazed at his desk several yards away. His eyes traveled and saw the laptop glowing brightly with the words "You've got Mail" written in block letters.

He sat up straight and placed his feet on the floor. He pulled himself up and walked over to the computer, his finger hitting a button on the black keyboard. He rolled out his chair from under the desk and sank into the leather cushion.

Several windows popped up. Dark wrinkled his nose, annoyed.

I hate ads. They drive me crazy.

He deleted most of the windows and saw the one he was looking for. He moved the mouse until it settled on his email. He opened it and saw that it could fill nearly 5 pages.

Here we go. My homework for the weekend, he thought grimly.


Dark finally managed to finish his homework a few hours later.

Although he may look like the playboy type who doesn't do his homework, he actually did do his work. He was the smartest in his class. He was, however, not the smartest in the district because of a kid named Hiwatari Satoshi.

Satoshi was not stuck up about his intelligence and he also did not look like a nerd. He actually looked pretty "handsome" as the girls would say it and he actually had a fan club of his own.

Dark found out a few days ago from his pals that he was going to have a harder time when Satoshi's brother, transferred into the school. Rumor had it that this guy looked as good as Dark himself.

It's just a rumor anyways, Dark thought to himself.

And it's fun to have competition.

Dark opened the desk drawer and pulled out his cd-player and tucked the headphones over his ears. He leaned his head back and crossed his arms below his head. He closed his eyes and allowed his mind to drift.

I can't believe that I'm a thief. I can't believe that my whole entire family used to be thieves, except Daisuke. He's too young. He's going to be one though.

He tilted the chair slightly and turned on the volume, letting the music blast.

And what's with this "White Wings" guy? What's his role in my life?.

He relaxed on the chair, twirling a pencil around with his fingers.

Suddenly, the music stopped. Dark frowned, but did not open his eyes. His fingers pressed play on the device but nothing happened.

Impatient, he jabbed at several buttons but stopped as he felt a pair of hands rest upon his shoulders and something tickle his nose. His eyes flew open and he saw golden orbs staring intently at him upside down from above. The tickling feeling were from the long strands of yellow hair.

Actually, Dark had his head tipped back and Krad was behind him hunched over him so he seemed to be, in Dark's point of view, upside down.

Dark's mouth opened in surprise. His eyes widened and he felt himself tensing.

"Is that a proper way to greet a guest?" A hint of amusement crossed the blonde's pale features.

"K...Krad, what are you doing here!"

Dark tried to separate himself from the blonde's iron grip. He struggled for a while but Krad refused to let go. He didn't even seem to be worried that Dark was trying to push his arms off and didn't seem to be using any effort at all to maintain his hold.

"What? No hello?" The blonde asked in mock surprise.

Dark did not answer. He was too frustrated and busy trying to pry Krad's arms off of him.

"Mmm…Dark, you're looking delectable today." Krad seductively caressed Dark's chin and neck, and then stooped to touch the lips of the teen below him in a tender kiss.

Dark's eyes stared upwards at the cream-colored neck with dread…yet…. He couldn't help but part his lips, letting Krad access to the warm cavern. Dark closed his eyes and let his tongue twirl and slide across the sadistic blonde's own tongue.

They parted for air. Dark tilted his head back further, nibbling on Krad's neck. The blonde bent his head back with a small moan and pressed his mouth on Dark's again, the kiss becoming more heated.

During their kiss, Krad tugged the headphones off and placed them on the desk. His hands then rubbed Dark's chest gently, cruising down to his abdomen, and then finally reaching between his legs.

Dark gasped in surprise as the blonde angel massaged him through the fabric of his jeans. His back arched and he gave a small groan as the blonde unclasped his belt, tugged the button out, and unzipped his pants. The white hand snaked inside his boxers and began to stroke him hard and fast.

Dark reached up panting at the pleasurable sensation and clutched the pale hair, deepening the kiss. Saliva slid down from his mouth but Krad stopped it midway with his tongue and guided it back to Dark's mouth and invaded him once more.

Dark heard a little voice in the corner of his mind yelling out that this was wrong. It had been there all this time and it was starting to annoy him. He tried to ignore it but it became more and more persistent. Growling a little, Dark shoved Krad away and sat straight, twirling the chair around to face the blond.

"What's the matter Dark?" Krad asked innocently.

"Leave me alone."

"But why? Didn't you like it?"

"Shut up and leave," Dark said irritably as he yanked up the zipper.

Krad crossed his arms and tilted his head to one side, his white wings rustling. His long yellow hair was tied in its usual ponytail that ended with a cross. His slanted golden eyes peered from beneath his bangs and several strands combined into one fell in front of his face. He looked the same as always.

The only difference was that he was wearing a white sleeveless shirt that exposed his midriff and dark grey cargo trousers. There was a silver chain that hung about his waist. Most of the time, Krad wore a complex white robe that would have made a person clench their teeth every time they try to take it off.

"I heard that you were going to become a kaitou. Am I right?"

Dark glared at him. "Yeah, so?"

"That means I'm going to be the one to hunt you down."

"Oh really?" Dark only frowned. He didn't know what the heck the blonde was talking about.

"I guess I'm not welcome here. Fine, I will leave you alone for now." Krad bounded forward and gave Dark a chaste kiss before jumping back.

"Well, I guess I'll see you soon?" The blonde smirked, his eyes narrowing.


Dark awoke with a start. He felt his ears and found that the headphones were still on. The music had automatically returned to the beginning and had stopped.

He sighed and turned the disc back on. He looked at the laptop and saw the screensaver playing. He watched the path of a ball as it changed shape and colors. He yawned and poked his mouse, making the screen wink back to the email site. He blinked.

There was a new email, but it was titled anonymous.

Funny. How did it get through the filters?

Dark wasn't supposed to receive any email from anonymous people or junk mail. Besides, how can a person send anonymous mail?

He shrugged and tapped the enter key. He scrolled down and saw the words, "We'll be seeing each other soon."

Dark stared at the screen, speechless as he saw those simple words. He shivered and turned off the computer without properly pressing the button, feeling scared. An ominous feeling coursed through his body which he didn't like at all.