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Jimmy sat at his desk in history, staring at the blackboard. He took a quick glance at his lecturing teacher, and then turned to the girl in front of him. He looked intently at her shiny golden hair before leaning his head back and sighing.

Jeez, could middle school be any more boring? he sadly thought. He didn't even attempt to pay attention to what his teacher was saying. He was certain that he knew it all already.

Now twelve years old, Jimmy was a sixth-grader at Retroville Middle School. He had been excited about the change all summer, much to the annoyance of his two best friends. While they were discussing the new movies that they wanted to see over vacation, Jimmy was talking about how challenging he hoped the classes would be.

As could be expected, the school didn't quite meet up to his, or anybody else's, expectations. It was exactly the same as Lindbergh Elementary, but with more work. And as an added bonus, they were now at the bottom of the social barrel. As many of the kids learned the first week of school, eight-graders really hate younger kids.

At any rate, Jimmy decided to begin tapping out a song on his desk with his pencil. This quickly stopped when he looked up and saw Cindy's ponytail swish back and forth as she shook her head to Libby's unheard question. God, can you stay out of my head for five seconds?

While his school environment might not have changed much, his feelings for Cindy definitely had. A preteen entering puberty, Jimmy's hormones were raging. He cursed the foul demons that rushed through his blood, yet loved them at the same time. He might not be able to get any work done or focus on anything but Cindy, but there was a silver lining.

His hormones had focused entirely on Cindy. Everything that he had hated about Cindy he suddenly loved. Her scowl brightened his mornings. Her constant put-downs sounded like her declaring her love for him. Even her stupid ankle-showing pants had grown on him. She was utterly, and flawlessly, perfect to him now.

Which made day-to-day life even harder for him. After all, how was he expected to scream and argue every day with the one girl he loved? And it wasn't like he could ask her out. He had convinced himself that she still hated him. After all, why else would she constantly insult him?

Well, maybe not constantly, he thought to himself. I mean, we sit at the same lunch table. And we go on adventures together. Actually, he thought with a striking realization, we hardly ever fight anymore. That means...

His teacher quickly interrupted his ground-breaking thoughts. "Well, Mr. Neutron?"

Jimmy quickly snapped himself out of his thoughts. The whole class stared at him. "Um, sorry?"

"Answer the question, Jimmy," his teacher sternly instructed him.

Jimmy gulped and rubbed the back of his neck. "Um, uh...well, Europe?"

The class burst into laughter. Mr. Doe shook his head in disappointment. "So, you're saying that the colonists gained their freedom from England in the year Europe?"

Jimmy smiled his wide, innocent smile. "Well, yes," he defiantly said.

Mr. Doe once again shook his head and asked the Cindy for the proper answer. "1776," she said with a wide grin. She spun around and stuck her tongue out at Jimmy. "Was that question too hard for you, Jimmy? Or is that stupid hair of yours growing inside your head and penetrating your brain?"

Jimmy, once again deep in thought about Cindy, just mumbled, "Uh, yeah. Guess it is."

Cindy stared oddly at him for a moment before turning back around. "Freak," she muttered underneath her breath.

Jimmy slammed his head against the desk and closed his eyes. If I keep on hiding my feelings for her, I'll get so distracted that I'll never make it to seventh grade, he sadly thought before lifting his head up slightly and slamming it back down onto his desk.