Hey, Guys this story is called Operation HATE. It's a Numbuh Three story too, I saw operation NAUGHTY and it got me thinking if Numbuh Three is going to turn evil, I mean look at the signs, she getting stronger, tougher and were seeing a lot more of her angry side too. That's all the signs of an Evil person so Here it is, coming at ya!

Operation HATE





Numbuh Three walked into school happy as usual, she was a very liked and popular girl at school for obvious reason, and she was nice, caring, and sweet. She was merrily skipping along, while saying hi to all the other kids who greeted her,

"Hey, Numbuh Three!" A boy with curly blonde hair said to her as she walked by, Numbuh three waved as she skipped by. The next person to say hi to her was a girl with two brown pigtails, she was standing by her locker when Numbuh three past by,

"Hi, Kuki!" Numbuh three replied sweetly

"Hello Cynthia, I like your pigtails the look really cute on you!" She said with thumbs up. Cynthia giggled and Blushed as she said

"Aw, thanks Kuki, You've just made my day so much better." Numbuh three just smiled and went to her locker. Numbuh Four locker was right next to hers so he went with her. When they both reached their lockers Numbuh four asked her,

"Hey Numbuh three, why are you so nice to people?" Numbuh three simply replied,

"I don't know. I prefer to be nice to people, you can get through things a lot easier if you have a positive attitude. Why? Would you like it better if I was a mean and nasty little girl?" She said with a smile. Numbuh four shook his head and said

"Nah, I like you better when your nice." He told her with a small smile. Numbuh three smiled and blushed a bit as she said bashfully,

"Oh, well thanks Numbuh four? That really means a lot." Numbuh four smiled and looked at the clock on the hallway wall.

"Numbuh three come on, were gonna be late for that cruddy Mr. Johnson's class" Numbuh three agreed.

"Yeah, let's go he gives quadruple F minuses." She replied with a shudder as they walked to class. A half an hour later Numbuh three had to go to the bathroom, while walking in the hall she saw a kindergartener struggling to get a drink from the water fountain, she walked over to the small boy and said sympathetically,

"Oh you must be thirsty." The little boy nodded sadly, Numbuh three smiled and kindly lifted the boy up to the water fountain so he could drink and said "There you go." She set the little boy down, he smiled and wiped his mouth then he said as he gave her a little hug,

"Thank you!" Numbuh three giggled and patted the boy's head and said,

"Oh, it's okay! I was small too once so I know what being little feels like!" the little boy laughed and ran back to class. Numbuh three proceeded to the bathroom. But little did Numbuh three know; she was secretly being watch by a very jealous new enemy on a mini cam disguised as a school fire alarm.

In a dark layer some where in the city…

"Excuse me, Envy, sir?" a short and tall man wearing a black suit approached a well dressed man sitting in a tall chair,

"Yes, Jack? What is it" he said impatiently. Jack walked up to the huge computer and turned it on

"We have located the child you wanted us to track down. She attends Gallagher Elementary school, and here she is." he zoomed in on Numbuh three walking back to class. "This is the girl, Right Envy?" Envy grinned as he watched innocent, happy Numbuh three walk back to math class, he said evilly

"Yes, that's her. I've finally found her!" Jack then asked with a communicator in his hand,

"Envy, we can grab the girl now! Do you want me to assemble our secret army? It will be an easy kidnapping. She looks so weak." Envy shook his head as he continued to watch Numbuh three skip to class,

"No, she's in school with her friends trying to get an education." He said grinning "Besides, I'd like to kidnap her when she's all alone." He said laughing sinisterly as they watched Numbuh three go into class.

Oh no! What do those creeps what with Numbuh three! Kuki better watch her back, because something serious is about to go down! R&R you guys love ya! Bye!