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Numbuh three just stared at Mushi, then laughed,

"This is who you called for? My weak little sister Mushi, Numbuh four?" Mushi glared at her and said angrily,

"I'm not too little to stop you Kuki! What you're doing is bad! It's very mean!" Numbuh three rolled her eyes and crossed her arms,

So what! It's not like it bothering you or something!" Mushi nodded her head and said,

"Yes it is bothering me Kuki! You would never try to hurt anyone, especially not your friends!" Numbuh three turned away and said,

"Well that was then. This is now. I can do whatever I want now!" Mushi sighed as she aimed the Giant sized THUMPER at her big sister and said to her sadly,

"Fine, if that's the way you want to be, then I got no other choice!" She fired three teddy bears at her, Numbuh three jumped in the air and hopped on each of the teddy bears as they came at her. She jumped on each one until she reached Mushi. Numbuh three kicked the THUMPER out of her hands, Mushi then tried to punch her big sister but she easily dodged it. She then tried to kick her but she dodged that attack too. Soon Mushi began to tire out as she realized none of her attacks were working, but she didn't want to give up and let Numbuh four down, so she tried to slap her. Numbuh three grabbed her and lifted her up in the air. She smiled as Mushi twisted and turned in an attempt to get free. Numbuh three giggled a little as she said to her little sister,

"If I had an ounce of Happiness left in me Mushi, I'd say this was a really brave thing you're doing..." Mushi tried to break free from her hold on her as she said,

"Kuki put me down Right now! I'll show you how brave I am!" Numbuh three continued speaking,

"But good thing for me, my happiness was taken away some time ago." She said darkly. Mushi looked at her sister and asked her,

"What do you mean taken away from you?" Numbuh three realized her mistake, she had said too much. Numbuh three lowered Numbuh four's cage so that she could put Mushi in it. Mushi tried even harder to get away but, Numbuh three dragged Mushi to the cage and threw her in with Numbuh four. Then she walked up to the DOLLY, and said to Mushi,

"I'll admit Mushi I was really impressed by your bravery." Mushi was confused but blushed as she said,

"Um, thank you?" Numbuh three nodded and continued,

"Yeah, I noticed the change in your attitude ever since you started dating that brat Sandy." Mushi Blushed some more,

"I guess I'm rubbing off on him!" Numbuh three grinned and started Sandy's name on the keyboard,

"Yes well, I don't like the change! And since he's the one changing you, maybe I should get rid of him." She said thoughtfully, Mushi looked at her with tears in her eyes,

"Kuki you can't!" Numbuh three giggled with her hand over the button,

"Watch me! You shouldn't have tried to be a hero Mushi! Turning against your own Big sister! Shame on you Mushi! And now you have to pay the price. Let's see how brave you are without your little boyfriend!" she laughed as she pressed the green button and one screen you can see sandy being turned into a doll and soon a Rainbow Monkey carrying it away. Mushi sobbed as she watched, she looked to Numbuh three and yelled angrily, and tears rolling down her cheeks,

"Kuki, you big meanie! How could you do such a horrible thing?" Numbuh three shrugged,

"It was easy all I had to do was type in his name; press the Green Button and Poof! He's a doll, just like that!" Numbuh three noticed a Rainbow Monkey come flying through the window "Oh look and here he is now!" Mushi looked at the Rainbow Monkey as it dropped the King Sandy doll in to the crate, with tears in her wide eyes. Numbuh three walked up to Mushi and looked her in the eyes,

"Not so Big and Brave now? Are you Mushi?" Mushi lowered her head down and began to sob. Numbuh four watched her sadly as Numbuh three spoke,

"Did you really think you could have stopped me Mushi? I'm pure evil and you're just a baby!" she said laughing. Numbuh three walked back to the DOLLY,

"Well that was fun, but now that all the Operatives are dollified, I should move on to the villains now." She said typing words onto the monitor. She then pressed the green Button and the screen started to show villains like, Father, the D.C, and many others change into dolls. Numbuh three smiled and said to the two kids as she began to walk out of the room,

"Now, sit back and enjoy the show. If you need me I'll be busy sleeping!" she said yawning and rubbing her eyes. When Numbuh three left Mushi turned to Numbuh four and asked him,

"Wally, why is my sister so Angry and Mean?" Numbuh four shook his head and shrugged,

"I don't know Mushi. I just wish we had the old Kuki back." Mushi nodded her head and asked him,

"When did she first start to act like this Wally?" Numbuh four thought about it and said,

"Right after she woke up, a few hours after we rescued her from some guy who kidnapped her?" Mushi then asked,

"Do you remember anything you saw?" Numbuh four started to think back and remember everything he saw in Envy's Layer,

"Well, Kuki was lying on the floor next to a really huge machine. The guy she was with had a glowing green bottle around his neck and uh let's seeā€¦"

"She was lying next to a machine? And the guy had a glowing green bottle around his neck? Don't you think that's a little strange." Mushi said cutting him off. Numbuh four then explained,

"Yeah it does sound a little strange. But the weird thing was the guys said he didn't do anything to her." Mushi replied,

"He lied. It's what bad people do. But, do you remember what Kuki said to me earlier? About her happiness was taken some time ago?" Numbuh four nodded his head Mushi continued, "What if that guy who took Kuki also took something very important to her? Like her happiness for example." Numbuh four shook his head,

"Nah, that's impossible! Can people really do that?" Mushi nodded,

"Anything's possible. If Kuki can turn people into dolls, then surely someone can snatch emotions out of people. It could be the reason why she's acting like that, Wally!" Numbuh four said enthusiastically,

"Well if that's the reason, then we have to find away to get Kuki's happiness back before were too late!" But Mushi sighed as she said,

"But how? How are we going to get out of this cage, sneak past Kuki, find the guy that took Kuki's happiness and put it back in her before she takes over the world!" they both sat in silence for a few minutes until they heard a voice say,

"Perhaps I could be of some assistance." The two trapped kids turned to see Envy climbing in from the window and it looked like he had a plan.

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