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Happy Birthday

Colonel Roy Mustang sighed.

Today was supposed to be special.

Today was supposed to be fun.

Today was supposed to be all about him.

But out of all of those things?
He got none.

There was a gun held to his head,

No plans on being 30 found dead,

He began to sign his paperwork.

But he only had one thing on his mind…

Where was his mini yellow headed jerk?

Edward Elric, his favorite person,

Who was the size of a pea,

Was really the only person,

That the colonel wanted to see.

But so far it seemed,

It was simply not meant to be.

Ed could not have forgotten…

Because that would be just rotten.

But then a thought came to the flame,

Maybe he would just have to put his boyfriend to shame?

Fullmetal should have known.

This was no game.

The scraping of a chair,

Footsteps on the floor,

A knock on the door,

A visitor.

No, just Havoc and Fury,

With a rather large box.

They set it in front of Roy in a hurry,

A birthday gift.

He opened the card on top:

'It's all tied up.

Take this home with you…

..and good luck….'

Inside the box sat Edward Elric,

And he was tied to a rubber duck.

The message taped to Eds forehead read:

'Have a nice fuck.'