Dimensional Fluxes: Magical Terrors

By: Maggie and Rebecca

Note - Neither of us own J.K. Rowling's characters or any of the Harry and the Potters songs. We don't claim rights over them. If you want to know more about Harry Potter go here. If you want to know more about Harry and the Potters go here.


- Maggie

- Rebecca

- Tom

- Rupert


Maggie and Rebecca are hanging out when all of a sudden they slip and their heads crash together. They black out and when they wake up they find themselves in the Hogwarts castle.

Tom and Rupert are filming when suddenly a piece of set falls and hits them both on the head. They black out and when they wake up they find themselves in the Hogwarts castle.


Hi everybody! I suppose I should introduce myself first. I'm going by Rebecca currently and I really like the movie Draco (Tom Felton's so pretty!) but the book Draco could use some work. Also, I am ever so slightly weird. I really like fantasy (LotR), science fiction (Star Wars), and fan fiction so my friend and I decided to write one.


Hey! I'm Maggie. Becca is a friend of mine (duh!). We were sitting around this one weekend and we were like, "What would happen if we fell into the HP world armed w/ Harry and the Potters?" For those of you who don't know Harry and the Potters is a very amusing band that writes songs like if Harry made a band and sang sad songs about his life. If you would like to look them up then click here. Anyway, as I was saying. We thought it would be fun so here's the story. Later this summer I'm going to be writing another HP fanfic but it will be more on the mature/teen side. Alright, I know you're probably getting tired of me rambling on so here's the story!

Chapter One: Headaches

POV Rebecca

Well, I was visiting my friend Maggie's house one afternoon during Christmas vacation and we were continuing one of our odd random discussions over movies and books, to be more specific, Harry Potter.

"My sister still thinks that Snape is innocent. I guess it's possible but doubtful. Though, know J.K. she'll try and do something like that to 'surprise' us. I mean, she's setting it up for Draco to be good isn't she?" Maggie rambled on.

"I love Draco. I think he was forced into trying to kill Dumbledore. I mean, he didn't go through with it and he spent a lot of time crying I the bathroom. I bet if the boos weren't written for the age group it is Draco would have cut himself open as opposed to Harry doing it for him. Of course, it helps that Tom Felton has pretty blonde hair and plays evil so well." I explain.

"That's true. Albeit random." Maggie laughed.

As we continued the conversation Maggie put her Harry and the Potters CD on her player.

"I like that Quizilla quiz that was 'Which Draco Would You Fall For. The part where he snoged you was so dreamy." Maggie sighed.

"Snog is one of those words that is so much fun to say." I laughed, "Like the word bloke. Bloke, bloke, bloke, bloke.

"You know what would be really fun?" I said rather randomly. "If we could go to the set of Harry Potter and follow Tom Felton around playing the 'Draco Malfoy What's Your Problem' song."

"We could be groupie!" Maggie proceeded to do a rather odd looking dance and as I joined in we started to sing to the song that was blaring out through the CD player's speakers.

Your blood may be pure

But your heart is spoiled

You wouldn't be so tough

Without Crabbe and Goyle

Malfoy wouldn't be so cool if I wasn't around

I'm his enemy at school

He really wants to get me down

Draco Malfoy what's your problem

All your friends think you're bad

Cause you treat me so bad

Draco Malfoy what's your problem

All your friends think you bad

Cause you treat me so bad

You think you're so cool

Cause you're Slytherin's seeker

You're only that good cause you're a dirty cheater

You hate muggle-borns like Hermione Granger

I wouldn't be surprised if you became a Death Eater

Draco Malfoy what's your problem?

All your friends think you're bad

Cause you treat me so bad

Draco Malfoy what's your problem?

All your friends think you're bad

Cause you treat me so bad

"This CD has special brain melting powers!" Maggie squealed.

"Yep, yep!" I responded. "I let all my other friends listen to it as a form of cruel and unusual punishment."

We were both giggling insanely and what happened next happened so fast that I'm not even sure what it was. As we were laughing we bumped heads and blacked out. The next thing I remembered was that the two of us crashed to the floor of Hogwarts castle's great hall. I was wearing the uniform of a Gryphondor and Maggie was in that of a Ravenclaw.

POV of Narrator

Meanwhile, in Scotland the cast and crew of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix were filming the part of the movie where Ron was dealing with nerves from his first Quidditch match. Malfoy couldn't be described as helping.

"Cut! Cut!" yelled the director. "Break time." He left muttering under his breath about various things. Nobody was sure what but it never sounded good.

Both Tom and Rupert we standing on the set talking about the scene when all of a sudden they heard someone screaming. They looked up and saw a piece of what looked like one of the statues falling towards them. Before they could move out of the way it crashed onto their heads with a crack!

They blacked out and when they came to they saw that the were in what looked like a larger version of the Great Hall set sitting on the floor. Two dazed looking girls sat blinking next to them. What Rupert said next summed up what all four of them were think. "Bloody hell. Where are we?"