This fanfiction is dedicated to my fiend Beth, who has been twisting my arm so that I could upload it. Also for being a willing proof reader.Enjoy, and RWHG ship rules!


She sat there on the cold flagstone stair, searching for the love of her life, the one that she had loved since 1st year, but hadn't realised until he was almost killed in 5th year.

He said that he would meet her there, as he had a surprise for her, but she had been waiting for 3 hours and he hadn't shown up.

People stared at her, and made a few nasty remarks abpout her lonliness, but she still waited until the sky turned a variety of colours that streaked across the entrance hall, and he appeared through the doorway. She involuntairly gasped, for he was god-damn beautiful, and she wanted to scrunch his shoulder length hair in his hands, and run her lips over his tanned, muscular body which drew a few admiring glances from some students still hanging around there. He walked over, and as she stood up, he gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek.

"happy birthday Hermoine," he said, and those three words sent a thrill through her body.

"Ron, thanks." She replied, barely able to disguise the lust that she felt when she saw him.

"erm… a surprise?" she asked.

"out this blindfold on," Ron ordered, and he tied a silk scarf around her eyes, then apparated holding her in his arms.


when Ron took the blindfold off, Hermoine gasped. The room was luxurious to say the least: the floor was covered in a deep red furlikle carpet, candles lit the room, and in the centre of it, was a four poster double bed, with silk hangings and quilt, and a card laying on the top of the bed. Hermoine walked over, picked it up and opened it, the read it aloud.

"Dear Hermoine,


Happy birthday,

Lots of love,


She looked over at him, and he grinned.

"told you it would be special." And with that, he walked over to her, and slowly undid her shirt buttons, letting the shirt fall to the floor.

"and now, " kissing feather-like her shoulders, "for thee" working up to hr face," the final touch", and he kissed her soft lips gently, then more passionate as hermoine responded in kind. Both breaths were getting shorter, their tongues were intertwining in a sensual dance, and as they drew apart for breath, both had lost their trousers and shirt, leaving them moaning as they went onto the bed, savouring each other's bodies, feeling every inch and scra, as the candles blew out and the night lit up the sky…


Hermoine shifted in her sleep, and brushed her hands against ron's chest- now covered in scratches and bites from the night before. Waking up, it took a few moments to remember why she and ron ad no clothes on, but when she did, she purred in happiness.

Ron groaned, and woke up feeling Hermoine softly kissing him on the lips, and willingly joined in. when they had both got their breath back, Ron said in a voice that excited hermoine.

"did you like your surprise?" and Hermoine answered in a husky voice while moving in for a passionate keiss: "yes, now here's yours…"