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Las Vegas- The Enigma

By Digistorm

Chapter One


Ed sat in his office reading over the document in front of him, he couldn't believe that the Montecito was up for sale again after the traumatic year of Casey Manning owning the casino. He had blown it up and rebuilt it in an attempt to get back his estranged wife, Samantha Jane Marquez but instead she had left Las Vegas as far as they knew. After rebuilding he got bored and gave up on Samantha and put the casino back up for sale. Ed missed Sam, in the few months before she left he had had her followed only to find out she was helping a girl with no parents or money. At the moment the deeds to the casino were in a guys' name called Mr Baldwin, he was trying to find a buyer. Before Casey Manning the Montecito group seemed like a little close net family, him being the father figure to them all. He felt like he had let her down, he had made it up to the others but she wasn't around to make it up to and he and the Montecito family missed her.

Nessa and Delinda returned from their quest in England after Nessa broke her collarbone whilst escaping from her kidnappers who were convinced that her father was alive. Nessa was now in touch with her sister Donna, but she had resumed her role at being the 'Ice Queen' as they called her. She was in charge of the casino floor. Delinda was herself, with the unbelievable genius IQ, but she never seemed to consult her brain before saying things. This made him smile, that was his little girl.

Then there was Danny and Mike, after Danny's father had died he took over his father's business for a couple of months but finally three months ago he returned as head of surveillance underneath Ed, who was the president, at the Montecito. Mike had returned at the same time after touring with his Aunt: Gladys Knight. He was himself as usual, a know it all.

Then there was Mary, she had returned and broke it off with her millionaire boyfriend after two months in Hawaii, something about a disagreement or something. Anyhow they were all back together apart from Sam, and that was one of Ed's many regrets. Not being able to look after her, he should have tried harder to get Casey away from the Montecito


Bobby Elway sat at his desk opposite the woman sat in his office, he had put advertisements out for a Casino Host. He never thought he would get someone so capable. He knew her ofcourse, Ed Deline had put warnings out to all casino's on the strip that if she turned up for a job to make sure she stay put and to inform him. It was one of his that had quit but he wanted her back.

"Ok, why don't you go look around the casino floor while I look over your résumé and I'll call you once I finish." He told her she smiled and headed to the casino floor. He immediately picked up his phone and pressed speed dial 1. "Yeah Ed it's Bobby Elway at the Palms, that host you told us to look out for well she's here. Yeah I got her waiting on the casino floor for my decision. You got ten minutes to get here." He hung up.


"Hey, Danny, you and Mike look over the security and surveillance I got to go see an old friend at the Palms, I'll be back soon. I'm taking Nessa with me get Sandra to take over. I don't want anything going wrong whilst I'm gone. That would be all we need." He told Danny as he put his suite jacket on and did his tie up.

"Yeah ok Ed. What should I do about the new Whales arriving, we got two right. Well I know you think Sam's replacement is alright she isn't able to handle one at the best of times I mean come on Ed, I think we should re-advertise." Danny told him. Ed gave him a confused look.

"I'll think about it." Ed said whilst leaving the surveillance room. He was going to bring Nessa with him to persuade Sam to come back; it would also hopefully cheer her up.

"Nessa, come with me Sandra is going to take over. I'll tell you in the car, come." He said without even stopping his stride. He was anxious to get over there in time before Sam left. He hadn't heard from her since she quit, she hadn't even said goodbye to anyone.

Five minutes later they were in the car headed towards the Palms.

"Ed, where are we going?" Nessa asked he hadn't told her yet and she was growing restless.

"I asked the other presidents of the casino's on the strip to notify me if Sam turned up for a job interview, I just got a call from Bobby Elway. Sam's at the Palms and I want her back at the Montecito. With Manning gone there is no reason she can't come back." Ed told Nessa who immediately squealed which Ed had learnt a while ago meant women were happy.


Sam had missed Las Vegas, even though she hadn't grew up here it was where her heart lay. She missed the people, the money and the gambling. Hopefully she would get this job and she could get right back to hosting people's stays on the strip. The Palms was the next best thing than the Montecito, on her way over to the Palms she had a quick look at the Montecito, last she heard it had been blown up now it looked as good as ever, Casey had obviously rebuilt it and as ever it was buzzing with life.

"Sam?" A familiar voice interrupted her contemplation's. She turned around it was Ed Deline and Nessa Holt, two people she never expected to run into in the Palms. Although, knowing Ed it was highly unlikely that it was a coincidence.

"Ed? What are you doing here?" Sam asked turning around and completely ignoring the crowds.

"I heard from a friend that you arrived back in town so I thought I would come down and see how you're doing and offer your old job back, your replacement really can't keep up. And to be honest, the Montecito is missing you." He told her. Nessa just stayed quiet knowing they were both as stubborn as each other.

"I can't not with Casey, It just wouldn't work out-"

"Sam, you have to come back. Before you left the Montecito were doing better than ever, we need you to get it back running to its full capacity. We need to stick together now, he's selling the Montecito, he is no longer in Las Vegas." Ed told her.

"Yeah I mean come on Sam, before you left the girls won every argument now Danny and Mike are winning and there ego's are getting way too big. We need you to watch our back." Nessa said smiling. Sam hugged her.

"I missed you guys." She whispered.

"Mary, Mary! Could you get me two front row tickets to the Elvis impersonator guy tonight? Oh and be a doll and get me a latte, two sugars." Julia said walking off. Mary looked after her in shock, where had the manors gone. She wasn't her servant.

"Can you believe that? The cheek of it. Anyway any ideas where Ed has gone, he left in quite a rush." Danny asked walking besides her handing her a latte for herself.

"No, I hate that girl. I blame Sam for leaving, she never should have gone then there would be no need for Julia and therefore I would have a better working environment to work in. So what's up with you and Jenny?" Mary asked taking a sip of her latte.

"We called it off, I just can't concentrate on a relationship at the moment don't know why. I got to run I got to drop this surveillance footage to the surveillance room. Thanks." He said running off in the direction of the security guards station. Mary looked around and noticed Nessa heading back to the Casino floor.

"Oh, Nessa where have you and Ed been?" She asked smiling.

"We went to the Palms, Ed got word that Sam was back in town. Our girl is back in so hopefully Ed will fire that girl Julia. She never really did fit in did she?" Nessa said checking a deck of cards over.

"Sam's back? Yay, the whole group back together again. We should ask Delinda to throw a party at Mystique for Sam, but not until Julia has left. So where are they?" Mary asked looked across the floor.

"Ed's helping her get her things, she's been staying somewhere for the past week until she got a job. I don't know you'll have to ask her or Ed." Nessa said replacing a pair of die on the craps table.

"So you been staying with you're 'little sister'?" He asked looking around the tiny apartment. It was not the kind of place he expected Sam to stay at.

"Yeah, we all just got back so they said I could stay a little while until I got a job. It's just been the summer holidays for them so I took her and Ash on holiday to a couple of places, we went Australia, France and Italy. It did us all good and surprisingly fun, just like when I was a kid." Sam said packing her things up. "Which room will I be in? I need one with a safe." She said quickly changing the subject from anything to do with her personally. Ed decided to let it drop.

"You will be having the same one as last time, no one has stayed in it since, your room was one of the ones that didn't need to be rebuilt." He said. "Why do you need a safe?"

"I'm sorry about all that Ed, he shouldn't have done that." Sam apologised whilst being selectively deaf.

"No don't say sorry, it wasn't your fault he did it you didn't." He told her hugging her.

"So have we got any big whales in at the moment?" She asked getting out of the hug and straight to business.

"Yeah we got two coming in today, I can let you look after one although Julia has to have one until she works her notice. She won't be happy, although I think everyone else will be." Ed told her with a grin.

"That bad? Good I showed up when I did then isn't it?" Sam said with a smile. She had missed the Montecito, as she had said once before they were the closest thing to family at the moment and she had liked being around them. "So who is buying the Montecito? Anyone we know?" Sam asked curious.

"I don't know yet. There have been several rumours but none of it has been confirmed, although Mr Baldwin, the guy with the deeds at the moment, told me himself that there has been a secret offer put in and that when the time comes could I run a credit check." Ed told her.

After collecting Sam's things and having them brought back to her suite Sam had insisted in popping out. When he asked where she was going she just said it was personal. Ed knew that that silently meant 'back off it's none of your business'. Everyone knew that. At the Montecito, his team was like a family to Ed, they were all close and all depended on each other. Somewhere along the line he had become a father figure for all of them, none of them had there own father in their lives any more, apart from Delinda ofcourse. Ed could figure out all of his Montecito 'children', even Delinda, who most of the time was on her own page. He knew the archilles heels of all of them, apart from Sam. Sam was an enigma. She managed to be close to all of them and yet keep her arms distant. She never offered information about herself; even if you found it out by yourself she would neither agree nor disagree with you. Confirm or deny. That was why, whilst sitting in his office on a Friday evening, with the information incriminating one of his own sat on his desk in front of him he could not just shred it and discard it from his mind, because he simply did not truly know the woman that was Samantha Jane Marquez.