Chapter Two-

Ed had been wondering about the photographs for two weeks now and still hadn't come to his conclusion about them. They were pretty incriminating, and believable. Ever since someone had sent them to him he had wondered back to the time when they had thought Sam was dipping in the casino's funds by laundering money, and how the man that she had been sent into spy on seemed to recognise her, something he said bugged him. It just seemed off and Ed knew that normally when something seemed off it was, especially at 'the company'.

At the CIA he was trained to trust he instincts, which had also been trained to be at their best. At the moment he was not sure which to follow; his heart or his instincts. If he followed his instincts he would spy on Sam and make sure she was never not surveilled.

On the other hand if he followed his heart, he would retrieve the photographs from his safe behind the painting on his south wall and shred them. He was discturbed from his musings as his computer beeped, alerting him of the happening transaction in Sam's account. He cliscked a few buttons and discovered that Sam had just recieved an amount of $4,608,454 from an untraceable account in the Cayman Islands. This was not good, he typed Sam's name into the computer IQ and waited for it to trace her. She was say at the bar with a man wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, making it impossible for Ed to run him through the facial recognition system.

"Damn!" He said slamming his hand down on the table, causing the warrant for a few of his employees, including Danny to look up into his office. He smiled and they looked away. He looked closer at the CCTV by the bar and saw that both the man, and Sam had their PDA's out. 'Probably checking her balance,' He thought sourly whilst all the time glaring at the images before him.

Sam smiled warely at the man infront of her. Through all of this she had not been all to happy to see him after fourteen years. It seemed like an eternity ago, so much has changed. She had changed. She realised that she was staring when he looked at her and smiled.

"What? Have I got something on my face?" He asked with an equally warely smile.

"Yeah, those ridiculous sunglasses, I'm sure my colleagues are getting suspicious, this is Las Vegas so you do need sunglasses but not inside. Look, I know this was...a new beginning for us but I want you to know if you your old ways I will not have anything to do with you." She told him. "And if I find out that you have lied to me I'll find a way to make it mutual, understand?" She wanted to make sure they were on the same page. He nodded and smiled sadly.

"You're just like your mother was." He said and with that left. She sighed watching his retreating form, he always did that.

"Eh, Mike, get in here for a second. Why doesn't everyone go get a coffee? You to Danny." Ed said leaning over his bannister of his office that watched over the buzzing surveillance room. Ed didn't miss the glance between Mike and Danny, it was usually Danny that was called in on the secret missions, for lack of a better term.

"Yeah sure thing, so what is it?" Mike asked as he came into Ed's office a little reluctantly. Ed closed the door and made sure the surveillance room was empty before he began.

"I'm going to ask you to do something for me and it must be completely confidential, can you do that? No one must know, no one not even Danny." Ed asked, making sure that he wanted this to be kept secret.

"Yeah sure Mr Deline." Ed almost laughed, he noticed that Mike called him 'Mr Deline' when he was slightly nervous.

"I want you to record someone's cellphone calls, aswell as her hotel suite's phone. Also, I need you to keep her on constant IQ, audio and visual will be needed in her hotel suite and I want a copy of all her files on her PDA. Got it? And remember Mike total confidence, so I want it encrypted so you can only watch it from an offsite location that only me and you will know." Ed told him, looking as if he was unfazed by asking him to do this.

"Uh, sure Ed. Just give me the name of the guest and I'll have it done by the end of the day, oh I'll also need to know the location that we will be setting it up." Mike said standing up.

"The motel room, I stayed at when I was testing you and Danny, it's all paid for and set up." He told him, Ed hesitated before continuing. "It isn't a guest, I want you to do it to Sam." He told him waiting for the sea of questions he knew would be getting soon enough.


Julia hadn't been at the casino for too long and yet she knew that they were a tight knit group, they acted almost like a family. All of them close but each of them hiding their own secret. She had learned a while ago, her second months of working there actually, that Ed Deline's biggest secret was that he was a former employee of the CIA. It hadn't really shocked her, although she was shocked that everyone that was in the 'inner' circle knew. Julia was thirty five years old and a damn good casino host. She knew she could be snotty at times, but she was ok. Six years ago she was the hottest and best casino host in Vegas, that was until Benedict Ladd, a top casino host in his time, had decided to train a protege, Samantha Jane Marquez. Since Benedict left the game Sam had been the talk of the town. Stealing her client list, jobs and reputation. Sam then left vegas and she was working her way back to the top, now she was back and most of her 'whales' were asking for her. It made her angry. Benedict wasn't even given credit for training Samantha, no he and Sam didn't tell anyone. Julia suspected she was the only one that knew. Not even Big Ed Deline.

Now Julia watched with envy as Sam sat at Mystique with her 'girlfriends', Mary, Delinda and Nessa. She took a deep breathe and approached Sam. Once she was within reach she tapped Sam on the shoulder. She turned around with a smile that any casino host can pull off, well any good one.

"Sammy, it's me Julia Wench, when was it four/five years ago at the palms? Oh that was so good, how's Benedict?" She asked, faking her excitement the best she could. She noticed, but chose to ignore, the baffled glances she got from the 'girlfriends'.

"Wench? five years ago. I remember fine, last time I saw you we were trying to work together. I was trying to catch a big whale and you ruined my chances by spilling hot coffee down me." Sam said, her smile gone from the horizon.

"Yeah well I changed, now I'm just taking jobs after you leave them in the lurch, it seems to be much easier. Besides, you can't still be mad as I recall you got yourself revenge. Remember Hernando?" Julia asked with a sly smiled. "I remember, his father nearly had a heart attack when we found you and his son, Hernando, in bed together." Julia was annoyed when she didn't get Sam to blush. "So, I just got back from learning that I am now unemployed. Tell me, Samantha, why is it these people find you so special? They don't know you like I do, no one knows you like I do." Julia sneered spitefully at her.

"Right, that's enough. I'm getting security, you're an evil b." Delinda said, as if she was disinterested, although Julia could tell she was eager to find out what she meant.

"Nah, don't Delinda. I can handle this, she's just a wannabe casino host. This is all just because I got more clients than you isn't it. Well, I'll let you know something, Julia, you'll never be as good as me." Sam paused and and leaned close to her ear so no one else can hear. "You're right by the way you're the only one that knows me the way you do, no one else has seen my fist as much as you." And with that Sam punched her right in the mouth. "That's for Benedict." She leant over and whispered.

"Sam? Why, what has she done?" Mike asked and then shook his head, "You know what? Don't tell me, you'll tell me when and if I need to know. I'll get it done ASAP." Mike said and left the office.

Ed spent the rest of the day watching Sam on the monitors, with each section of footage suspecting her more and more.


Note: Things aren't as they seem...

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