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Warning: This is slash if you don't like don't read!

Pairings: Harry/Salazar, Harry/Severus

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Update: 7/15/2015 I finally went back and reread my first and only attempt at writing, and decided to give it a quick edit.

It was one minute to 12:00am. One minute before he became an adult in the eyes of the ministry. One minute until he came into his inheritance. One minute until the world as he knew it changed. In one minute Harry Potter would no longer have to do anything he did not want to. Which included staying at the Dursleys at Dumblefuck's insistence. As soon as the clock struck 12, and he was able to do magic freely, he was out of this hell hold, but not before taking his revenge on the people that were supposed to have taken care of him all these years. Just one little minute.


Nine ,









Dong! Dong! Dong!

This was it, the minute he had been waiting for since he found out he was a wizard. He was going to leave the Dursley's. But not before Making them suffer for everything they had done to him and everything they had not done for him. Oh, yes, revenge was going to be sweet.

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