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Chapter 7: Election Insurrection

SAMUS ARAN WHAT THE HELL! Mrs Chozo freaked out at the teen. Samus had powers but not mind control, so she couldnt figure the deal. Unforunately, the deal was clear because samus had a D in histoyro and chozo was a major!

"Samus this is unacceptable under this house, you must succeed or there will be capital punishment!" samus defacto mom vengenged. Samus wanted to be a teen and dissent and eye roll but she was afraid of her legal guardian and didnt want to make moves that would make things mad or she wouldnt be able to go to the mall with helen and mandy anymore and what about even boys?

"Uhhh... ok ill think of something" samus causualed as she ran off to classes leaving chozo mom in a dust bowl.

"Minorities" Mrs. Choso backslashed.


In school school hadnt begun but samus was taking time to convey the messages to her friends and it was almost an apocolypse

"MY HISTORY D IS GOING TO destroy my life!" Samus Exclaimed to everyone in the entire city who heard, even construction workers dropped.

"Ok dude, its not the end of the world yet, there still could be time" stiuation controlled amy who tried her best from turning it into a disaster, but everyone knew a problem. It was only 2 weeks until grades were in, and what was there to do? Questions were stopped because

"Hello and slip dippiin cop flop clippin slip ditch fizzo sliz" Principle Yokoi embarrased. He tried to be teen but everyone only groned and lauged at his lack of legit and he was embarased but the news continued "today the majority legitator decided that if anyone in the state becomes class president that they have an automated A in history from experience and leadership" the principle announced to populists. Not everyone cared about politicrap but samus liked the a clause (note: clauses are in a constitution or law or something and it says that things happen like freedom or As and things).

"In other news class president Kanden was impeached yesterday because of stealing school money and using it to fund hedges in the parkinglot and buy pork barrels for the hockey team so theres going to be a total recall on next tuesday." The class knew thatKanden was hungry for power and food, but whow would have guessed his nixonics? And who would be drafted?


Samus was on her way out of school from another day of MHS when she heard a sketch voice echo down the corridor "PSTTS"

"Hello?" samus warded off spirits but it wasnta spirit it was only Trace!

"Samus, the gamedude was blackhacking into powerschool and he noticed the problem with your history and the D" Trace intinated. Normally Samus would have freked from the breach of second amendment, but she knew that Trace was a man of fine points.

"What are you getting to?" Samus cut the chase

""Hmmm, hasty girl" Trace smiled with a grin. "The thing is that the gamedude and I formed an exploratory commission and weve decided that you would be a possible candicate to lead the school in the total recall, and if you win then..." Trace left the rest up to samus' imagination.

Samus had never thought about policy and governmental duty before but this was an intrigue because she remmebered the new A clause from the news this morning and knew that if she didnt get an A somehow that shed have to take a fifth or suffer the consequence.

"Ill think about it" samus noncommited but secretly everyone knew the realties. It was going to be an election, but would there be an insurrection?


The next day school started Samus had already cleansed her mind and her decision was clear, but first she had to choose to go to a party. She knew from school news that Republicans liked to kill trees but she liked tress so she became democratic.

"OK, welcome to the democrat cacus" invited amy to everyone because she was the leaderwoman of the democrats in school committe, and she could run meetings and primaries and was also a speaker in school senate but no one cares about student council so whatever

"Today is when we choose who will run for president so if there are nomination snows the time to commit" advocated amy. There were heads that rolled, but in the end people made decisions

"I nominate Tio Juan" helen endoresed her favorite boyfriend. Some people laughed at his name but they were kicked out of the party because of anti-immigration.

"OK, are there other nominees?" Amy wondered aloud to the community

"I nominate Samus!" Adam malkovitched. He and Samus were almost going out so this was a shoe in (AN: this is before samus and ridley met so don't freak out hes not forgotten ok)

"Ok, that closes the nomination so its time to rock the votes." amy used MTV language. "So how caucuses work is that candidates stand in corners and then people walk over and whoever has more people wins and is nominated" amy explained to mulitudes. When she gave the signal people walked over to the corners for samus or tio juan. It was really closeat the beginning, but near the end more people went to samus because not everyone was too keen on having a mexico president and plus samus was kind of hot.

"Thank you voters and congradulations to samus aran who will now be voted at the total recall. Everyone pledged delegates to the football queen, even tio juan because he was still friends and a democrat. Samus had won the democrats, but what about the election?


For the rest of the day samus was congratulated by people in the school, except not everyone because republicans were not quite as keen on Aranian policies. Before the day was over Trace and Amy wanted to have a word with the candidate.

"Good job on the nomination, but heres the deal" Amy began with a sentence. "The election is going to be a tough one, but youre going to have somehelp. Trace and I will be your campaign managers, because I can help out with democrat votes and Trace can use underground connections to help with election totals" Amy finished up as Trace nodded with slyful grin. "

"OK this is good but who am i up against?" samus pondered as she awaited results from her staffers.

"At lunch the republicans had their... primary... and Captain Falcon was chosen as the victor"Trace slyly foxed. Helen and Samus were not pleased at the news and reflected it with their demeanors. Captain Falcon was very popular because he was the captain of the track team and held every record, even some that were made up just for him. Some people said that he cheated by using a racecar instead of running, but his parents had shitloads of money so they paid judges and everyone was ok

"Hmmm, its time for strategy" Amy began the plan. "OK, so Captain Falcon will probably try use money to win, but if we speak with truth and say whats right people will vote." Amy optimized. Trace wasnt so positive because of experience in shady smoker room deals, but he knew that samus had a shot except there were republicans everywhere and itd be a tough one. Elections had been close, but in the end, someone always won. But would it be samus?


Over the week before the election there were many deal seals and campaigns. Camptain Falcon used his money like everyone thought and bought ads that smeared across the intercom, one even said that samus did you know what with a lobbyist (for everyone unclear lobbyists wait around in the lobby of congress and buy drinks and tickets for senators so they vote for high gas prices and less trees). Luckily samus was a democrat so people knew she wasnt into that shit. It was a bumpy roa dbut it was time for the debate!

"Ok, welcome to the seventy two memorial debates," Principal Yokoi kicked off the dramatics. "Everyone knows the candidates, and now its time to hear about the issues.

"The first question is for you Mr. Falcon" journalized Sylux, the president of the class newspaper. "What are your feelings about global warming?"

Captain Falcon cooled with a simmering snap. "My real question is what are you feeling about global warming?" Falcon sleazestepped the issues. All of the repulbicans cheered because they were too stupid tounderstand that Falson had not answered questions and was only sucking his guts.

"Thank you Mr. Falcon. Dr. Samus, how do you feel about the world war three?" sylux discretionized

All eyes were on Samus as she formulated her postition, but she remained cucumber cool and answered "War is not the option but if its necessary than it must happen for people." Many people clapped except for the Falcon Republicans who were too stupid to know about wars.

"Thank you everyone, that concludes the debate and it is time to choose the candidates, but remember not to choose popular people and only who you heart is after" Yokoi disney channeled but everyone knew that people would vote for the populists. But who was the most?


The votes were just about to be tallied and Samus was taking a walk through halls when she heard a strange rumbling bumbling roise from the boiler room. "What could it be" she investigated as she opened the door and was shocked to find!

A POLITCAL MACHINE! "Haha, you caught us trying to rig votes with a copying machine" snaked up Captain Falcon and ex facto Kanden who were joined with other republicans. They looked serious but samus was too.

"Thias unexcaptable" samus furied as she began to use jitsu signs and stances but Kanden summoned body guards. Who was it? Kraid and his GANG! Luckily Samus was used to fighting these losers so she took them all out with her techniques and attacks and soon they were piled on the floors.

"You may have defeated idiots but WHAT ABOUT ME" Captain FALCON PUNCHED samus but she dodged and dumbass falcon fell out of the window he punched so hard! Kanden ran away because he didnt want to get caught but hall moniter Noxus jailed him for conspiracies against the populace. And what about samus?

"Congratulion President Aran" Principal Yokoi inagurated samus to the presidency and there were many cheers amoung the crowd,even a few rhinos who were sorta like democrats. Everything was going well but right as samus signed the articles and was about to enact the A clause a voice could be heard over the announcer.

"Hello to the people of the school, it is I, Emperor Falcon. I have taken over the office and I am now the president of the school" Principle Yokoi was befuzzeled but he was a bozocop and didnt even know what to do. The school was under seige!

"My first order of business is that Samus Aran, who thinks she is president of class, is arrested for treason against Falcon government" the captain hardlined as you could hear kraid and gangmembers in the backroung snacking and snickeing at the situation. "when she is arrested she is to be killed and displayed for public appeal."

Samus' eyes narrowed. She may have won the election, but would she win the insurrection?

The metroid high school election was over. The metroid Civil war had just begun.

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