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Sarah ran upstairs, ignoring her father and Karen's startled

questions. Slipping her feet into some comfortable shoes, but

allowing the dress to remain, she grabbed a bag. Entering the

kitchen, she picked up apples, cookies and a bottle of water, and

threw them into the bag. Slinging it over her shoulders, she dashed

out of the back door, shouting ''Bye!'' to her parents.

Glancing around, she began running, flickering to cheetah form for

speed and stealth's sake. Fervently hoping no one was up this late,

she headed for the woods just north of her park. Among the other

things, she had made sure that she pushed a mirror into her

bag, and she was firmly trying to persuade herself to see the

advantages of using it.

Coming to a skidding stop in a little, secluded copse, she sank down

to the ground, the dress wrapping round her legs as her human form

took over. She opened the bag and took the mirror out gingerly. A sob

caught in her throat, as she stared into it. If she did this, she

could say good-bye to Jareth, her parents, Toby, Ellie...her whole


''Oh well. Too late to stop now. Besides, I'll be safe there; no one

will be able to hurt me, and it won't be possible for me to inflict

pain on anyone ever again, either.'' Her tear drop crystal glowed and

sparkled with unshed tears as she reached out to touch

the mirror's surface, her hand trembling, but her eyes determined.

From the trees, Jareth watched, his eyes burning with a species of

fury unknown to any man or woman. Indeed, only he and Sarah were

capable of it, and Sarah was about to be on the receiving end.

Seeing Sarah reach out towards the mirror, Jareth teleported next to

her, smashing it with a thin line of power, and wishing he could do

the same to Sarah. Caught completely by surprise, Sarah cut her

finger on one of the shards of glass. Cursing, she healed it, rising

fluidly to face him, ready to do battle.

''Little fool!'' he snarled instantly, not giving her a chance to

speak. ''Do you have any idea what you were about to do? Didn't you

know that you can never come back, once you've entered the mirror?

You become a mere reflection! And what the Hades did you mean by

slapping my face?''

''I know what I'm doing, Jareth. It's my choice whether I enter the

mirror or not. You can't stop me; you've only delayed the

inevitable.'' Sarah said calmly, her voice flat and emotionless. She

just wanted to sink into oblivion now; nothing but peace

forever. If part of her thought 'How boring!' she suppressed it


Except- she had once wanted the man standing in front of her

more than anything. She had tried everything she had to make him take

her. Hell, she'd even been prepared to be taken by force to his

Kingdom. Now that she thought she couldn't have him, oblivion seemed

like a nice place.

Distantly, she realized that he was speaking, and tried to focus. His

words made no sense. Was it just because she'd only caught the last

few sentences, she wondered hazily.

''-and I won't let you go. You've always been mine, just as I've

always been yours. No matter how much you fight against it, little

fool, little love, it is written in stone.''

Sarah stared at him blankly for a moment. Then white hot anger

flared within her, dispelling her notion that she was too tired of it

all to feel anything.

''How dare you mock me! You've had every form of revenge you could

possibly want, Jareth - I'd have thought that even you would show

some mercy! You're just waiting for me to melt, aren't you, and

declare that I love you? And then you'll laugh at me,

and whisper that I have no power over you, or something equally

cruel! I won't do it, Goblin King!'' Sarah raged, eyes spitting fire,

cheeks flushed as she shot the words at him. ''I won't demean myself!

I won't let you hurt me anymore-''

She got no further, as Jareth's mouth was over hers in a brutally

possessive kiss, effectively breaking off her tirade. Sarah shrugged

for perhaps two seconds, then went limp in his arms. He pulled away,

looking down at her exultantly.

''You were saying?'' he said softly, all trace of coldness gone from

his voice. For now. ''Do you never stop fighting, Sarah? Have you

finished complaining, my tormenting vixen?'' While he was speaking, the air shimmered

around them, and they were standing in his throne room. Sarah looked

around dreamily, then stiffened.

''What makes you think I'm going to stay here without a fight?'' she


He smiled. ''This.'' he said, sliding a ring onto her finger, while

someone placed what felt suspiciously like a crown on her

head. ''You'd look pretty ridiculous trying to run away from your own

Kingdom, my love. Besides, I know how to guard my own.''

''We can't possibly be married just like that!'' Sarah cried half-

heartedly. ''I never assented! You give me a divorce, right now! And

I most certainly am not yours!''

''Divorces don't exist in the Underground, I'm afraid, Sarah. You'll

just have to make the best of the situation.''

Staring at him darkly, Sarah suddenly couldn't care less. ''Fine.''

she muttered. Stepping closer to him, she took his face between her

hands, and said, slowly, clearly,

''We are made of the same substance, you and I. My cruelty matches

yours, my strength matches yours. I'm tired of fighting. I'll stay

here, if that's what you want. I love you, God forgive me, more than

life itself, but I hate you too. That will always be the case.''

Mismatched eyes gazed intensely into mismatched eyes. His fingers cupped her

face , trembling slightly. ''So you've finally accepted that? Good.

Now perhaps you'll stop trying to repress your true self.''

Sarah laughed at him, a savage tenderness shining from her

eyes. ''Typical. You always appear to be so cold and hard. When will

you stop trying to repress your true self?'' she mocked, stroking his

cheek gently.

For answer, he swept her into his arms, crushing her with his

strength. Their mouths locked, and Sarah felt their souls entwine as

she kissed him back hungrily.

Distantly, they felt their hearts of glass begin to beat, as one.