Here we are, with yet another obscure fan fiction by none other than archy the cockroach. This is just the damn disclaimer, so I don't throw off the atmosphere of the story every damn time.

This fan fiction is entitled 'the Room' and while it has nothing to do with Silent Hill 4: The Room, it borrows some of the entities from said title. The idea of a room locking you in. But that's where it ends. The other similarities come from only Kingdom Hearts.

I'm not going to tell you where the inspiration comes from in this fiction. It's for you to discover.



I don't own Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Disney, Alice in Wonderland, Silent Hill 4 or any other characters I happen to include in this fan fiction.


slash, violence, gore, sex, and just general r-rated content. oh, and severe sadism, torture and general ucky-ness. those with weak hearts, go find some happy things.


riku/sora/kairi, squall/sora and others along the way


january the twenty sixth : chapter 01 added. enter the room with caution.

february the fifth : chapter 02 added. they just wanted to make him stop.

end silence


begin storm