When Sora woke up, he was cold. And he was also completely in the dark. He couldn't see his legs, which were sprawled out in front of him. He slowly stood up, yawning. He didn't really remember much as he did so, but it all flooded back and panic embraced him all too quickly.

He could hear the noises of feet scuffling against floorboards, but momentarily chose to ignore them, and instead, figure out where he was. Well, that was a little bit complicated, figuring he was completely stuck in the blackness.

Then, something else occurred to Sora.

Riku and Kairi weren't there.

"H-hello…?" he murmured into the suddenly claustrophobic space. The footsteps that he had chosen to disregard before now seemed to be only inches away. He took a slight comfort in the fact that those footsteps were lighter than the zombie man from the apartment. It couldn't be a full grown… whatever it was. Maybe they were just stray animals?

Sora placed his palms against the wall he had previously been leaned up against. There were large cracks in the drywall, and he wondered how old the building was.

There were more footsteps now, and the eerie, tinkling sound of children giggling chimed through the room. Sora immediately stiffened, as a bright beam of light turned a corner, and brushed over the floor beside him. Was someone there?

Sora was about to open his mouth, when the light went out with a click, something heavy dropped to the floor and the laughter stopped. The next thing Sora heard was loud footfalls, coming closer to him.

Immediately, Sora was pushed sideways and then back, crashing into what felt like pillars, falling…

always falling.


Kairi's eyes snapped open, and she bolted upright.

Her heart was going a mile a minute as she looked wildly around, searching for a sign of familiarity. Instead of finding what she was searching for, she was met with kind eyes and a tired smile.

"Hi," said the woman, pulling herself up from her knees and scooting over to where Kairi was laying on the threadbare mattress. The woman tucked a loose ringlet of cinnamon brown hair behind her ear and pushing herself to sit on the mattress with the younger girl.

"Who are you?" inquired Kairi, feeling a little uneasy, but oddly calm.

"I'm Aeris Gainsborough."

"I'm Kairi."

"You've been sleeping for quite some time," said the woman. Kairi took that moment to look at the other, and found that the girl couldn't have been out of her teens. But on closer inspection, the youth was in her eyes and the way that she carried herself. She was probably in her 20's. "You said her name quite a bit, though."

"Whose name?" requested Kairi, cocking her head slightly. Aeris smiled again.

"Sora. Is she your sister, or a friend?" asked the woman, letting her hands rest in her lap. She idly tugged at some of the loose threads on the hem of her knee-length, pale pink skirt. Kairi giggled.

"No, Sora's a boy. He's a friend. I'm also looking for someone named Riku. …Have you seen either of them?"

Aeris shook her head, and her long braid of hair bobbed behind her. "No. My friend found you in the dark earlier. He had to scrape quite a bit of the Children off of you. You're very lucky."

"…Children?" said Kairi, squinting slightly. It was so dark in the room; she could barely make out its shape. The only illumination was a flickering lamp off to the side of the mattress. She could make out something gleaming in the light on the far side of the area.

"Yes," said Aeris, looking a little upset. "They're the entities which plague this place. I've read some of the scriptures and the journals that are scattered about. Evidently, these children weren't fed when they were alive. They finally get their fill on human flesh." Not even hesitating, Aeris lifted her left forearm and pulled back the sleeve of her off-white sweater.

The flesh had been eaten away to the bone.

From her wrist to her elbow, there was only a white bone showing through. The ragged, exposed flesh that was left seemed to just cut off.

Kairi suppressed so many things at that very sight, vomit and a scream being the top two. One thing she couldn't suppress was; "How are you still alive? You should've bled to death!"

Aeris gave a sick smile, and pulled her sleeve back down. "Yes. But there are so many things that are not explainable in this… place. This is one of the many."

Kairi could feel tears raking at the back of her eyes, but blinked them away. Aeris sighed, her smile fading. "Um, when we found you, you had this." The woman turned, and came back with Kairi's creaky camera in hand.

"Oh, thank you," said Kairi, accepting it with both of her hands. They sat in silence for a few moments, before Kairi spoke again. "Aeris… are we safe here?"

"In this room we are," said Aeris, picking up the lamp with her good hand and shining it towards the other corner of the room. The shining object that Kairi had observed earlier was a closet stocked with shotgun bullets. How lovely. Kairi switched her stare towards the door that Aeris was illuminating. "If you go beyond that door, the Children will find you. This place is secure, for some reason."

"Alright… but, one other question."


"Where are we?"


the Orphanage

Sora whimpered as his back said 'hello' to the hard, uneven walls. But even more worrisome was the warm body now trapping him against said wall, as he and whoever this other person was were suddenly enclosed in a very small space.

Sora was abruptly reminded of the time he got trapped with Riku in the Janitor's closet.

But, this person wasn't Riku, and this person's breathing was very warm, and almost low and rough enough to be a growl. And this person was extremely close, their hands pressed up against the wall on either side of Sora's head. Sora could feel every contour of the other person's body, and the thought of being so close to a stranger made him a little bit fearful, but oddly intrigued.

"Don't move, don't talk, don't breathe," muttered the apparent man under his breath. Sora took that man's words into consideration, and stood like a statue, his own arms clamped to his sides.

The giggling returned full force outside of the tiny room, and Sora cautiously listened to the sound of many footsteps outside. He could see little legs galloping across floorboards, and he wondered what in the world was out there.

In about 0.2 seconds, Sora was met with a sadistic little grin placed on the blood-smattered, glowing, white skin of a child. The entity peered through the crack in between the unclosed door and its frame, but didn't do much more than that.

As quickly as the footsteps had come, They had left, and the smiling little boy was gone with Them. The man hovering over Sora didn't move for a few minutes after They appeared to be gone.

The man clicked his flashlight back on, and Sora felt temporarily blinded, but as his vision returned, he was met with the features of a 20-something, scar-faced man. "Who are you, how did you get here," stated the man, shining the flashlight over Sora's face.

Sora winced, straining his eyes under the light. "Hey, cut that out!" he yelped, and the man cuffed him leisurely over the head with the flashlight.

"Quiet, and answer my question," said the man, narrowing slate grey eyes in utmost seriousness.

"My name is Sora, and I have no idea how I got here," the shorter brunette offered, being dreadfully honest. He really had no idea where the hell he was.

"…" The man didn't pull away from his state of closeness to the teen, and instead proceeded to stare him down. Sora felt uncomfortable under the man's scrutinizing glare, and showed it through his big blue eyes. The man clearly picked it up, and only then pulled his hand back. He opened the door with his foot, and suspiciously edged his way out into the hall. "Get out of there."

With the flashlight beam shining on the small closet, Sora could make out that it was a custodial closet of a sort. It held aging cleaning materials, decaying damp rags and other such things. Sora quickly scrambled out of the closet and cowered behind the big scary man, feeling a little nervous as the floorboards creaked under him.

"Christ, you are a little pansy, aren't you, kid," muttered the man, rolling his eyes. He walked further into the hall, Sora practically clinging to him. The man bent over, and picked up what he had dropped- a double-barrel shotgun with a large shard of glass duct-taped between the barrels, serving as a sort of makeshift blade. "Hold this." The man shoved the flashlight into Sora's hands, and ever the klutz, the boy fumbled it but apologized with a muffled 'sorry'.

The man turned down the hallway, continuing deeper into the nightmarish passageway. Sora stayed stationary, trying to ignore the sinking sensation of doom. The man turned slightly, inclining his head towards the boy. Sora could now make out in the light that the man was tall (well, obviously) with a toned physique, wearing ripped jeans and a leather jacket over a white shirt. Oddly, even with his roughened exterior, he didn't appear the type to wear ripped jeans. Maybe something had attacked him.

"Well, are you going to join me, kid, or would you prefer to stand there like a frightened schoolgirl?" Sora could make out a perfectly timed eye-roll, even behind the man's mane of chocolate coloured hair. Sora pouted, but edged towards the man.

"My name's not 'kid'. It's Sora," protested the younger, the weight in his pocket reminding him that he had his own firepower. If worst came to worst, and they got attacked again, he could either try the Ghostbusters method and wave his flashlight around, or he could whip out his pistol and attempt to pop some caps in some ectoplasmic ass.

The man scoffed, turning a corner in the hall, his hand continuing to change its grip on the handle of the shotgun. "Squall," he said, curtly. The guy obviously wasn't much of a talker. But Sora was just brimming with questions, but ingeniously kept them to himself, and just kept pacing nearby Squall.

At the end of the long hallway was a door. Squall paid no mind to Sora as he reached for the handle with his free hand.

"Don't," said Sora, eyes moving wildly in his sockets. Squall turned on his heel to look at the other boy.

killkillkill never MAKEHIMSTOP be alone we didn't sohungry mean to we're sorry it's notour fault help die i don't want to work MAKEHIMSTOP he's ripping me apart let us sleep forever…

As soon as the taller man merely touched the handle, Sora's head was invaded with hundreds of pleas from desperate children's voices. He nearly dropped the flashlight as his hands went to cover his ears, but Squall backed away from the handle, and the utterances faded.

"Are you… alright?" asked Squall, placing his hand on Sora's shoulder. Only Sora's eyes followed Squall's questioning optics.

"They don't want to work anymore," mumbled Sora. Squall's look hardened, and he turned back towards the door, his finger already on the trigger of his gun.

"This is the only way to the safe place." His hand moved back to the doorknob, and the words returned in full force. "We need to go through this room. I know what's going on, I know that you hear Them. I believe you."

That's all Sora ever wanted to hear.

Squall opened the door.

A little girl with a limp, stuffed rabbit hanging from her hand greeted them. Her hair was swept over her eyes, and she stood like someone was pressing on her back with all of their strength.

Squall froze, not knowing what to do. It was Sora who stepped forward.

"Who ripped you apart…?" he questioned the little girl. The girl merely extended her gangly arm, apparently pointing to Squall.

Sora turned.

She wasn't pointing at Squall.

She was pointing behind Squall.

Sora's lower lip twitched. An eerie figure had appeared floating behind Squall, its arms hanging loosely at its sides. It didn't attack, even with Squall's jerky movements to recoil from the apparition.

The creature grinned before fading into nothing. Sora couldn't help but think the thing looked uncannily like Squall himself. A sense of foreshadowing came to Sora, but he quickly shook it off, his head turning back towards where the little girl once stood. She had vanished as well.

"Neither of them attacked…" noticed Squall, lowering his shotgun carefully. Sora calmed his breathing, before stepping into the next room.

It was a little bit brighter in the large room. A dimming light panel shone some light on the far corner of the room. It appeared to be a sort of mess-hall, with a swinging door leading to a serving area and tables and chairs in the main room. There was a large hole in the floor in the center of the space, most likely due to rot.

Squall was a little bit more vigilant as he crossed the mess-hall to the far door. "This way," he murmured, opening the exit. Sora followed him swiftly, not wanting to meet any other creepy specters on the way to the safe room. Squall led him down a maze of halls, that Sora didn't even bother wondering which direction they were going in.

Instead, Sora took the quiet time to dwell on what Squall had said. I know that you hear Them. Did he, perhaps, hear the voices too? Or maybe Squall was superstitious and believed in ESP and the like. Whatever the cause, Sora was grateful for someone who believed him.

Sora's musings were brought to a sudden halt when Squall turned. "We're here. This door," he muttered, before turning the handle and opening said door.

Sora suddenly found a redhead clinging to him. "Sora!" shouted Kairi, nuzzling into his neck. Squall looked a little skeptical, but went inside anyway. Carrying Kairi, Sora trailed behind Squall. "Close the door."

When Sora did, Kairi let go of him, beaming up at him. Squall had gone to sit with Aeris on the mattress. Now that he had more light due to the one in the room, Sora could see just how tired the other man was.

"Sora, it's so good to see you! We haven't found Riku yet, but still! Aeris here has told me all about this place. Yeah, sure, it's kinda creepy, but as long as we've got friends, we'll be okay. Oh, this is Aeris, by the way," rambled Kairi, before introducing a pleasant looking woman who was seated beside Squall.

"Uh, hi," said Sora, giving an awkward smile and a half-assed wave. Aeris giggled airily and smiled in return. "Oh, and this is Squall." Kairi gave a questioning look, and turned her stare towards the man.

"Hiya. I'm Kairi," said the redhead. Squall nodded in her general direction.

"Yeah. He saved me. And trapped me in a closet, almost got me attacked by a bunch of little kids and a scary man, but yeah. He saved me," quipped Sora. Squall raised an eyebrow in Sora's general direction.

"He trapped you in a closet?" said Aeris, raising her hand to cover her mouth. "Oh my." Kairi giggled, sitting herself down on the mattress before beckoning Sora to do the same. The boy obliged, sitting himself down cross-legged near the edge, and the mattress groaned under the added weight.

Kairi and Aeris began to chatter again, about basically nothing at all, while Sora observed with a smile and Squall watched with a frown. All of a sudden, Squall inquired; "Hey, Sora."

The brunette cocked his head. "Hm?"

"What year is it?"

"Unnn, it's October 22, 2006. Why?" asked the boy. Aeris's mouth was in a little 'o' shape and Squall looked like he was contemplating something.

Aeris looked over to the floor. "Well… it was 2004 when… well, when we moved into that apartment. That means we've been in this orphanage for-"

"Two years," finished Squall. "Two fucking years. We haven't aged a goddamn day, and you're supposed to be dead."

Silence fell on them like rain.

"You've been here… for two whole years?" said Kairi, wincing, barely believing.

"It feels like only a few days have passed…" uttered Aeris, her captivating smile disappearing soon to be replaced with a somber expression.

"What do you mean, 'you're supposed to be dead?'" exclaimed Sora, feeling extremely confused. Squall crossed his arms.

"Aeris has cancer."

With that simple statement, the joy of their previous conversation and the warmth and security that embraced the safe room completely faded away.

"I have a brain tumor," Aeris said weakly. "We moved to that apartment to be closer to the hospital. That way Squall could get to work faster, I mean, Squall's my doctor, and if I went into my seizures again, he could get me there as soon as possible. But, it didn't matter at that point, anyway. I only had a few months left to live."

"So… maybe, even though these ghost things are all around… well, maybe it's a blessing?" suggested Kairi, fumbling her words. "I mean, getting attacked isn't cool, but… you're still alive."

"You call this alive?" Squall growled. Kairi laughed nervously.

There was a knock at the door.

Squall was the first to stand up, and pick up his gun from the floor. Sora got up slowly, feeling the tension thicken in the air. Aeris pulled Kairi against her, ready to protect her. Aeris was always motherly.

Squall reached for the handle, pulling back his other arm, readying his finger on the trigger. With one quick movement, Squall wrenched the door open. The four were met with a surprising sight.


Sora gawked at the older boy for a moment, wondering if he was just another apparition. Squall scoffed, lowering his gun yet again. Riku was hunched over, breathing a little heavily, and Sora slowly stepped forward to see if his friend was alright.

Riku attacked.

Sora was immediately pushed onto the floor, Riku's hands going for his throat. He choked on a surprised scream as cold fingers wrapped around his delicate neck. Squall had jumped back in surprise, raising his gun and aiming once more.

"No, don't!" shrieked Kairi, suddenly on her feet. The camera in her hands was thrumming wildly, and even in the flickering light, she could see something clinging to Riku's back. A transparent being had attached itself to the teenager's back, and seemed to be using him as a puppet. Sora was desperately trying to fight back without actually injuring his silver-haired friend and that wasn't that good of a counterattack.

Kairi raised her camera up, and gazing through the eyepiece, she could see the capture circle shaking with power. She hurriedly pressed down the shutter button, in rapid fire. The thing on Riku's back growled, and let go, leaving Riku to slump down and fall unconscious on Sora.

Now, the ghost was coming straight for her.

Kairi continued to hammer on the button, hearing the ghost wail each time she did. Even as it backed her up into a wall, she dutifully pressed down her index finger each time she got the ghoul in a good view.

Sora, Aeris and Squall watched with wild curiosity as Kairi took pictures of nothing.

With one final close up, Kairi smashed the shutter button, and the ghost recoiled in pain, before disappearing into thin air. Kairi lowered her camera, her heart hammering in her chest.

"Kairi…" stammered Sora, from his place underneath Riku. His neck was throbbing from where Riku had roughly held him in place. He thought idly, that it would probably bruise. Squall stared at the girl for a millisecond before his brain rebuilt itself, and he pulled Riku off of Sora, allowing the smaller boy some breathing room. Sora pulled himself up to his knees, and then to his feet, before he cautiously treaded over to the auburn haired girl.

"Sora, that thing was controlling Riku!" exclaimed the girl, her eyes alive with adrenaline. Sora looked at her questioningly as she babbled about how it wasn't actually Riku attacking Sora.

"Kairi… I think you should probably lie down…" Sure, Sora had heard some whispering when Riku was attacking him, but if there was something else in the room, then why couldn't anyone else see it? Kairi gave a hurt expression.

"There was something there…" she muttered, before dragging herself over to the mattress, and placing herself dejectedly on the corner. Sora suddenly felt guilt nipping at his heels, but there were more important things to deal with.

Riku had come back to a state of semi-consciousness, and Squall was now staring down at the silver-haired boy. Riku slowly sat up, his hand flying to his forehead. "Ugh, my head…"

Sora looked back down at his friend. "…You okay? Not gonna attack me again?" he asked, a little cautious. Riku, ever the asshole, rolled his eyes and pulled himself up.

"What the fuck is with you? I come and save you, and here you are accusing me of attacking you," snarled the older teen. Sora flinched at his words, but quickly regained himself and approached Riku.

"Kairi said something was possessing you and…" Sora trailed off, looking to the floor. Okay, he believed Kairi's ravings now. Riku wouldn't just attack him for no good reason. And, Riku would most likely remember attacking Sora. "Uh, yeah. I'm glad you're okay, anyway."

"Who are these guys?" inquired Riku, crossing his toned arms over his chest. Sora blinked at the other boy for a moment before the question hit him full force.

"Oh, this is Squall and Aeris. They got here through the apartment too," said the little brunette. Riku turned his attention to Squall, first. Riku was nearly as tall as the other man, and Sora suddenly felt a little bit like a midget. Even Aeris was taller than him.

"So, you're not out to eat our flesh or anything, are you?" interrogated Riku. Poor Sora could have face-palmed right there as Squall's expression went from that of curiosity to a full-fledged look of hatred. Sora could quickly tell that the brash, cocky Riku and the strong-but-silent Squall were not going to get along.

"If I was out to do that, your little boyfriend here would be stomach acid by now," stated Squall. Riku's eyes narrowed as Sora frowned at the boyfriend comment. Squall was just trying to suppress his sadistic glee.

"You know what, fuck you," said Riku, rolling his eyes. "Kairi, Sora, we're leaving. I found a door back into the Room." Sora glanced over at Kairi. Her face showed a look of utter desolation. Aeris looked contemplative.

"If you leave, they die," Squall stated simply. Riku's icy, blue-green eyes met a gunmetal glare, and egos clashed like swords. Sora could practically hear the metallic sound of a blade.

"What makes you say that?" Riku questioned, ever the suspicious person.

"If you can barely survive out in that place, what chance do those two have?" Squall gestured to the smaller teens, and they did look a little bit pathetic in that light. It was true. Even if the door that Riku had found was real, it was a slim chance that they wouldn't get attacked.

"So, if you're so worried about Sora and Kairi, why don't you come with us?" Riku challenged. Squall's gaze hardened, and he raised his makeshift weapon.

"…Fine. Let's go, then."

The brunette kicked open the door and stormed out. Aeris sighed, taking Kairi's hand and pulling her after Squall. Sora went to leave next, but he felt a cold hand clamp around his arm. Riku held him back.

"You're not leaving me again, are you?"

That voice was definitely not Riku's.

Sora shivered at the touch, slowly turning his head to face the older teen. Riku was regarding him with calm, blank eyes under a shade of white hair. "Ri-Riku…"

Riku closed in on him, pressing him against the wall. Sora suddenly felt like a shadow on the wall, cast by the flickering lamp. Pale hands slithered up Sora's chest and came to grasp Sora's chin. Riku pulled the shorter boy upwards, letting their lips touch in a ghost of a kiss. It was brief and felt like feathers, and Sora's entire body shivered.

"You're not leaving me again…"

Sora wanted to scream, but Riku suddenly let go and backed away. "What are you waiting for, Sora?" asked Riku, with concerned and questioning eyes. "Come on, Kairi's waiting for us." The older teen reached for the immobile Sora's hand, and he tugged the younger boy out into the mess hall.

Riku let go when they were in the other three's presence. Squall was regarding Riku carefully, with distrust evident in his optics. Sora tried to calm himself and regain his thoughts. Riku had kissed him! Even though Riku had been possessed, or something, it still felt like Riku was there. Sora couldn't help but feel a sort of elation.

"Here." Squall pressed a rusted steel pipe into Riku's open palm. He had probably found it somewhere, and reserved it for safe keeping. "You might need this. Kairi, just keep your camera ready. Aeris, stay behind me. Sora… be careful." The younger brunette's lower lip jutted out. He wasn't completely weak! And he had a weapon, himself. Of course, he didn't even know if the thing worked.

"The door's this way," said Riku, going towards the hall that Squall had previously found Sora in. Squall was the first to follow Riku, with the other three hanging cautiously behind. Riku yanked open the door, intent on going as fast as he possibly could. The teen held no fear, and it scared and amazed Sora all at once.

Nothing attacked them as they proceeded down the hall. Kairi and Aeris practically clung to each other, the former shaking with fear and the latter trying to console her. Squall was silent, and Riku was so dead-set on finding the door, Sora was left to his own musings.

They opened the door that connected the hall to the next room. It appeared to be a grand hall of sorts, and a faded sign merrily declared the words 'Traverstun Orphanage'. The hall was lit with spot-lights over a coat rack nearest to a set of doors. Riku was hell-bent on getting to the aforementioned exit, that he didn't notice the tinkling laughter.

Arms shot out and clamped Riku's ankle, and the boy was dragged to the floor. Squall immediately reacted, slamming the glass in his gun down onto the arms. The laughter resonated in full force, as a grey hand stayed locked on an ankle, but the arms were retracted.

Riku stared at the hand.

The hand slowly vanished, and Riku's breathing calmed. The laughter disappeared as well. "…Well, we might as well open this door…" suggested Squall, turning for the handle.

All chains of thoughts were broken by a gut-tearing scream.

Squall recoiled, and turned and oh my god, Aeris, no, not you.

A child's hand was punched through Aeris's back, straight through and extending out of her chest. A silver-haired little boy with a smiling laugh stared straight into Squall's soul as he held Aeris's beating heart. Kairi screamed and fell backwards, trying to get as far away from the now approaching onslaught of children. They were coming.

Aeris gave her final dying breath as the child ripped his arm back through her body, keeping hold on her heart. The woman fell to the floor with wide eyes echoing of innocence, staring up at Kairi. In a final display of morbidity, the child swallowed the organ, and blood dripped down his lips.

Squall shattered.

Wordlessly, Squall bolted forward and struck down the little boy with one swing of his make-shift blade.Blood fell like Kairi's tears, and Riku joined in the massacre.

Nothing was spared, and only sorrow reflected in gunmetal eyes, as Riku and Squall danced with death. Dying children fell to the floor like leaves that seemed so far away.

Sora didn't do anything. He couldn't. He simply stood and watched Them fall.

"There's more coming!" Squall yelled over the roar of laughter. Riku turned, smashing his pipe down on another skull. The door. It was their only hope.

"Let's go!" decided Riku, bolting straight for the exit. He grabbed Sora's hand in his haste, and pulled the younger teen towards the door.

"But… Aeris…" Kairi protested weakly, as Squall pulled her up and simultaneously fired bullets at the sweetly singing children.

"Leave her. We can't do anything now!" stated Riku, wrenching on the handle and swinging the door open. Squall's emotions died and he took one last look at Aeris, before pushing Kairi to the exit. Sora was the first to be shoved through the doorway, disappearing into the black. Kairi was next with Squall and Riku right behind.

They'll come at you out of nowhere.

Somewhere, in the darkness of death, Aeris smiled.


the Room

Sora didn't wake up cold. That was for sure.

The brunette groaned, and he could feel warm, breathing weight around him. He pulled himself to a half-sitting position, and imminently blushed. Squall was beside him, legs entangled with his own. Riku was on his other side, one arm across his chest, possessively. Kairi was on-top of him, curled into a little ball, her head rested comfortably on his stomach.

He almost wanted to sigh at the cuteness of it all, but the stunning realization of Aeris's death came flooding back at once. He felt like he wanted to vomit. It was possibly the most disgusting thing he had ever witnessed, her heart being punched out of her chest. Tears stung the back of his eyes, and he silently cried to himself for a few minutes.

Beside him, Riku and Kairi breathed peacefully. Squall, however, did not. He awoke with a slight grumble, pulling his head off of the carpeted floor, and leaning on his elbows. He was just as disoriented as Sora was upon awakening. But as soon as he heard Sora's soft whimpers, the realization that he had lost someone returned. Sora turned as best as he could to look at Squall, but quickly found himself embraced by the older man. Sora hid his face in the juncture of Squall's neck, and cried for what seemed like hours. Kairi and Riku laid still.

No matter where we are, our hearts will bring us together again.