This is a very random poem that came to me while I was riding my horse. If you haven't figured out what it's about via the title, it's about Jinx from Heartbreak Bronco. Hope you like it!

Just some bad luck

Idiotic owner

Never had a friend

X-tremely misunderstood

End of the road for him

Dangerously fast

This is Jinx's tragic tale

He was unfairly named curse

Saved by one girl's love

Just needed a second chance

Until he met Sam

Search and rescue horse now

Time to settle down

Just as happy as can be

Instead of death, he found a family

Not a curse

X-tremely lucky

Cheesy, isn't it? I was in a very gooey, sweet mood. It's kind of a haiku crossed with one of those poems where the first letter of each word spells something sort of meaningful. Review!