Final chapter

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Chpt 18

Days Like These

Harry's chest was tight and his stomach a mass of butterflies as he clutched Severus hand as they both entered the judge's chamber behind Pearson. Pansy and Draco entered just after them with their lawyer and when he caught Draco's eyes…he was past disgust, past anger, past caring. He looked away coldly.

"I've reached my decision." Van Gosser was sitting at his desk and waited as they all took available seats. "Frankly, I'm disgusted with you Mister Malfoy that you dared to bring this matter into this court to waste my time. You are supremely lucky that Mister Potter apparently doesn't intend to bring attempted murder charges against you, because your story stinks of lies. Your case was nothing but slander and mudslinging and Mister Malfoy you of all people should live by the 'glass houses' saying. Mister Potter, you have a temper that is going to get you into trouble but I suppose in this situation with the, literally, life of your son on the line I can understand your extreme reactions. However I'd prefer to never see you in my court again." Van Gosser pulled out a piece of parchment and lifted a wand that was most likely his over it.

"This is my decision in the matter of Malfoy versus Potter/Potter-Snape." He intoned deeply as the words appeared on the paper before him. Hickson was leaning forward slightly in hope while Pearson reclined with a smug smile on his face. Harry wasn't feeling nearly as confident as him and the hand he was still holding was turning white from lack of circulation. But Severus was holding his back just as hard.

"I award full custody of Sebastian Alexander Potter-Snape to Harry Potter-Snape and Severus Snape." Draco cursed loudly and Pansy broke down in tears at the announcement. On the other side of the room Severus suddenly had a lapful of Harry Potter-Snape who was crying and laughing at the same time. Van Gosser was apparently used to this as he waited a moment for them all to calm down.

"Ours. He's ours. He's ours." Harry muttered happily into Severus' neck. He kissed his husband suddenly, hard before pulling away with a teary but wide grin.

"Back into your seat so the Judge can finish." Severus kissed him gently on the forehead and Harry nodded eagerly, turning with an embarassed flush.

"I apologise Your Honour." Harry sat quickly, holding Severus' hand again, much softer this time.

"Thank you." Van Gosser turned eyes to the other side who were all waiting stonily. "Terms of visitation are totally in the hands of said parents, if they wish you to have visitation. In light of certain circumstances of the case it is also possible for the parents to ask for restraining orders against both of you." Harry looked over at Draco and Pansy in surprise. He didn't know that was possible. Should they…?

"Both Harry and I would appreciate it greatly if orders could be placed against them. Standing until whenever we wish to release them from it." Severus said formally from beside him. Harry moved his eyes from the now angry couple to Severus questioningly. Black eyes looked down at him brows above them furrowed. "We will talk when we return to Hogwarts."

Harry nodded before turning attention back to Van Gosser. "Very well."

The Judge nodded. "This be done by the will of Merlin, Order of the Confederacy of Judicial Law in the Magical Community of Britain under order of Judge Van Gosser." With a wave the parchment on the table was aglow and in a flash it was gone. "Mister Malfoy, Mrs. Parkinson-Malfoy, you have half hour to leave the premises and from then on you must keep a distance of fifty feet from Sebastian Potter-Snape and his parents. No contact may be made with them or him and it's in your best interest not to be found to be breaking this order against you as the consequences are…dire."

Hickson stood with a snarl and exited the room irate. Pansy was still crying but apparently Draco had regained some semblance of dignity and was holding out his hand to her. "Let's go."

Harry looked away as they passed by out the door and held his breath until he was sure they were gone.

"Harry." Blinking up at Severus, Harry stood slightly shakily. "Are you okay?"

Was he okay? He'd just been put through the worse ten months of his life, lost all love and respect he thought he'd held for his first lover, found a new love that was even better and married him and had a baby that was now their's to share. Was he okay?

"I can start to be okay?" Shell-shocked, Harry was dragged into a tight hug. "It's all over isn't it?"

"All over." Severus whispered to him. "Come on. Let's go home." They left Pearson behind in the room to talk to the Judge, leaving their thanks with him. They met Hermione outside in the hall and soon made their way home.

Severus was dreading having to sit down to talk to Harry. He hardly proscrastinated in his long life but yet tonight he allowed Harry to shuttle their baby around in celebration, come back to their quarters to finish up business with the movers, eat a private supper in their rooms so they would both be near Sebastian and start to read before he worked up the courage to speak.


"Hmm?" The green-eyed former Gryffindor looked up from his book and gave Severus an inquisitive look with a small smile.

"We-…we need to talk." Severus stood up with a sigh and moved to the couch, patting the seat next to him.

Harry's smile faded as he put down his book and moved next to Severus. "Is there something wrong?" He sat next to his husband and edged to the very end of the cushion, perched perchariously in anxiety.

"What did you mean when you said you would have shared Sebastian with Malfoy?" Severus cut brutally to the point, leaning forward and fixing Harry with a steady stare.

"Oh." Harry bit his lip, looking down. "I…meant, you know-" Severus cut across him with a glare.

"I don't or I would not be asking. Do you seriously mean to tell me that even after Draco Malfoy poisoned you, trying to kill your unborn child, that even after that you would let him have contact with Sebastian?" He didn't mean to raise his voice but irritation…and disbelief, incredulous disbelief, was all that had filled him in the court when he heard Harry say such a statement. That he had even faltered over the restraining order…

"I don't know!" Harry finally let the statement leave him in a wearied exhalation of air. "Severus…do you understand? It's like the Blood Bonding issue. I knew that Draco had done bad things...I knew that. Even after he had poisoned me...before the trial I mean. I just…wanted to open all options…" Severus' face darkened. "That's not the right word. I mean I want Bast to know the truth. I wanted him to…perhaps be able to know his biological father. Before this whole thing with the trial happened." Harry worried his lip again, looking at Severus from under his lashes. "Do you understand?"

"You want him to have options?"

"Sever-" The Potions Master cut across Harry in a low hiss.

"You want him to choose who he wants to be his father? What happened to 'he is like my son' and 'he'll know who his true father is' Potter?"

"I didn't mean it like that! That isn't fair Severus!" Harry exclaimed, a pained look in his eyes before he shot a glance at the baby and lowered his voice. "You're twisting what I said. And isn't this point moot? Draco will never be near my son."

Severus stood and glared down at Harry darkly. "Yes he never will be near your son as long as I'm your husband and by extension his step-father. The way you actually hesitated over the restraining order and turned down my offer to Blood Bond with him explains to me pretty much where I stand, thank you. But as long as he is under my protection Potter, that boy will be going no where near Draco Malfoy!"

"That isn't fair." Harry said quietly, face flushed in anger. "I'm not trying to distance Bast from you! He is your son too. And not by extension but because he IS your son. You were before he was born and you will be as he grows up. Don't you dare twist my words into something I didn't mean Severus Snape! I perhaps didn't want to cut Bast off from knowing where his blood roots lie but that by no means is a statement that you aren't his father." Harry stood too and Severus cringed internally as those luminous green eyes filled with tears. "And right now I'm really…really hurt that you would…even think…much less say…that I-!"

Severus looked away from that accusingly swimming, green gaze and actually did flinch. "Don't. For fuck's sake don't Pot-Harry."

The breathless man stepped forward and pushed ineffectually at Severus' chest. "You can't just throw around accusations like that Severus and then-Mhm!"

Severus kissed his husband hungrily, holding on tightly to his arms. Harry was stiff under his lips for a moment before he melted limply and opened his lips to him. 'Only one good way to shut up a Gryffindor…' Severus pulled back slightly, tasting Harry, just the flavour he knew was Harry on his lips. Harry, who was gazing up dazedly at him, eyes still wet. "I'm sorry…" Harry blinked, once, twice, a small tear squeezed out before he opened his mouth to say something Severus once again cut off.

Harry was beautiful enough pleasure-flushed, was it wrong Severus thought he looked even better with tears dying on his cheek. He broke away from the kiss again panting and repeated himself huskily. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Harry was clutching blindly to Severus' forearms and breathless again, this time from having his breath kissed away. "You…you don't-really think…I don't want…"

"I didn't mean it." The Potions Master breathed in deeply and exhaled slowly, his lips brushing away Harry's tears. "I didn't mean…Merlin's…balls…" Harry let out a soft moan that rose to a high whine as Severus sucked on the soft skin under his ear. "You drive me to distraction…didn't mean it like that. Just don't…" Long, nimble fingers were plucking open Harry's buttons quickly as Severus' passions rose. "Don't want Sebastian near Malfoy."

"I promise…I won't I promise!" Harry sobbed anxiously as he struggled out of his shirt with Severus' help. "That was before…I don't-not anymore…" He hurried to help Severus out of his own shirt. "Please!"

"I'd give you anything." Severus whispered hotly, nudging Harry back against the couch and laying them both down snugly.

"I just want…our family. Me and Bast and…oh Gods, you. Just you Severus!"

In minutes he had Harry writhing weakly on the sofa, clinging to him like love vine. It was amazing…unbelievably spectacular that he had this man as his husband now, that this man would have him. He was often harsh, cutting, sometimes cruel even when he didn't mean to be but Harry…Harry understood the way he was…and Gods help him he might not always agree but he understood Harry too.

Severus was making him forget everything, the last stressful months of his life, poisoning, trial, everything…everything but what it felt like to burn alive. With passion…with love.

With every fleeting sweep of Severus' fingers along his naked skin, leaving a burning trail behind, Harry panted and moaned out what he'd wanted to say for months, for what felt like forever. He said it without words because it was hard to articulate when Severus was…cripes! Doing…that…

"Sever-USSS…" The older man stopped sucking on his nipple only to reach over to the floor in his robes for his wand.

"Circe, come on…" He leaned over a bit more. "Where…ah!"

"Severus…come onnn…" Harry tangled his fingers into Severus long hair, pulling him into a long, deep kiss that had their tongues tangling in ways that distracted Severus from what he was doing with his wand.

"If…you don't…let me-Merlin Potter!" Harry let out a soft, breathy laugh in between partings of their kiss. "We'll never finish."

"Go on then." Harry whispered and bent his legs up, feet flat on the couch as Severus raised himself off him slightly. The gentle jab of Severus' wand at his opening had him jumping slightly but then Severus tossed the wand aside and used his fingers to spread the lubricant…and it was all so very, very good.

Harry pushed his head back, moaned, almost keened as Severus stretched him slowly, was panting by the time the man withdrew.

"Good?" God, that voice could melt ice when he used it like this.

"Oh God if you don't make love to me right now I will…" Harry swallowed a moan as Severus settled between his thighs.

"Whatever you want…" Harry's feet crossed at the ankles over Severus' back as he pushed into him slowly and Harry shut his eyes swallowing a moan at the deep ache his husband caused within him. It was glorious.

"Like…watching Felis Felix after brewing…" Severus neck was taunt as he froze fully inside him, before he looked down on Harry and those onyx orbs seemed to sear him. "Magnificent."

"Gods Severus! Please…" And Christ but the look in Severus' eyes as he withdrew from him…he'd probably rip the beating heart out of his chest and give it to Harry if he said he wanted it. Ripped at Harry's own heart every time he withdrew…made Harry die with pleasure every time he re-entered him.

"I want to hear you Harry. Soft, don't wake the baby…" Hot breath tickled arousingly at his neck. "Let me hear you like this."

"Oh Gods." Sweet Merlin. "I love it! I love it! Severus…gim'ee…" Long slow arcs and thrusts of Severus' body into his and all it took was mere minutes and Harry was on the edge. "Please! PLEASE!

"Yes Harry yes. Show me…!" And he squeezed his green eyes shut tight, thighs trembling in a spasm as came, milking Severus within himself as the man groaned lowly in release.

He couldn't even hear himself over Severus deep, heavy breathing and it was long minutes before his brain kicked back in.

"Umhmm…do we…have to move?" Harry asked voice scratchy.

"Not if you don't want to."

"Don't particularly want to." Harry moaned out softly, letting out a little yawn. Severus pulled his robe from off the floor and shifted out of him before laying it over both of them. And it was warm and comfortable…he felt pleasure saturated, he made him lazy…

Harry was so close to drifting off…he tilted his head sleepily as Severus kissed him softly under his ear.

"I…love much Harry." Severus said almost inaudibly, before sighing and resting his head between the couch and Harry's shoulder.

Harry let out a sleepy smile and hoped, really hoped Pomphrey was right when she said Sebastian would be quiet for a few nights more. He and Severus were going to need them, to sort some things out.

"I love you too." Wide, shocked black eyes flew open to meet his. "You stupid, stupid man."

Their lips met in a softer, quieter kiss and Harry smiled contentedly as their bodies merged together too. He could get used to days like these.

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