Sorry this took so long… this is going to be the last chapter.


Sunday night Chris left. He planned on coming back the following Saturday for their dinner date. Lorelai was trilled and couldn't wait. All week Chris had been continually saying that he wasn't going to the same mistake that he'd made before. That this time he wasn't going to leave her and Rory. Lorelai tried to believe him but couldn't. She longed for the day that she could fully trust him.

That same week Tristan and Rory had spent almost every spare minute together. Tristan was always asking Rory if she felt ok and such. It was sweet to no he cared. Saturday they had also made plans to go out for dinner.

Friday night Lorelai and Rory went to the Grandparents' house. That was the most dreaded night of the week. Lorelai was certain that her parents would bring up the pregnancy, but they didn't.

Saturday finally came. Lorelai got dressed in her fanciest dress. Tonight had to be perfect. She loved Chris and hoped that this time he WAS serious and that he would stay. Lorelai heard a knock and was suddenly pulled out of her daydreaming.

She glanced one finally time in the mirror before she walked to the door. She smiled at Chris, who stood at the door, and walked outside. Locking the door behind her. Rory had already left for her date.

Chris walked Lorelai to his car and they drove in silence to the restaurant. Lorelai gasped silently as she realized just were they were. It was the fanciest restaurants she'd ever seen. They didn't have such fancy restaurants in Stars Hollow. Lorelai smiled as Chris got out of the car and went to open her door.

The restaurant looked even prettier than the outside. Lorelai admired it's beauty, as they waited to be served. Finally a waiter came and escorted them to a table in a corner. It was a small table meant for two, a very romantic table with candles flickering.

They sat down and ordered. As they ate they made insignificant small chat. Lorelai felt confused. They had never had trouble talking to each other before. Lorelai hoped that everything would turn out ok.

After dinner Chris took Lorelai's hand and asked if they could go for a walk. He told her there was something important that he needed to tell her. She agreed and the walked outside, towards a park.

" Lorelai. I need to tell you something." Lorelai nodded as Chris motioned for her to sit down. She sat down but stared at him strangely. She was sitting on a park bench and Chris wanted to tell her something here?

" Lorelai," he began, taking her hand as he stood. " I've known you my whole life, well at least since we've been young. I know in the past I've hurt you and Rory very much, but I'm extremely sorry for it. All I can say is this time I'm NOT leaving." Chris smiled at Lorelai. " Lorelai. I love you. I always have. In the past when I've left you it was only because I was trying to hide my feelings for you. I didn't want to tell you. Telling you makes me vulnerable. But I'm taking that chance now. I'm finally ready to settle down and raise the family we started years ago." Chris laughed after the words came out.

" Funny I should use those words since Rory is now starting a family of her own." Chris paused and looked at Lorelai who looked scared.

Chris put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a small black velvet box. He opened the box to show a beautiful huge diamond ring.

" Lorelai Victoria Gilmore. Will you make me the happiest man alive and agree to marry me?"

Lorelai smiled at jumped up. " Yes, Chris, I'll marry you. I've waited forever to hear you ask me that. I love you so much."

Chris placed the ring on her finger then picked her up and swung her around. Chris smiled and reached down and kissed her passionately.


Rory heard a knock on the door and went to answer it, looking once more in the mirror first. She opened the door to find Tristan standing there in a tux.

" Rory, Baby, you look amazing." Tristan's comment made Rory blush.

" Tristan, you look so handsome."

Tristan reached forward and kissed her. " Ready to go? He asked. Rory nodded and grabbed her purse.

They drove to a fancy restaurant in Hartford. They held hands as they walked in. The waiter escorted them to a table near the back.

" Oh Tristan, its so perfect here." Rory smiled.

" There's nothing too good for you, Rory."

They ordered and eat peacefully, enjoying the silence and the pretty music playing in the background.

After dinner Tristan took Rory home. At the door Tristan asked if he could come inside for a minute. Rory felt confused but let him in. Rory closed the door behind him.

" Rory," Tristan said taking Rory's delicate hands. " I love you."

Rory smiled, " I love you too Tristan. More than I thought possible."

Tristan reached down and kissed her softly. " Rory… I've been thinking about something," he paused taking in a deep breath, " Your pregnant. A child needs both a mother and a father. Let me be that father. I love you so much Rory and would never hurt you. Let me stay by your side and help you through this. If I'm there too, you can still reach your dreams, we could reach them together."

Tristan looked at Rory who was standing there stunned. Tristan took her hands.

" Lorelai Leigh Gilmore, will you marry me?"

Rory didn't know what to say. Yes she loved Tristan, very much, but marriage? She was only 17. But Tristan was right, her baby would need a father and she loved Tristan.

" Yes Tristan… oh my gosh yes Tristan, I will marry you. I love you so much."

Tristan smiled and kissed her soundly. Just then the front door opened and Lorelai and Chris appeared.

" Rory?" Lorelai asked only seeing Tristan's head. The two pulled apart.

" Mom!" Rory ran over and hugged her mom, then her dad. " I have wonderful news!"

Rory stood there glowing. Lorelai took Rory's hands, " Me too!"

Chris closed the door and motioned to the living room. They all sat down.

" Rory-Hun, you go first," Lorelai offered looking at Chris.

" Ok," she turned and looked at Tristan. She put her head on his shoulder and smiled at Lorelai. " Mom. Dad. Tristan asked me to marry him and I said yes. I'm getting married!"

" What!" Lorelai and Chris asked at the same time, almost yelling. " Married? But your 17," Chris stated.

" I know. But my baby will need a father, and I love Tristan."

Lorelai got up. " Oh Hun," she went over and hugged Rory, " That's wonderful news and I agree with him. A father is necessary."

Chris nodded. " Tristan. Don't make the same mistake I did. I should never have left Lore, and congratulations you two." Chris got up and hugged Rory as well, the give Tristan a manly handshake.

Lorelai and Chris sat down again. " Rory this is uncanny, but your father asked me to marry him tonight, and I of course said yes. We are both getting married."

Rory squealed. " Oh Mom, that's so great. I've been picturing you guys together my whole life."

Lorelai glowed. " Why don't we have a combined wedding?"

Rory nodded excitedly. " Yes. That's perfect." The two girls kissed their fiancés and left the room talking about whom to invite to the wedding.

Chris turned to Tristan. " I guess we won't have much a say in this, ehh," Chris joked,

" Welcome to the family, Tristan."

Tristan smiled and shook Chris' hand again.