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By: chocolate rules

Chapter 1: Irrepressible Feelings

Disclaimer: I own them, and they say hi...lol...thanks to the WB...Corrine's Mine

"Dean, I need to go to the bathroom," Sam sat up on the passenger seat. His legs shaking. Then, he stopped and grabbed his stomach.

"You okay?" Dean called. He could see Sam's pained eyes. "What's wrong?"

"Upset stomach I guess. I really need a bathroom, Dean. That lunch is coming out one way or another." Sam spat out through gritted teeth.

"Do NOT throw up in my car!" Dean warned.

"Then hurry up, man." Dean sped the Chevy down the forested road. Within ten minutes, which seemed longer with Sam's moaning and Dean's threats, Dean pulled into a truck stop. Sam stumbled out the car and headed straight to the diner entrance. Dean slowly stepped out, locked his car and gradually made his way in.

The waitress saw the arrival of the black car, the quick exit of its passenger, and the slow one of its driver. She knew not to stop the first man, but instead pointed him towards the bathroom. He nodded as he clenched his stomach and made no further remark. Then the driver entered, and as he saw her put on a smile. Oh, a charmer, she thought. She was young, early thirties, and the majority of the customers there were old or fat truck drivers. This young duo put a smile on her face.

Dean made his way to an empty booth. She made her way over to him. He smiled again. He could see her blush.

"Hello, dear, what will you have this evening?"

"Hey, could you bring me two black coffees. My brother's in the bathroom."

"Sure thing, sweetheart." She left and behind the counter she released a sigh. She was usually so detached to the customers. But these boys were-well hot.

In the bathroom, Sam withdrew most of his triple cheeseburger and medium fries. Moments later, the strawberry milkshake also made an appearance. Sam stood up feeling very dizzy, but his stomach felt much better. He headed over to the sink and started washing his face and rinsing his mouth. He looked up to the mirror and saw a man starring back at him.

Sam fell back with a gasp. The man smiled at the recognition. He walked over to Sam's reflection and pulled out a long curved knife. It briefly reminded Sam of Dean's 'security' knife.

Sam watched as his reflection was punched. His eyes went wild when he noticed how his own face began to hurt. He tried to get up and found that he was stuck in position. He could move his legs and arms, but just couldn't rise.

Dean watched as his coffee was refilled. He had asked Corrine, the waitress, to take Sam's coffee back and bring it when he finally retreads from the bathroom. As he glances down to his watch, Dean wonders if 12 minutes is too long to be barfing. He'll give him three more minutes, then he's going in after him.

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