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By: chocolate rules

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Chapter 9: Questions

Andy glared at Dean. "That's a lot."

"How's that a lot?" Dean asked.

"It just is." Andy said. Again she tried to rise, and again Dean held her down.

"Then, anything will do." Andy looked between the brothers. Both had the same determined and questioning face. Andy sighed in defeat. Then, she smiled a plan already forming in her mind.

"Fine then, but first," she looked straight at Dean and said with a smile, "Who's hungry?"

The brothers looked at each other. Sam had came from throwing up, but he felt loads better. He was starving. Dean, though he had just ate, was a bottomless tank and could also go for some food.

"We'll all feel loads better with, let's say, chocolate chip waffles? With whipped cream and loads of syrup and fruit! Damn, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it." she said hand to her stomach for effect. As if to agree, Sam stomach growled and he nodded.

They headed down to the kitchen, Dean helped Sam down the stairs and all the while keeping his eyes on Andy.

"I'm not going to run away from my own house!" Andy said entering the kitchen. Dean lead Sam to the breakfast table where the first aid had once been laid out.

"Well, you do live in the forest back there." Dean said. Sam nodded that he was okay and Dean proceeded to stand by the door, closer to the kitchen and Andy.

"Yeah," Andy said, she pulled out a bottle of pain pills from one of the cabinets and tossed it to Dean. "But Ben's not here right now, so we're safe here." She filled a glass with water and walked it over to Sam as Dean gave him two pills.

"Thanks a lot." Sam said with a soft smile. Andy nodded and returned to the kitchen. She pulled out some pre-made homemade waffles and placed them into the toaster. Then she set out three plates and the pre-chopped fruits and two whipped cream bottles, one regular and one chocolate.

In no time at all, the pre-prepared meal was being devoured by all three. Andy had also started the coffee machine and the boys enjoyed the container of that too.

"So?" Dean asked through a mouthful, "What's so wrong with this place?"

"Fine, fine." Andy said, pouring loads of chocolate whipped cream on her waffles. "Andy Wilson, Life Story Part Two." The boys laughed and waited for her to finished the mouthful she'd just taken.

"Like I said, your father, John Winchester, brought me here. Why here? John knows Ben. Well, he knew Ben. They all met in the Marines and were pretty tight. Ben was kind of a slacker and so he didn't get along with John and my dad so much, but they still liked him."

"Okay, so that's why he brought you here? Cause your dad and our dad knew him?" Sam asked. He took a swig of coffee and continued to eat.

"I guess. At first, anyway. But, Ben different now." Andy said coldly. "He's a real…"

"What?" asked Dean. "A real what?"

"Asshole?" Sam offered. Andy nodded, but her cold stare continued.

"For lack of a more colorful word, yeah. He had this great hatred. I don't know what it was about. But he sure as hell hated something. He used to rant on about one thing or another. I know all about the supernatural, and it wasn't even about that. He disregarded that completely. John left me here and he told Ben to take care of me, watch out for me. Said he'd do it himself, but that he didn't want you two in danger."

"Danger, from what?" Dean asked, through yet another mouthful.

"From those things that killed my parents. From the creepy crawlers of the night. I don't know, I wasn't there."

"Oh, sorry then." Dean said sarcastically. Sam gave him a look.

"Dude, can you swallow? You're taking away my appetite."

"Deal." Dean said after a sip of coffee, but he managed to civilize his table manners some. "Well?" he inquired from Andy.

"Well…Ben's an ass. He took everything out on me. At first, he'd yell like all hell's had broken lose. Then, when I was six, he really started taking it out me. I couldn't fight him off. I tried, God I swear I tried, but I didn't know how then. When I was eight, he started going on weeklong hunting trips. Like real hunting, deer and bears and such. He'd also go fishing and he went skiing a couple of times. Each time he went, he stayed a week, and he'd go like every other month. Each time he went, he left me with enough food to last the week, if I rationed it. He would lock me up in the basement and leave me there."

Andy remained silent. The brothers looked and Dean motioned for Sam to say something. Sam shrugged, he didn't know what to say. Andy kept eating and didn't make any incentive to continue. The brothers took her lead, and returned to eating quietly.

When they finished, Andy made to take the dishes to the sink, but Dean held her at bay.

"What else happened?" Sam asked. Andy refrained from looking at either of them. "Andy? I promise, we won't judge you. I mean, you know us, right? We won't judge." Sam's voice was soft and caring and Andy couldn't help but nod okay.

"When he was home, he'd abuse me, but when he wasn't home I was stuck, and alone. When he was around, people would come around and visit and there'd be, I don't know, people. It sucks to be alone. It sucks a lot." The boys looked at each other and shared a sad understanding. They got loneliness, not to that extent, but they understood it.

"I didn't go to school. Ben wouldn't allow it. He didn't see any point in having to drive me the ten minutes to and from the school everyday. I wanted to go, real badly. It would mean I'd have people around me, kids my own age. But, he wouldn't let me. There isn't anyone else that leaves around here, so there was never anyone to play with. Not that Ben let me play, but, I guess it would've been nice. I was either under his control or locked in the basement.

"But, when I was eight, something totally awesome also happened. John came back! When Ben wasn't here, he came back. It took him all of twenty minutes to find me in the basement and get me the hell of there. Then, he told me who he was and about my parents and why he brought me there. I remember most of the things he told me. I mean, most of the time, you wish things like that weren't true, you know. But, I needed them to be true. If they weren't true, then my dad wasn't real. I needed my dad to be real, up until then, my dad was the bestest thing that had ever happened to me."

"I'm really sorry, Andy." said Dean in his most sincere voice. Andy nodded again. This time, she looked up to meet his eyes.

"I know, but it's okay. I've learned to live with it all. It's a part of my crappy life and that tends to make you better, right? At least, that's what I'm hoping for."

"So, what did our dad do? You tell him about Ben?" asked Sam.

"Yeah, in a heartbeat. See, the thing is. When you're alone like that, for a long time, it forces you to look inside yourself. It's like a survival mechanism, so you don't o crazy, you talk to yourself. You try and hide in yourself. That's what I did. But, usually, when you do that, you get real depressed and such. But with me, I learned something about myself. I was so excited when I figured it out. Then, it made the basement not so bad. It was still my hell hole and I haven't been down there since John pulled me out, but I learned to deal with it too."

"What do you mean?" asked Dean. Andy's face lit up and the brothers shared a questioning look, asking themselves 'Is she crazy?'

"I learned that I was telepathic. That I could read people and thoughts and the past from objects, all with my mind. It was a gift. I learned to control things. First the little Rats that lived in the basement with me. Forced them towards the poison traps or made them walk a certain path. I killed off at least twelve rats doing it. And right before John got there, like two days before, I 'convinced' Ben that I should have extra food, and some books to pass the time with. HE of course didn't know why after he'd locked me in there he came back with what I had requested and told me not to complain. But, I mean, complain! I was ecstatic! I could control him! He would no longer have an means of getting to me. I'd be able to stop him!"

"So, you're a telepath!"

"That's how you knew about us?" asked Sam. "That's how you knew that I was being attacked?"

"Pretty much." Andy said with an ear to ear smile. She grabbed their plates and tossed them into the sink. "So, that answers the 'Who I live with', 'How I know about you', and the 'Why I'm here'. Now, we can head back to my tent. I don't really like being in the house, you know. If you guys need the bathroom or something, it's in the hall, second door on the left, the first door's a closet, you can grab a blanket and join me in the backyard. It's getting pretty dark, so you can grab a few lanterns too, if you want. I'll be where I always am."

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