Hello, everyone! Raikku of the Darkness here! This is my first attempt at yaoi/limey one shot, coupling being Chase/Jack. Please Read and Review!

Disclaimer: I don't own Chase Young nor Jack Spicer. I am only using them for my sick pleasure. I also do not own Haunted by Evanescence.


Watching Me

By Raikku of the Darkness

A Chase/Jack One Shot


Long, Lost words whisper Slowly to Me.

Still can't Find what keeps Me here.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The rain falls on my windows sill. My crimson eyes watch the ancestral rhythm. It seems quite strange to me; lying in bed, not quite sleeping, yet not awake. But, it seems to be happening more and more as of late.

Other things, as well.

Dreams. Dreams are mysterious things. The product of the subconscious, psychiatrists say. Others say that they are the heart reaching out for the soul. However, these dreams aren't dreams; they are reality. My reality. The reality of my secret trysts with you…

Chase Young.

When all this Time, I've been Hollow inside.

I know you're still There.

My sheets are so comfortable.

I've never really appreciated them until now. The black and red cotton fibers weaved together like lovers in an embrace. My initials on the edges. Sheets that were long unused have engulfed my every thought during the day and have been my cocoon at night these past few weeks. The place where I've-

He is here.

I rise to my feet. Our eyes meet. His eyes. Oh, his eyes! They are so dark, yet light; so evil, yet beautiful; so…

Cold yet inviting.

Watching me, Wanting Me.

I can feel you pull Me down.

Fearing you, Loving You.

I won't let you pull Me Down.

I open my mouth to speak, but find his lips there.

So rough, he is, though careful and quiet as a cat. His hands move about my body. No, I think to myself. He will not make me…

My lips betray me. They set loose a ragged moan that make my attacker smirk with pride.

Sometimes Betrayal is a beautiful thing.

He kisses my neck now, as my own hands move to remove his armor. The golden and forest colors are forgotten on the floor as he pushes me upon the bed.

"Jack," he whispers. "Time for your lesson."

Hunting you…I can Smell you- Alive.

Your heart pounding in my head.

The kisses are more gruff and brutal now.

His needs above my own, he mounts me from behind. Dragon claws within my skin. Every thrust, every glorious signal of want is all the more desired. He needs me

He wants me.

I mentally laugh. Wuya is nothing to him. Wuya is nothing. I am everything!

I gasp as I reach my climax. My seed draining upon his hand and my thighs. He does also, collapsing on top of me.

"Chase…" I whisper, my voice hoarse. He doesn't answer, but his breaths for air are all I need. I crawl into his arms and there I dream.

Watching Me, Wanting Me.

I can feel you pull Me Down.

Saving Me, Raping Me…

I awake to nothing.

Nothing but my drying sheets and the annoying beeping of my Wu detector. I quickly dress and ready myself to the fight that was inevitably coming. Yet, as I step out that door; the door leaving my dream world where I am appreciated, where I am need, where I am…


I feel those golden eyes upon me and I smile. I was glad they were there.

To Love Me.

To Need Me.

To Love Me.

Forever to be…

Watching Me.