Okay, this was seriously made because I want to spread the word! I've been saying "Hobos wear thongs" ever since and I want it to be known world-wide XD


Author: I don't own Naruto. If I do, then, I would make Sasuke dance with only underwear on singing "I love you" song…

"Hobos Wear THONGS!"

Uchiha Sasuke, standing next to the blonde, on a bridge, with nobody else… he sighed.

'Being alone with Naruto will finally be my chance to say I love him' Sasuke twitched… his first crush, his first confession…

Clearing his throat, Sasuke tapped Naruto on his shoulder making the blond turn around.

"Ahem, Naruto, I have a confession to make" His knees are tense, and he tried to hide his uneasiness as possible.

"I uh I-"

"Did you know hobos wear thongs?"

'The hell did that just come from?' Sasuke thought.

"Wtf are you talking about?"

"Hobos wear thongs"

"Excuse me?"
"I'm serious"

The blonde placed a serious face and crossed his arms grinning.

"No, I didn't quite get that… what you said?" he rubbed his ear to make it more clear (wow it rhymes…)

"Hobos wear thongs"

"No what you really mean"

"Hobos wear thongs"

"COULD YOU CUT THE CRAP? What did you REALLY mean?"

"Hobos wear thongs"

"GAAH!" Sasuke scrunched his hair with his hands and then shook Naruto a bit.

"Wtf is your problem?"

"Ho-"His mouth was covered.

"No-nope don't start with that"

He carefully let go of him to be ensure he really shut up.

"Hobos wear thongs"

"Okay, I get you, hobos wear… thongs. But what does that have to do with me?"

"Do you know why hobos wear thongs?"

"… Do I really wanna know?"

"Yes" He gave the answer for Sasuke.

"It's because hobos had their underwear for a long time and it started to get small. So the underwear ripped and only a piece of string held the underwear in place."

"…" Sasuke cannot answer the blond. He was just too freaked out to even say anything.

"So, there, hobos wear thongs"

"How do you know this?"

And that the blonde laughed hard. Sasuke gave a hard stare to Naruto.

"It's because I saw one before look!" he took out a picture of a hobo wearing… a thong

"WHAT THE HELL? Where in the world did you get that picture?" shocked Sasuke.

"Off the internet" he grinned shoving it close to Sasuke's face

"Uh, no thanks don't need to see that" 'Internets are getting way too inappropriate these days…' he thought.

"Cows are from outer space"

"… Are you on crack?"


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